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Comparing the top mobile home manufacturer should be the first step in your research when looking for a manufactured home. Since the whole construction of this sort of home takes place inside the manufacturer’s plant, you want to ensure that the quality of the materials and craftsmanship meets your requirements.

The manufacturer you pick will have an influence on how happy you are with the process and your new home, even though you must work through a registered manufactured home retailer to buy your mobile home.

The word “manufactured houses,” which has mostly superseded the term “mobile homes,” is constructed in accordance with the federal HUD regulations and provides cheap housing alternatives. The cost of construction per square foot for these dwellings may be half that of a home constructed in a similar location.

The cost may vary depending on the layout, mobile home manufacturer, and any options you pick. Single-section manufactured houses, often known as single-wides, have a minimum width of 18 feet and a maximum length of 60 feet.

Although they can offer fewer design possibilities, these mobile homes are sometimes the most economical to purchase. The individual parts of multi-section manufactured houses are put together on-site and have a width of more than 20 feet. A modular home is another type of manufactured home to consider; it is built similarly to a manufactured home in a factory but is finished on-site and is subject to local building code regulations.

5 Best Mobile Home Manufacturers

We’ve put together a list of the best mobile home manufacturer near me, so you can move into your new home if you’re not sure where to start.

#1. Champion Home Builders

Champion Home Builders

Since 1953, Champion Home Builders has been producing mobile homes, and as a result of this expertise, a broad variety of home styles are now offered through a huge network of merchants. Both manufactured mobile homes and modular homes are created in controlled environments before final installation. There are many different floor plan alternatives if you’re especially looking for manufactured mobile homes. Depending on where you live, Champion has about twenty single-section mobile home plans and almost double that number of multi-section plans.

When looking for Champion mobile homes, you may narrow your search by floor plan features like lavish primary bathrooms, houses with garages, or an elevation with a porch for relaxing and mingling. It’s simple to picture the space and choose a model from the numerous models this mobile home manufacturer offers that suits your lifestyle thanks to virtual tours of some of the most popular floor plans.
The company has a wide range of layout choices, including the Essentials line of small single-wide mobile homes with a starting square footage of 850 square feet. There is a tub in the main bathroom in both the Northwood and New Moon noteworthy series. A Radiant Spa bath, a fireplace, built-in entertainment centres, and other customizations are available, so even though your home may have been manufactured on an assembly line, you can still make it your own.

#2. Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes

When looking for a manufactured home, you don’t have to sacrifice energy efficiency. Instead, look for a mobile home manufacturer who is devoted to high-quality construction, minimises draughts, keeps construction on time, and uses less energy. Clayton Homes is a significant player in the manufactured home industry. The company has made significant advancements in the construction of mobile homes that are energy-efficient, even receiving 13 Energy Star Manufactured Housing Builders Market Leader Awards from the Environmental Protection Agency in 2021.

In order to produce energy-efficient manufactured homes, the company must also build sustainable dwellings. When building homes, Clayton Homes carefully considers recycling materials and chooses energy-efficient windows and appliances. The utility savings you’ll get by choosing one of these energy-efficient manufactured houses are the simple part. The difficult aspect is picking from the vast selection of floor layouts offered by the manufacturer. Both single-section and multi-section homes with modern designs are made by Clayton.
You may expect to find manufactured houses starting at approximately $80,000 and going up to $140,000 depending on what part of the country you’re shopping in. It’s important to note that most Clayton manufactured homes include three-or four-bedroom floor plans, making them a wise choice for families or couples downsizing who still need additional space for things like overnight visitors or a home office.

#3. Fleetwood Homes

Fleetwood Homes

Fleetwood Homes provides family-friendly floor plans with lots of space to spread out. Fleetwood, one of the Cavco family of companies, sells roomy mobile homes that can house large families. Most families may find ample space in a selection of double-wide manufactured houses with up to five bedrooms and 1,800 square feet or more of living area. Consider series like the Canyon Lake, Westfield Classic, or Sandalwood XL depending on the area you’re purchasing in.

These floor plans provide wonderful gathering places for the family to enjoy, such as an activity room or additional family room, in addition to having plenty of bedrooms for the kids, grandkids, or visitors. These floor plans are comfortable for large families thanks to practical features like an open kitchen with an island or spacious utility rooms that offer you plenty of space on laundry day. Overall, Fleetwood Homes has a wide range of mobile homes for sale all over the country at many different prices.

#4. Skyline

skyline home manufacturer

If you’re looking for a maker of mobile homes for tiny houses, check out the comfortable alternatives at Skyline Homes, which merged with Champion Home Builders in 2018 to create Skyline Champion Corporation. Depending on where in the country you are looking, series like the Shore Park and Stone Harbor provide floor plans with lots of windows and adaptable sections, like bedrooms, loft bonus rooms, and full bathrooms.

