Best Torrent9 Proxy/Mirror and Alternatives Updated 2021

Torrent9 is a reliable BitTorrent site in recent years and has achieved enormous popularity. 9torrent performs admirably several popular torrent sites in many ways because of its accessibility and collection of torrent files. is the latest working address for utorrent9. If the torrent site does not function, you might want to search for the proxy and mirrors below. 

Alternatively, you can even unblock 9torrent using a VPN. Because of legal problems, Torrent9 is banned in several countries and areas. If you can’t reach utorrent9, then you can unblock utorrent9 torrents using these Torrent9 proxies and mirror sites. 

So, if you’re among torrent9’s users and recently learned it doesn’t work for you. Don’t be scared. To unblock your favorite torrent site, I will provide you with a list of Torrent9 Proxy and Unblocked Mirror pages. 

Torrent9 Proxy & Mirror Sites

These Torrent9 Proxy/Mirror pages are the initial domain clones. And, like the original site, they have the same torrents, interface, and even changes. They’re all working from another domain. So, you can easily use one of these torrent9 proxy sites below if you are unable to reach utorrent9 by any chance. 

Torrent9 Proxy/Mirror Sites

Torrent9 Proxy/Mirror Sites

Website URL
Unblock Torrent9
Torrent9 USA Proxy
Fast Torrent9 Proxy
Torrent9 Alternatives

Why Use Proxy And Mirror Sites for Torrent9? 

The opportunity to access the original utorrent9 website is the biggest gain of using 9torrent Proxy and Mirror Pages. Your favorite TV shows, movies, and documentaries can be easily downloaded from Torrent9 using its proxy and mirror pages. In comparison, mirror pages for utorrent9 remove the need to use a VPN to access this website. Lastly, if 9torrent is blocked in your region, 9torrent proxy sites also come in handy. 

How To Unblock Torrent9 VPN 

Torrent9 is blocked in many countries, such as Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Morroco, as described above. Luckily, to connect 9torrent in these countries, you can use VPN services. You can also check out our Best Torrent VPNs list. Well, you can use these utorrent9 alternatives if a VPN provider doesn’t fix your issue. 

Top 10 Alternatives To Torrent9 

There are various ways to access the website torrent9. Online VPN servers and third-party proxy websites are some of the easiest ways to access them. You certainly need a safe and secure link for the use of torrents if you browse the network. 

And if torrent sites are banned by ISPs or the authorities, we are here to help you access them right from your PC. Because of some bugs and problems with server access, individuals may face problems accessing the utorrent9 website. It does not mean that you have blocked the website or the torrent. 



YTS is another alternative to Torrent 9, which is highly common with movie enthusiasts. You can conveniently download a comprehensive selection of many popular and exclusive films available in 720p, 1080p, and 3D resolution using YTS. YTS has a very well developed UI, similar to 9torrent, that makes it fairly easy to search and explore movies. 

Detailed information such as last names, previews, and synopses for various movies are also supported by YTS. Unlike other alternatives to utorrent9, you won’t be able to find anything on YTS but movie torrents.


Kickass Torrents is the next protected torrent spot to stream free films (Katcr). This latest website is being created by a group of original staff members from KickassTorrent. Kickass Torrents has a user interface that is neat and easy to use. 

Stuff on Kickass Torrents is categorized into numerous categories, such as movies, TV shows, songs, sports, applications, and many more, similar to 9torrent. Finally, filter methods such as categories, sub-categories, and cycles make it pretty straightforward to browse for content on 



For film lovers, Zooqle is a great utorrent9 option. Zooqle’s well-developed UI makes the website stand out from the crowd. In comparison, Zooqle only sells movies and TV shows on other websites on the list. For any movie or TV show on the web, Zooqle also shows comprehensive details such as cast, directors, and release dates. 

A quick one-click download option is offered by Zooqle and the ability to select video quality is also helpful. Finally, Zooqle also showcases on its homepage the newly posted films and TV shows. 



The most reliable alternative to Torrent9 on the list is 1337X. There’s an extensive collection of torrent files and magnet connections on this well-developed torrent platform. 1337x allows users to post a free download of the best torrent files. The 1337X material is very well classified into various categories, such as songs, apps, movies, and much more. 



RARBG is the next great Torrent9 alternative on the list. RARBG also has a humungous set of torrent files and magnet connections, identical to 9torrent. RARBG material is very well divided into numerous categories, such as movies, sports, e-books, and many more. 

RARBG would be the best place to consider if you are heavily invested in the film. It has a complex page with information that can teach you what you need to do when it comes to your files. RARBG has a very basic and easy-to-navigate UI and only checked torrents are described on the website. Finally, RARBG now has a dedicated site for news dependent on torrents. 

The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is an incredibly popular torrent platform dense in features. This alternative to utorrent9 provides checked torrents from numerous categories, including movies, TV shows, sports, apps, and much more. The Pirate Bay has a basic UI, and on its homepage, you can only see a quick search bar. The Top 100 segment lists the most famous torrents, and this list is frequently updated. 


torrent9 alternative

The last 9torrent alternative on the web is relatively recent, but it has acquired some traction owing to its nifty features. LimeTorrents provides checked downloads of one-click torrents. You can quickly decide if it is worth installing since the website provides you with a lot of knowledge about the content. You can see with ease the number of seeders and leechers a platform has. 

For the value it provides, it is one that we certainly suggest. Content on LimeTorrents is organized into numerous categories, such as movies, games, songs, animation, TV shows, and apps, close to other Torrent9 alternatives. 


torrent9 alternative

The next best alternative to utorrent9 on the list is SeedPeer. Like 9torrent, SeedPeer has a well-developed UI that makes it pretty easy to scan for suitable torrents. For any torrent file, SeedPeer shows the age, weight, seeds, peers, and health. The latest torrents from the past 48 hours are now highlighted on the homepage of SeedPeer. In multiple types, the material on SeedPeer is also divided. It should be remembered that the renamed edition of the famous decade-old torrent website Meganova is currently SeedPeer. 


torrent9 alternative

The next best choice on the list for 9torrent is EZTV. The EZTV UI seems to be  obsolete, but EZTV is still a feature-rich torrent platform. There is an extensive selection of exclusive videos, songs, and TV shows on EZTV. In addition to that, the website also reveals on its homepage the latest torrent news. Overall, for video lovers, EZTV is the ultimate torrent platform. 

The platform has been very efficiently built out and older and recent TV shows can be searched. The pages do not rely too heavily on the film, but if you need anything, you should always be able to find a couple of movies. 


torrent9 alternative

Among several torrent pages, Torlock is one that only lists checked torrents. Consequently, on Torlock, you won’t find any fraudulent torrent content. On its homepage, this famous 9torrent alternative shows some of the most popular torrents. Torlock material is very well arranged in numerous categories, such as movies, TV shows, sports, e-books, and many more, close to other 9torrent alternatives. As for downsides, some users may be irritated by advertising on Torlock. 

Is Torrenting Legal? 

One of the most common problems associated with downloading Torrent content. It is, in theory. However, it’s unlawful to practice if you’re copying and redirecting protected material. The holder of the copyright can also take legal action against you. This falls under the pirated content category. That said, if you share copyrighted content now, then torrenting is entirely legitimate. 


So there are some of the better alternatives to Torrent9 that are worth trying out. In the comments section below, please express some other personal suggestions. 

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