6 Useful Apps You Need As A Blogger

Blogging is all about putting your views out there.

Be it politics, education, fashion, food, or lifestyle – it is a domain where you have complete freedom of speech. Toss your perspective and indulge in conversations with people. The scope of this field has accelerated as brands have realized the marketing potential of the bloggers.

According to the Demand Gen Report, 60% of the consumers say blog posts are valuable in the buying process. A HubSpot finding adds to its emphasis by stating that 55% of the marketers listed blogging as their top priority.

Therefore, skilled individuals have initiated their blogging careers as per their interests.

Given how people are usually on the go, mobile apps have made this profession a lot easier. They can conduct blogging-related tasks on their phones instead of wasting hours on the computer screen.

So, if you are an aspired individual planning to kickstart your blog, this post is a must-read. Below, we have listed 6 apps every blogger should consider installing on their phones.


  1. WordPress

WordPress is unarguably the highly popular blogging platform on the internet. The app is available on Android, iOS, and Desktop too. It allows you to write and edit posts on the go. Whenever a creative idea pops into your mind, all you need is to swipe into WordPress and note it down.

You can also share photos, manage comments, and get push notifications.

bloggerWordPress.org gives you control over all aspects of your website. You can enhance your blog and put in extra features like an online store, discussion forums, and paid memberships. All of this makes WordPress the best platform for making money.

  1. Blogger

Blogger is a free-to-use blogging platform powered by Google. Most beginners who are starting in this domain use Blogger because all it asks is a Gmail account. The functionality of this app is not as dynamic as WordPress.

You can start for free and gain an insight into what blogging is all about. We suggest you switch to WordPress once you have an idea of this field. Some fantastic perks of using Blogger include:

  • You can create and publish a post within a jiffy
  • You can edit the blog posts daily
  • If you are running more than one accounts, it is easy to switch on Blogger
  • You can embed images from the gallery
  • You can put labels on your post

The best feature of this platform is, it has a low learning curve. It doesn’t demand high-end coding skills and brings flexibility for the users.

  1. Tumblr

Tumblr is the hottest blogging platform among the younger crowd. It can skyrocket your content in terms of eyeballs and shares if you learn how to play the social networking part right.

Although blogging traditionally involves writing, Tumblr also allows the users to share visuals. It helps in publishing short blog posts with photos, videos, and animated GIFs. A post on Tumblr can go viral within minutes and even spread across other social media tools.

It brings valuable features for posting content, scheduling the posts, reading, and replying to the message. You can also manage multiple Tumblr blogs with the application.

Just like any other social network, Tumblr is all about interaction. The higher you interact with other people, the greater attention you receive. There are various methods of interacting with other people on this platform.

  1. YouTube Studio

The official YouTube app has become one of the most popular apps among bloggers. They create their channels and post videos to garner the interest of the audience.

This app makes it easier to manage your YouTube channels on the go. If you have a YouTube channel or plan to launch one, it is a must-have. This is because YouTube has always helped bloggers to increase their sales and traffic. The app has recently rolled out an updated desktop and tablet app layout.

If you have a YouTube Studio app, you can track everything ranging from subscribers to views on your phone. Some features you can avail yourself from the YouTube Studio app include:

  • It allows you to access metrics of your YouTube channels. This includes impression click-through-rates and unique viewers
  • You can filter and respond to your YouTube comments
  • It gives instant notifications when something important happens
  • You can update your video details, including description, monetization settings, titles, and thumbnail images
  • It also enables you to create and edit your YouTube account profile pictures
  1. IFTTT

bloggerThe IFTTT (If This Then That) app allows all your blogging-related apps to communicate with each other. It is essentially the virtual assistant every blogger craves for.

You can automate your social media, mobile usage, blogging, and the internet of things.

The core task is to set conditions for each app. When those conditions are matched, IFTTT performs the actions you have pre-defined. For instance, it can tweet your articles, share them on Facebook, retweet the archives, and so much more.

The IFTTT app is handy for all bloggers. However, when establishing the connectivity between apps, make sure you have secure apps on your phone. Programs following a security algorithm like airG scam-free apps will keep you on the safe side.

  1. Hootsuite

While all default social media apps work well for most users, they miss out on some aspects of blogging. These features may cover social media marketing, a unified dashboard, collaboration, and analytics.

Hootsuite can automate the whole posting process from the point where you manage your social media profiles. It gives you powerful features like scheduling posts and cross-publishing on multiple platforms.

It is probably the most functional and valuable app that offers all features under a beautiful and straightforward dashboard.

Parting Thoughts

So, blogging geeks, are there any other apps you think we missed out on? Do you have any experience of using the apps above?

Please share your experiences with us!


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