The greatest thing, though? To experience a tiny home, they are all included in a space that is 500 square feet or smaller. Skyline Homes has established a solid reputation as a reliable home construction company since 1951. Two MHI Manufactured Home Awards for 2021 in the area of Manufactured Home Design have been given to the company today. 2 On the website of the company, you can find a store that sells Skyline Homes’ spaces.
Consider a floor plan from Adventure Homes if you want the custom-options building experience but the time and money savings of a manufactured home. The company concentrates on assisting consumers in selecting from a variety of alternatives, including siding colour and cabinet finishes. The Nevada series and Mojave series are two examples of the variation in HUD lines. While Adventure Homes offers a variety of alternatives for the Mojave series, the Nevada series offers 10 different floor plan possibilities.
The end product is a stunning and individually designed home. The MHI Interior Design Award was given to Adventure Homes in 2021.  You may explore the possibilities on Adventure Home’s website, but a mobile home store is frequently essential in aiding consumers in making selections and carrying out the order process. The extensive list of interior customization possibilities, including décor colours, countertop alternatives, backsplash options, and shingle shades, is detailed in the 40-page catalogue.
For a really domestic feel, you’ll note that the stock options might need to be upgraded; for example, the bathroom’s regular sink basin is plastic. But if you’re looking for mobile home manufacturers with custom choices available, Adventure Homes is a great pick since it gives the customer the freedom to choose where and how to spend money on enhancements.
Consider a modular home if you plan to permanently erect your manufactured home. If you don’t want to relocate your home, a modular home is a fantastic alternative since it can have more floor plan options and is manufactured in a factory like a mobile home but without a permanent chassis. Check out the Deer Valley modular homes if you want a sturdy home that will withstand years of use. The outstanding modular home floor plans that are produced by this mobile home company would be a perfect fit for a home site with a stable foundation.
These manufactured homes are constructed to be substantial and sturdy for many years to come with features like standard 2 x 6 construction for all external walls on every floor plan and 2 x 8 floor joists with double perimeter rails. Four different home series are produced by Deer Valley, including the company’s signature Deer Valley series, the Woodland Series, the Sun Valley Series, and a unique Mossy Oak series created in collaboration with Nativ Living.
Deer Valley’s modular home alternatives are a perfect fit for permanent homesites due to the variety of elevations and large floor plans available. Because there are so many options and ways to change these floor plans, they seem more comfortable. This also makes the process of buying a home more typical.

How We Selected the Best Mobile Home Makers

More than a dozen manufacturer websites, including those of the divisions of bigger conglomerate manufacturers like Champion Home Builders, Cavco, and Clayton, were searched in order to locate the best manufactured homes. We looked at the availability and floor plans of houses in the Eastern, Southern, and Western parts of the United States to see what kinds of homes are out there.

The availability of both single-wide and multi-section houses; the catalogue of available amenities (including highly wanted extras like walk-in closets and principal bathrooms); cost; in-home assembly and component availability; and manufacturer standard procedures all received special consideration. We also talked to the MHI (Manufactured Housing Institute) to find out about recent Excellence in Manufactured Housing Award winners.

Champion Home Builders, which provides both manufactured mobile homes and modular homes made in controlled surroundings, won the award for the greatest overall choice, while TRU Homes is the best option for first-time homeowners due to its practical approach. Adventure Homes are a great choice if you want to build a home with features that are unique to you.


What Do Manufacturers of Mobile Homes Do?

On a typical site-built home, the general contractor and crew are replaced by a mobile home manufacturer near me. A mobile home manufacturer oversees and completes the process of framing and completing the mobile home inside of its factory, as opposed to supervising and carrying out the work at the construction site. Similar to how cars are made, manufactured houses are constructed on an assembly line. Every station is responsible for finishing a certain part of the building, and the home is often inspected to make sure it meets both internal and external requirements, such as the federal HUD rule for manufactured homes.

Who Should Employ Mobile Home Producers?

Anyone seeking a personalized home buying experience may find buying new from a mobile home manufacturer to be appealing. When purchasing a brand-new mobile home from a manufacturer, you can choose the floor plan that best meets your requirements. Instead of settling for choices made by the previous owner, you may frequently alter the exterior or interior finishes to fit your preferences and make the most of your money.

What Are the Prices of Mobile Homes?

For manufactured homes, prices can range greatly depending on things like square footage and basic features. Some high-end, custom-made mobile home manufacturers may charge more than $150,000 for multi-section homes. However, most budget mobile home manufacturers offer models that start at around $40,000.

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