Top 10 Best Pirate Games For PC To Play In 2022

Are you looking for the best pirate games on PC? Because pirate games have been increasingly popular in recent years, we’ll be looking at the best pirate video game set on the seven seas. Pirate games are usually wonderful, funny fun you are a pirate, whether you’re raiding an opposing ship for loot or enjoying the view of the horizon from your ship.

We’ll stay away from classics like The Curse of Monkey Island and instead focus on best pirate games that are available on more recent platform generations and on PC. Set the sails and prepare to embark on an adventure on the big blue wet stuff. Being a pirate101 is one of the most liberating experiences one can have.

No, not that kind of pirate video game; you’ll want to pay for this collection of best pirate games in order to support the developers and enjoy the best possible experience. The PC has the best pirate games available, from insult swordfighting to evading krakens.

So, how about we have a look? Let’s swashbuckle our way through the best pirate games for PC . Just don’t spill your booze on the way there, you are a pirate landlubber.

Top 10 Best Pirate Games on PC

The best pirate games on PC are as follows:

The Curse of Monkey Island

A classic pirate conversation in one of the best pirate games, Sea Dogs

When it comes to pirate games, the Monkey Island series from LucasArts should always be at the top of the list. These are among the best point-and-click adventures ever developed, and the five games in the series manage to cover every aspect of the buccaneer lifestyle, which is exactly what we’re looking for.

All of the Monkey Island games are fantastic, but if you must choose just one, The Curse of Monkey Island is the game to play because it serves as a “best of” for the series. It’s amusing, intelligent, and one of the best-looking pirate video game out there thanks to the hand-painted backdrops. You have a point-and-click classic when you combine superb voice acting, a song and dance sequence, and the debut of Murray the demonic skull, one of the best gaming characters ever devised. This pirate video game is including in one of the best pirate games in 2021.

It’s also the only game in the quintology where you can really sail a ship and engage in piracy, which is crucial for a list of the best pirate games. And, of course, there’s insult swordfighting — a Monkey Island game wouldn’t be complete without it.


Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, one of the best pirate games

Sea Dogs is more of a pirate101 RPG than an action-adventure game, and you don’t even have to be a pirate if you don’t want to. You grab your modest sloop after escaping with a gang of slaves and are then free to do anything you like. This game is including in one of the best pirate games in 2021.

You can progress through multiple plot lines, accept missions from various countries, transport cargo, and even become a trade merchant if you so desire. Take the assignments from the pirate101 and become the world’s largest and most dreadful privateer. It’s entirely up to you. Although the graphics and voice acting have aged, this is still a strong contender for the best PC pirate video game.


Although Archeage isn’t entirely about pirate101, one of its best elements is sailing across its vast fantasy world, hunting sea creatures and battling to create trade routes. Unlike many free MMOs, Archeage’s open world is actually open, with no zones and only your ability to defend yourself against everything from polar bears to dragons preventing you from exploring everything.

You can also take on any nautical duty you want, whether it’s leading an army into combat or discovering crucial commercial routes and becoming wealthy the peaceful way. This pirate video game is including in one of the best pirate games in 2021.

Sid Meier’s Pirates!

A clash of naval forces in one of the best pirate games, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Once upon a time, the creators of Civilization and the team behind XCOM at Firaxis created a pirate strategy game. It’s one of the best pirate games of all time, and it’s one that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a 2004 remake of a 1987 game by Sid Meier, but the remake is significantly more playable (and just as exciting today as it was back then), thanks to the attractive art and straightforward, intuitive gameplay.

Pirates! by Sid Meier is an open-world strategy-adventure game that’s just as addicting as Civilization or XCOM but with a much lighter tone. You progress from being a minor captain on a drab ship to becoming the most feared pirate on the high seas. You can loot cities, attack ships, fight rivals, and even practise ballroom dancing.

Your exploits aren’t limited to your individual travels; you may also influence and change the Caribbean’s whole political landscape. If you intercept a ship bearing a peace treaty between England and Spain, they may attack each other, leaving you free to go about your plundering. This is, without a doubt, the most addictive and playable game on the list—but then again, what did you expect from the creators of Civilization?

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Risen 3: Titan Lords, one of the best pirate games

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is a brilliant pirate101 game and a fantastic Assassin’s Creed entry, and it offers everything fans of both could desire, making it one of the best open-world games on this list. What really sells it is Edward Kenway, who is a genuinely lovable primary character and the coolest assassin in history. This game is including in one of the best pirate games in 2021.

For Assassin’s Creed aficionados, the storey of Kenway and the other captains’ attempts to construct a pirate utopia is surely interesting, but the storey of Kenway and the other captains’ attempts to establish a pirate101 utopia has a much larger appeal.

