Instagram Story Highlights To Watch Out For

Much like Instagram Stories, the Instagram Stories Highlight is one major tool for all the businesses out there to showcase and promote their brands well. The highlights are going to live front and center on Instagram profile.

So, it is one perfect way to help new visitors discover what your brand name focuses on primarily. But, much like the stories, you have to spend some time planning and then strategizing how you are going to use them to your advantage. Here, you will come to learn more about the Instagram stories highlights and get some ideas on how to use them to create an impact on the business.

Learn more about Instagram Stories Highlights:

These highlights are mainly collections of videos, posts, and pictures that you have already posted on the Story in the past. These are mainly curated collections, primarily targeted as “albums,” and these albums are widely used to cover various topics. 

Unlike the stories known to vanish within 24 hours, these highlights will offer you a permanent note on the profile. So, now it is completely in your hand to add or even delete content from them anytime you want. These albums are noted to sit right under the profile bio portion and just above the regular feed.

Ways to create Instagram stories highlights:

Even before you start to share the content on highlights, you need to learn ways to create them. The first step is to ensure that the auto-archive feature of your Instagram is turned on. This feature is here to automatically archives and then save Story that you post on the feed or to the cloud. It will eliminate the worry of losing out on any of the valuable content. When you have this feature turned on, you can share and even repost the content already posted after it got disappeared from the stories. Now to locate the archive, these are the following steps you need to focus on.

  • At first, you have to navigate to settings associated with the Instagram account.
  • Now, click on that “story” button.
  • Be sure to click on the tab, which states “Save to Archive,” and turn it on.

After you have turned on the tab, your next step is to create the highlight. For that, visit your profile page and tap on the “Story Highlights” option. It is located below the bio and username. After that, tap on the stories you want to add as your main highlight of the account. Just to continue, you can pick one cover photo for highlight and the title of it too. After you are done with the changes and additions you want to make, click on the “Add” or “Done” button, and you are good to go.

Learn from the best:

If this is your first time, then you are confused about how to make the highlight section pop up. Well, always try to learn from the best. All the major Instagram influencers are already using this feature to its fullest. So, take some time out of your busy schedule and visit those accounts. You can follow them as well to get notified whenever they upload any highlight or Story or even a feed. 

Check out the ways in which they have used the power of highlight, and then you can start focusing on that on your own. You can further deal with the steps they follow and even DM those influencers in case they want to help you with some attractive steps to follow. See how they have titled their highlights to gain some ideas, and you can do the same for your use too. Just like checking out the authenticity of the site before you move on and buy IG likes, you need to focus on the influencers well. See if they are associated with a brand similar to yours, and then you can get inspiration from their highlights before starting to create one of your own.

Always try to showcase the products you are dealing with:

One best way to promote business and engage with customers is by creating an Instagram story highlight that will focus on your services or products. As per Instagram, around 75% of users will take one action like making a purchase or visiting the account after looking at ads on the platform.

  • So, whether you have active or non-active audiences engaging with your posts before, if they end up browsing the profile and see highlight dedicate to services or products, they will be more inclined to visit the site and check out the services you have in store for them.
  • The highlights are going to be an easier and faster way to find information about the offering. Moreover, you can direct customers to the website or just let them sign up for the newsletter. In some other cases, they might be intrigued to make a purchase via the Instagram module.
  • By tagging out the products in highlights with an Instagram stories sticker, you can show your products in a more creative manner and in fewer sales or direct ways.

Try to promote your events:

If your company has already worked out on some of the major events, then you can try promoting those on your Instagram Highlights. It is one perfect way to build brand awareness, mainly as the users are looking for information over here. Even though they are restricted from gathering in large groups at present, but you can still use the Stories to showcase some past events and even promote some of the upcoming ones. It is one way to raise awareness among your potential buyers.

Use the power of Instagram stories highlights now:

If you haven’t tried out Instagram Stories Highlights already, you are missing out on a lot. This might be one of the major reasons why your client base is not growing as expected. Once you have started using Instagram Stories Highlights, you will realize the importance it holds, and you might not need to go back to the old schedule of using Instagram in its plain form.

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