Top 12 Best Anime Torrents Download for Anime in 2021

Anime is the most well-developed cartoonist animated stuff that is either available in the form of episode-based series or movies. Both types of animated media, or sometimes referred to as Anime torrents, have millions of fans across the globe. 

If you want to watch Anime online using torrent. So these are some of the best Anime torrents sites worth checking out for anime. These anime torrent websites are blocked in several major countries, such as Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Morroco. 

Although you can use VPN services for accessing Anime torrents sites. In reality, you can check out our Best Torrenting VPNs list. We shared comprehensive information on these free English dub Anime torrents sites in the next section of the post. 

And in the torrent world, anime torrents sites have a separate place. It is so popular that many popular Anime torrents websites have created a separate Anime section, such as The Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrent, etc. I have described some of the most popular Anime torrents websites that you can use to download anime content of high quality here. We’re going to explore the best anime torrent sites in this post. 

The 10 Best Websites to Stream Anime Torrents 

I have listed some of the most popular best anime torrent sites to download high-quality anime content here. In this article, we will explore the best sites of Anime Torrents.
  1. BakaBT
  2. Animetosho
  3. LimeTorrents
  4. Anime Layer
  6. 1337X 
  7. The Pirate Bay
  8. AniRena 
  9. Anime Ultime 
  10. Horriblesubs
  11. Katcr.Co 
  12. Seedpeer

Best Anime Torrent Sites for Anime Download


Some would say BakaBT is a culture of secret anime. That’s because you can’t register free of charge. Alternatively, you must be invited by the website’s staff. You need to go through an interview set-up by the administrators to ensure that their group consists of anime fans only. You can get to download and upload anime torrents from the vast library of the website once you’re in. Keep an eye out for this party, and you should soon be invited to an interview. The truth is that it is certainly worth this operation. 


Animetosho is the first top anime torrent site on the list. Some of the most common anime series can easily be downloaded using Animetosho. A lot of the torrents are checked on Animetoscho. Animetosho has a quick and fast UI to navigate and the newest anime content on its homepage is also displayed on this anime torrent site. As for the downsides, finding English dubbed anime shows on the website is very difficult. Overall, Animetosho is a secure website for anime torrents. 

AnimeToshno has a very basic (maybe a little rudimentary, to be honest) interface, and it’s in English. This means that you can rely on having a constant stream of anime torrents, including various forms of media, such as movies, TV shows, books, and almost everything else. 


Long-term P2P fans may be aware of LimeTorrents. Before several other alternatives existed, this one was the world’s most common torrent repository. Nevertheless, it’s always going strong and has a massive base of fans. It’s interesting to notice that a rich variety of anime content is offered by LimeTorrents. Here you can find just about every recent (including older) anime movie or TV show. 

The only drawback is that to import these files, you’ll have to use the website’s client. The program seems to be extremely useful, however, so this is not a major letdown. In reality, for anime, this is certainly one of the best torrent sites. 

Anime Layer 

One of the best places for anime torrents is Anime Layer. Anime Layer’s big highlight is its visually stunning and clean UI. Detailed information such as region, type, genre, release date, definition, resolution, size, and everything you need to know before downloading anime is displayed in the Anime Layer. 

Anime Layer also has a very well-developed platform, in addition to the features listed above, where users can connect with like-minded Anime fans. The website provides handy explanations as well as P2P data-related information when it comes to anime films and TV shows. To help you decide if a torrent is worth downloading, this should be more than enough. 

Since the site is in Russian, you’re going to have to rely on a live translation service, which shouldn’t be a major hurdle. So, go ahead today and create your user account. 


The next best place on the list for anime torrents is Torlock. Torlock also has a dedicated section for anime series, similar to 1337X. One of the very few websites that list only checked torrents is Torlock. For any anime on the platform, Torlock shows the size and upload time. As for downsides, advertisements on Torlock can annoy some users. 

TorLock is also known, of course, for the scale of its library. Here you can find several distinct types, anime being one of the available ones. TorLock places itself as a brilliant way to access several sites at once provided that this P2P repository collects torrent files from all over the internet. 


1337X is another prominent website for anime torrents that in recent years has gained tremendous popularity. This famous anime torrent website has a clean and simple UI to navigate that makes it a breeze to search and explore content. For anime, 1337X has a dedicated site. You can also download other content from 1337X, in addition to anime. 

Overall, this is a great website for anime torrents that will please any anime fan. One of the great things about 1337x is that it is used by millions around the world. This means it shouldn’t be a challenge to find anime torrents that download in a fast way. And that is exactly why, in 2021, 1337x is one of the best anime torrent sites. 

The Pirate Bay

One of the oldest and most reliable torrent sites for downloading anime torrents is The Pirate Bay. Well, there is a clutter-free UI for this torrent site, and you can only find a search bar on the homepage with some primary filters. It is fairly easy to search, explore, and download anime torrents from The Pirate Bay. It is worth noting that, in many nations and territories, the Pirate Bay is blocked. Consequently, you should find out the alternatives to Best Pirate Bay. 


AniRena is one of the best places for torrents of anime. There’s no need to build an account to stream anime series and movies from AniRena, unlike other websites. The bulk of the AniRena anime series is available in English. That said, for non-English anime, there is still a dedicated site. Similar to other pages, with any anime torrent on the web, Anirena shows the size and number of downloads. 

AniRena puts in a large amount of P2P files, as you might imagine, and this means that you can always find something interesting to download. This website, however, is also attempting to create an online community, which is an endeavor we greatly admire. 

Anime Ultime

A anime torrent platform, Anime Ultime has an extensive selection of some exclusive anime series. This reliable anime torrent page displays the added date, name of the series, name of the episode, type, and name of the uploader. The font on Anime Ultime is way too small for downsides, and you may need to zoom the webpage to read it correctly. 

Here, there are two major barriers. Even though you can easily translate it into English, Anime Ultime is in French. The website also relies on Adobe Flash, so it may be a little heavy on the assets of your computer. Nevertheless, these are not concerns that should deter you from visiting this wonderful P2P website. 


The next best website for uploading anime torrents is Horriblesubs. In comparison, Horriblesubs allows users to choose video quality from other websites such as SD, HD, and FHD. A detailed overview of every anime on the platform is provided by Horriblesubs. A release schedule for new episodes and series is also included on this famous torrent anime platform. This torrent site also hosts various giveaways focused on the festivals approaching, so keep an eye on that. Overall, Horriblesubs is an easy place to navigate and any anime fan will certainly be impressed by it. 

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is the last stable anime torrent site on the list. A new website that was created by a community of original KickassTorrent team members is Katcr or kickass torrents. For anime, Katcr has a dedicated site. The website shows on the platform the size and age of any torrent. Katcr has a quick and fast user interface to use. Besides, capable filter tools such as categories, sub-categories, and intervals make it a breeze to search and explore content on 


Seedpeer is the next perfect website on the list for anime torrents. Well, for animes, Seedpeer also has a dedicated site. The Seedpeer UI is clean and quick to navigate, making it easier to browse and discover anime series and movies on the website. The size and age of any torrent on the network are shown by Seedpeer. Seedpeer is the renamed version of Meganova, the popular decade-old torrent website. 


So those were some of the best websites to browse all kinds of torrents of anime. From the above websites, you can easily find your favorite English dubbed anime series or films. Share any other trustworthy anime torrent sites you use in the comments section below. 

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