7 Best Educational Video Games for Kids Out There

Many parents find pride in discussing their children’s grades. They also cheer the loudest when their kids score goals, home runs, or touchdowns. However, it is not common to find a mum bragging about their kid spending several hours before a screen holding controllers.

While there is almost a consensus that video games are not great for kids, are video games always bad? The answer, like with most things in life, is complicated. While many games can be considered bad for children, some are beneficial, especially educational games.

There are several benefits that kids can derive from playing educational games. They help children learn new material more effectively. Moreover, they can improve problem-solving skills and increase memory recall. One of the main benefits of educational video games is helping kids learn new material more effectively.

Studies have found that kids who play video games based on educational content tend to perform better in tests than those who don’t play any video games at all. Therefore, video games are a powerful educational tool, like how seeking an essay writer help helps your child hone their writing skills.

Here are some of the best educational games on the market.


This game doesn’t have specific goals for players to accomplish, which gives players a lot of agency over how they choose to play it. That helps cultivate critical thinking and creative problem-solving in kids.

Despite its apparent lack of structure, Minecraft is an excellent educational game. Players can learn about architecture and engineering by building houses and other structures. The game also helps teach kids about resource management as they mine for materials to bring up these structures.

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is another educational game based on building and flying rockets. The player must manage a space program and design and construct rockets. At the same time, they are also supposed to ensure the Kerbals, the creatures that pilot these rockets, are safe.

It helps players understand the basic concepts of space flight and rocket design and is an excellent game for kids interested in science and engineering.

LeapFrog LeapLand Adventures

The LeapFrog brand is a trusted one in early education. LeapFrog LeapLand Adventures is an educational game designed for younger children. The game helps kids learn numbers, counting, shapes, and colors. It offers 150+ learning concepts, and the game levels are replayable.

LeapFrog LeapLand Adventures caters to children aged 3-8 years, taking them on a fun quest for keys to unlock the captivating Clever Castle. While on this adventure, they learn all these early learning concepts. The game is also designed to promote physical activity, requiring players to jump, dance, and run around.

Since this game can save up to 5 profiles, it is excellent for households with multiple kids interested in playing. Your kids can also choose between two characters and play at their own pace.

Scratch Jr.

Scratch Jr. is an excellent game for kids interested in coding. It is designed for kids aged 5-7 years and teaches them the basics of coding. Players drag-and-drop graphical code blocks to make characters move, jump, and dance.

They expand possibilities as they progress through the levels, unlocking new abilities. Kids learn how to code and also develop essential computational, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

DragonBox Algebra 5+

DragonBox Algebra 5+ is an excellent game for kids who are struggling with mathematics. The team behind this game believes it is never too late to begin learning algebra. The game’s goal is to help players grasp how algebra works without them realizing it.

DragonBox Algebra 5+ utilizes an innovative approach to teaching algebra. As such, it is excellent for kids who find the topic challenging. The game features over 500 puzzles that gradually get more challenging. Kids must solve these puzzles to get to the next level.

National Geographic Animal Jam

Children love animals, so visiting a zoo is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your kids. National Geographic Animal Jam is an educational game teaching children about different animal species. It also focuses on teaching them the importance of conservation. The game features a wide range of animals, including bears, lions, tigers, etc.

Players worldwide can learn about the different characteristics of these animals through fun puzzles and read fun facts about them. National Geographic Animal Jam also features an online community where children can chat with each other, creating new friendships along the way.

Your kid can enter this game using an online access code that offers 6-month access with bonus packages.


PBS KIDS Games is a game app featuring educational games for kids. It includes favorites like Wild Kratts and Sesame Street. The games teach kids essential skills, including literacy, math, science, and social-emotional learning.

It is excellent for kids of all ages. PBS KIDS Games is also regularly updated with new games to keep kids from getting bored.


There is a wide array of games available for kids. They aid in teaching students essential skills like literacy and math. Games are also excellent for kids to have fun and stay active. There is undoubtedly one educational game perfect for your child from these seven options.

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