Risen 3: Titan Lords

Sea of Thieves, one of the best pirate games

The Risen series’ journey has been an amusing one. After losing the rights to the Gothic series, Piranha Bytes created Risen, which is essentially the same game—a fantasy action-RPG played straight. It was fine and accepted positively, but for Risen 2, the company opted for a pirate-themed setting, which was a wise decision. It’s a fantastic concept with swords, ships, and jungles–too bad the game isn’t that good.

The team, on the other hand, got the balance right in Risen 3: Titan Lords. The final Risen game is a lot more enjoyable, and it’s also a lot better at being a pirate game. It also corrects Risen 2’s major flaw by allowing you to sail and lead your own pirate ship. Combat has been extensively modified and is now properly enjoyable, as opposed to the dreadful, unfair mess it was in Dark Waters.

LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean

Swashbuckling action from Sid Meier's Pirates! - one of the best pirate games.

Pirates of the Caribbean is the most popular pirate101 film franchise, but games based on it tend to be cursed (it’s that voodoo lady)—they’re either terrible, difficult to play on contemporary PCs, or have been cancelled. Thankfully, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is fantastic because it accurately portrays the series and is widely available.

As you’d expect from developer TT Games, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean spans the first four films, beautifully replicating them with excellent humour. From Elizabeth spotting the Black Pearl to the Fountain of Youth’s destruction, there’s a lot to look forward to.

The last Lego game without voice acting is this one. Which may appear to be a disadvantage, but it’s actually the opposite: aside from removing all language barriers, the Lego games’ mimed gags are one of their strongest features. The most appealing aspect of the games is how they appeal to our innate desire to acquire everything. There’s nothing quite like completing a Lego game completely.

Tropico 2 – Pirates Cove

blood and gold best pirate games

In fact, how about a pirate island? Tropico 2 wants you to create a pirate utopia in the golden age of sailing-your own personal Nassau or Tortuga to govern, unlike the other games in the series, which centre on modern despotic regimes. Your mission is to keep all of the pirates on your small plunderer’s paradise happy while also sending out ships to “gather” gold – all while keeping the island hidden from the many empires that surround it.

Tropico 2 is notable for the way it steadily increases the difficulty as you proceed. You begin with ordinary pirates who only require a little grog and attention, but soon after, more demanding, high-profile buccaneers appear. This game is including in one of the best pirate games in 2021.

However, if diplomatic relations with the local superpowers become more tense, rogue pirates will become the least of your worries. It’s probably one of the more amusing and tongue-in-cheek management games available—in fact, it almost plays like a Monkey Island strategy game. Even better, if you buy Tropico 2 now, you’ll get the original Tropico as well as all of its expansions for free.

Blood and Gold: Carribean!

Two ships in Rebel Galaxy, one of the best pirate games

Blood and Gold is a full-fledged pirate simulator based on an upgraded version of the Mount & Blade: Warband engine that borrows a lot of its mechanics. You can do everything from gamble in sweaty taverns and duel in the street with cutlasses to start a shady trading company and spend all of your gold on corvette cannons.

You can work as a mercenary assassin, be kidnapped and enslaved, battle your way out, and set sail with a crew of fellow inmates. This game is including in one of the best pirate games in 2021. You can even pretend to be nobility and marry a governor’s daughter, which will provide you with resources and the authority to launch a war on the Spanish. Sid Meier’s Pirates meets Blood and Gold! on steroids, with significantly more room for adventure and far more serious repercussions. Unfortunately, as with so many ambitious mod-based games, Blood and Gold: Caribbean is riddled with bugs, glitches, and mediocre graphics.

Sea of Thieves

Tropico 2 - Pirates Cove, one of the best pirate games

Kinect games are not included in the online pirate adventure.Rare’s first proper game in ten years was Sea of Thieves, and boy did the team make the time fly. When you gather a small group of friends together on a single ship, Sea of Thieves becomes one of the most enjoyable multiplayer games you can play right now. It’s also the most pirate-themed of the games on this list, as it revolves around a shipload of pirates who only do pirate stuff.

This game is all about forming a crew of buddies and working together to sail over the seas in pursuit of riches to plunder. With other players, skeleton crews, gigantic sharks, and the terrifying Kraken, you can engage in stressful and funny sea combat. You can raid undead guardians’ outposts and loot their treasure chests if you need to get back on dry land for a while.

Alternatively, you can simply follow the exciting storey missions in your quest to become a Pirate Legend, and have every pirate on the Sea of Thieves on your tail. The monthly content releases for Sea of Thieves deliver a continuous stream of new loot for buccaneers.

Crews of Rage, the most recent update, introduces a new sort of cursed chest called a Chest of Rage, which steadily overheats and explodes into flame unless it is watered frequently. The update also adds a “Pirate Appearance Potion,” which allows you to change your pirate’s appearance. Sea of Thieves is the best game to play with a group of pals if you want to become pirates.

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