5 Best Mileage Tracking App For Your Business For 2024

You need to know what’s best mileage tracking app for your brand if you want your workers and customers to be happy and your profits to keep going up. If you have a fleet, you need to learn how to keep track of mileage. This page will show you some of the best mileage tracking apps for your business. The following mileage tracking apps were picked based on their features, how accurate they are, how much data they use, how easy they are to use, and how much they cost. Learn why thousands of customers have chosen these best mileage tracking app options and why many people support them by reading on.

What is mileage tracker app?

A mileage tracker app is a software that helps people keep track of their journey distance, expenses, check-in and check-out times, and where they are. Without the need for manual tracking, mileage apps use GPS technology to locate the user and figure out how far they’ve driven. The best mileage tracking app keeps track of all of this information in a safe, cloud-based dashboard. Users can usually label their trips and expenses as either work-related or personal. Some apps also have extra tools, like scheduling and payroll.

How do apps that track miles work?

A mileage tracking app on a driver’s phone uses GPS to keep track of how far they drive and then turns that data into reports that can be used for tax reasons and getting money back or deductions. Different apps have different ways of tracking mileage. Some apps require the user to start and stop the tracker for each trip, while others can track mileage automatically even when the user is not on their phone. It doesn’t keep track of where your employees are when they’re not working!

5 Best Mileage Tracking Apps for Businesses in 2024

Checkout best mileage tracking app for business in 2024:

1. Everlance


It’s easy for businesses and self-employed people to keep track of trips and costs with Everlance’s flexible features and easy-to-use interface. The best mileage tracking app has features like automatically sorting common routes based on work hours and commutes, a variety of ways to keep track of expenses, and managers being able to see trip information right away. It guarantees logs that are in line with IRS rules, which makes tax calculations and payments go more smoothly.

It does, however, limit automatic trip tracking to 30 per month in the free version, and some users have said that the automatic tracking tool doesn’t work right. The app is very useful for people who drive for rideshare services, travel for work, and run small businesses that are growing. It’s especially helpful during tax season. Before deciding, people who want to use it should read the most recent reviews and try out the free version to make sure it meets their needs.

2. Assure Expenses

Assure Expenses

Assure Expenses is expense management software for both large and small companies. Its main goal is to make it easier for businesses to submit, approve, reimburse, and audit their business expenses. The software uses online platforms and a cutting-edge mobile app to let workers scan receipts and record mileage with GPS accuracy right from their phones, whether they are in the office or working from home.

The tool claims to save a lot of money; it could cut costs by up to 20% while also improving compliance and lowering process costs. It also makes sure that the most VAT is recovered by making claims that are accurate and follow the rules. Assure is a best mileage tracking app, is different because it checks both the driver and the vehicle at the same time. This helps companies follow their travel duty of care obligations and gives them a complete way to manage their business costs, with an impressive 5.0 user rating.

3. ExpensePoint


ExpensePoint is cloud-based expense tracking software that can be accessed through web browsers and iOS and Android mobile devices. It is mainly designed for small and medium-sized businesses, including nonprofits. The system, which is thought to be one of the best mileage tracking apps, makes it easier to make, send, and approve expense reports from anywhere in the world.

Some of the most important features are the ability to read and image receipts, upload credit cards, and apply policies. These make it easy and quick to categorize expenses and send approvals. It lets corporate credit cards be linked directly to the platform and gives approvers a simple way to look over and either approve or reject individual expense items. Users can easily access this best mileage tracking app, which speeds up and automates the reporting of expenses and gives potential users a free way to get started.

4. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

Basic mileage tracking is built into QuickBooks Online’s full financial best mileage tracking app. Using GPS, it automatically keeps track of trips and makes it easy to label them as work or personal with a swipe. It’s mostly an accounting tool, but it works well for businesses that don’t have their own system for keeping track of accounting and mileage because it’s easy to use for both tasks at the same time.

5. Timero

Timero app

Timeero is a fully functional tool that brands and teams of all kinds can use to track GPS time and mileage, among other things. It takes the place of paper and spreadsheets for tracking time, and its accurate time-tracking features stop time theft and make sure that different labor laws are followed. Real-time tracking of team members is possible with GPS location, which shows a full path with time stamps for each person. This makes things more open and accountable.

The mileage tracking function is one of the best things about this tool. It helps you keep track of and reimburse employee mileage without having to use extra apps. It also has scheduling features, such as notifying workers of new schedules through mobile apps and putting all job-related information in one place, which makes it easy to get rid of paper schedules. The brand says it has customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Timeero is best mileage tracking app for small businesses in the construction industry that focuses on streamlining different parts of business management by putting all chores in one easy-to-reach place. It is suggested that you try customer service to see how well they do their job.

Why should a business use best mileage tracking app?

An effective business mileage tracking app makes the whole process automatic and requires little to no human input. This helps both workers and businesses keep track of their money.

Besides that, it also:

  • Make it easy to get reimbursed for mileage and expenses.
  • Keeps accurate records of mileage for tax breaks.
  • Shows you your work and travel costs in real time.
  • Gives finance teams a single dashboard to see information about expenses.
  • It gets rid of the chance of scams, overstating costs, and mistakes that cost a lot of money.

Automated business mileage trackers also help get rid of claims that aren’t true or are fraudulent, so companies are always ready for an audit. They can even help cut down on refund times by up to five times.

How do I pick the best mileage tracking app for business?

You should think about both your wants and your budget when picking best mileage tracking app. A company that needs mileage tracking for an entire team of door-to-door salespeople will need something different (and probably have a different budget) than a freelancer or solopreneur will need. There are apps that are free forever, but they usually only let you log a certain number of drives per month and don’t have many features. But the forever free plans are good if you want to give best mileage tracking app a longer test run before signing up for a monthly or yearly paid plan.

Some apps only best mileage tracking app, but most of them include other features like tracking expenses or even a full accounting suite along with mileage tracking. Software like QuickBooks or FreshBooks that does a lot of different things might be cheaper and easier to use in the long run. Before making your choice, make sure to compare all the plans and really do the math if you think you will need more software than just tracking your mileage.


We can help your brand, whether you are just starting out with a small number of cars or you already have dozens of cars that you need to keep track of. Take your time and look at the free versions of the systems. Once you find the best mileage tracking app for your business, you’ll be much more successful and find it much easier to do your work.


Which mileage app is the best?

The best mileage tracking app for workers From your phone, you can handle all aspects of employee management, including mileage tracking.

Are there apps that track mileage app for free?

You can find free apps that track your mileage, but most of them have some restrictions. There are, however, free samples for many of these apps that let people try them out before buying them.

How do I keep track of my mileage For tax Deductions?

Most apps that track mileage let users keep records of work-related trips so that it’s easy to deduct business mileage. The person doesn’t have to do as much work, and reports are generated automatically. The IRS needs correct business mile reports when mileage has been deducted from tax returns. Mileage tracker apps help you remember where you’ve been, when you’ve been, and why you’ve been on each trip.

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