11 best sales tracking software to scale and enhance your business

To enhance your sales numbers, you required a healthy helping of cold hard data. Cold hard data is nothing but a kind of data that only sales tracking software can provide. Having the best and high-quality sales tracking platform lets you easily detect which sales strategies are working and which should be kicked to the curb. This software refers to any software package tool that allows sales groups to quickly and accurately track their sales activities. Here is some sales tracking software to scale and enhance your business.


Nutshell is really an incredible sales tracking software package platform that’s simple to use and implausibly powerful. It conjointly permits you to research your sales activities with no need for a degree in rocket science. This means you will be able to view your leads quickly and their current place in your pipeline, assess essential metrics like conversion rates and revenue per sale. Nutshell is loaded with high-end features such as:

Sales report – you will instantly acumen your current efforts heap up against quota and may even drill down by rep, product and lead supply to examine what’s moving the needle.

Forecast report – Nutshell allows you to easily see the team and individual revenue numbers for each service and product you sell daily.

Loss report – With the shell software package, you’ll read each deal you lost over any given timeframe to learn factors or competitor’s area units getting rid of your business. Also, improve your sales strategy.

Downloadable charts – Usually, creating sales charts from scratch is a waste of time. Salesforce Automation Software will let you to easily generate reports to share with the C-suite and present in board meetings.


You should definitely have a look at Sales flare software if you want to track your sales and are not interested in spending your time by keeping tracing manually. This software is a sale CRM that is developed to keep track of your sales leads and customers. This can be done automatically by gathering all the data about them from your calendar, emails, social media, phone, email, company databases and web tracking. This could nudge you mechanically to follow up and conjointly give you with all the handy metrics, dashboards. Features that of Sales flare that especially come in handy:

Integrated web tracking – The software not only tracks when people open your emails and click on them. Salesflare also shows you which pages these people visit on your site, when and for how long they visit.

Automated email sequences – if you want to reach out to people with a series of emails until they reply or just trigger an email when something happens, then all of this is possible with Salesflare software.


By keeping small business owners in mind, this software comes packed with a lot of cool features. EngageBay provides a smart, intuitive UI that makes it easy to give your sales strategy a shot in the arm. It can integrate easily with Gmail for two-way sync and also with other sales tools. EngageBay software lets you automate your sales funnel easily, score your leads based on customer action triggers, create and track multiple deal pipelines and manage all your revenue updates from one simple dashboard.

After Sales Services Software arrives, the process of salesforce tracking and other work has become easier. This software also provides in-built telephony, automated email sequences for lead nurturing, email autoresponders, business proposal analytics and auto-dialling.


It is designed to keep you selling and gives users access to lead management, pipeline automation, communication tracking and detailed reporting features. Pipedrive also has some handy sales tracking solutions that you should be aware of. It gives users access to a deal rotting tool that notifies sales reps when a potential deal stays idle for long. Additionally, it also offers contact management, automation for repetitive administration tasks, visual pipelines with customizable stages and more.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM comes with a wide variety of sales tracking tools, including contact management, customizable dashboards, sales forecasting, funnel charts and detailed analytics. The most liked features of Zoho CRM are:

Automated workflows – this software automates the administrative task, so every action taken on a lead is automatically catalogued for future reference.

Sales trends – Zoho CRM incorporates an elaborate analytics dashboard that permits users to make in-depth reports and pinpoint sales trends. With this, you can optimize your sales strategies and processes.


This software package has several options that will profit sales professionals and conjointly offers users a top quality CRM resolution that they will use to come up with leads and manage various visual pipelines. It automates sales processes and email communications and analyzes sales metrics such as total revenue and rep activity. It provides a wide range of collaboration, project management, communication and sales tools to small businesses everywhere.


The use of automation is the one area where copper really shines. It’s specifically designed for G Suite users, and it permits its users to watch new leads through every stage of the sales funnel whereas analyzing vital metrics like sales revenue per month. The automated sales process increases productivity for users. The copper point of Sale Software also included a visual pipeline, contact management, a detailed analytics dashboard, and sales forecasting tools.

Salesboom CRM

It is a unique sales tracking software that is an ideal choice for businesses to enhance customer relationship management and drive sales levels upwards. Salesboom CRM is the widely used tool across multiple business sectors and has innovative analytics, business intelligence and sales force automation features. The most benefits of using this software are, it has profile-based security, commissions management, reliable after-sales support, customized dashboard and online analytics.


It is the best sales Time Tracking Software that has numerous features that foster collaboration and close sales deals faster. FreshSales.io can optimize sales processes, drive pipeline opportunities and verify genuine leads. It has an intuitive dashboard that can provide key insights and aid in better decision making. The pros of this software are real-time event management, outstanding customer support, supports for multiple systems and languages, personalized Email templates, internal chat integration and full visibility on all stages of safes deals.


It is the most sophisticated sales force automation software that has great customization options, reporting and analytics. For monitoring the real-time sales pipeline, SalesDiary is the ideal option. SalesDiary has a user-friendly sleek modern user interface, so it eliminates the requirement of any technical expertise or training requirements. The pros of SalesDiary software is it has effective activity and order management, predictive sales forecasting, complete business process automation, accurate requisition and expense management and a holistic 360-degree customer view.


It is the novel sales monitoring system that helps field officers by offering them with all required real-time data for better productivity. Toolyt can customize workflows and set target deadlines. And it is a real boon for businesses as it can increase sales bottom-line results. The pros of Toolyt is it creates business intelligence reports, handles orders, expense and task management, an in-built CRM system for client management and a simple user interface.

Summing it up

As you have seen above, these are some best sales tracking software that will scale and enhance your business. Other than this, there is still more software that helps your business by considering your business needs and your requirement choose the best-suited one.

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