20 Best Free Childcare Management Software in 2022

Are you looking for best free childcare management software to automate your routine manual tasks? With so many options on the market, all claiming to be the best, it has developed a trustworthy set of the best childcare management software to help you in your quest. Finding childcare software that takes care of all your administrative paperwork while efficiently managing other jobs has become easier thanks to this post.

You receive a one-stop solution for all your needs, from enhancing parent communication to keeping helpful activity records, teaching outstanding staff coordination, and setting aside time for sophisticated food and nutrition preparation. Browse through this list of the top child care management programs to choose which is free childcare management software for your facility.

What is Childcare Management Software?

The internal care of daycare facilities and preschool programs is handled by childcare management software, which also makes it easier for parents and instructors to communicate by facilitating messaging, notifications, alarms, and feedback. Childcare facility operations are streamlined and centralised on a single platform by the software. The development and adjustment of regular progress reports, billing invoices, student profiles, and general documentation are made easier and more efficient using child care software.

Using technology and mobile devices, free childcare management software improves parent involvement and classroom management. These childcare management software frequently incorporate aspects of visitor management software and are cloud-based, implemented on already-owned mobile devices, and integrated with accounting and student information systems.

For a product to be eligible for the Child Care category, it must:

  • Be utilized just in the child care sector and not be applicable to any other business.
  • Automated check-ins and attendance
  • Follow the growth and learning progress of the kids.
  • It provides a channel for parent-teacher contact.

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Childcare Market Trends

The global child care industry is expected to grow by USD 153.63 billion at a CAGR of 12.78 percent between 2020 and 2025, according to research enrollment rates in underdeveloped nations will be a hindrance, but greater parent awareness and the development of nuclear families will boost the market’s expansion.

The dominant region will be North America, driven by the US and Canada, which are predicted to contribute 35% of the market growth over this time. Due to the fragmentation of the industry, suppliers are using a variety of growth methods to remain competitive. A great chance for growth is selecting the best childcare management software or improving the current system.

20 Best Childcare Management Software 2022

Without dependable free childcare management software, child care facilities cannot afford to operate. Selecting the best solution for your company is made more difficult by the abundance of options available. We put together an extensive selection of Preschool childcare management software to assist you in the process.


The cloud-based childcare software Kangarootime enables connectivity and communication amongst childcare management software facilities. It provides comprehensive reporting, automatic billing and invoicing, an all-in-one parent app, and much more, allowing care facilities to concentrate on expanding their businesses. According to CEO Scott Wayman of Aa Kangarootime, “Kangarootime is the top solution for childcare facilities, delivering cutting-edge capabilities for every type of childcare provider without forgoing hands-on customer assistance.” Every functionality required for childcare providers to succeed is included in the newly updated software.


Your time-consuming administrative responsibilities are handled by EZCare. EZCare online child care management software, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters: increasing enrollment, improving programming, training staff, and insuring your success. Childcare facilities, daycare facilities, after-school programmes, preschools, faith-based facilities, Montessori schools, and more are all served by the EZCare software.


Childcare providers can streamline operations, please families, and enhance program quality with the aid of HiMama, a cloud-based child care management solution! One of the many helpful aspects of the HiMama childcare app is the ability to communicate with parents. Other capabilities include Preschool childcare management software, automatic invoicing and payments, doing evaluations, staff training and development, and developing lesson plans. HiMama’s parent communication, child portfolios, observations, and updates may be used by teachers and parents to enhance children’s development at home and in care.

Jackrabbit Care

The most fast, dependable, and capable class management software available for gymnastics, dancing, swimming, cheerleading, music, and care is called Jackrabbit. Over 12,000 schools have been changed by us throughout the world, allowing owners to fully manage their operations and concentrate on what they love most—teaching.


A cloud-based camp and activity management system called Sawyer provides booking and scheduling services for camps, after-school programmes, and other activities for kids. By storing client data and administrative tools in one location, Sawyer hopes to assist businesses in streamlining their operations and workflow. This all-in-one solution’s capabilities include scheduling, payment processing, real-time reporting, class management, software integrations, and customer experience. By allowing them to participate in the Sawyer Marketplace for kids’ activities, camps, and workshops, Sawyer also helps service providers expand their businesses.


For daycare facilities, preschools, kindergartens, and childcare centres, Famly is a comprehensive cloud-based childcare management system. The management of daily tasks including child check-in, activity monitoring, payments, invoicing, and parent communication is made easier for employees. Parent communication is Famly’s main goal, and users may exchange immediate messages, images, and updates. Their parent app, which is built around a distinctive personal news stream, also supports this. They provide customer care by staffing a help hotline and a training facility where users may learn how to use their services.


An online tool called iCare childcare management software was created to make running educational institutions throughout the world easier. The iCare software controls parent-teacher communication, accounting, scheduling, attendance, and enrollments at your school. ICare is an advanced, all-inclusive product that was created to suit the demanding requirements of child centres throughout the world.


Parent is a childcare solution that enables management of childcare centres and streamlines administrative work while putting parents in touch with their kids all day long. Parent provides calendar, daily news, and instant chat for communication. Administrative paperwork is intended to be reduced by features including room planning and overview, staff scheduling, daily reporting, and an ideas library. The development of the child is monitored with the use of EYFS, curriculums, and observation. Product management, periodic schedule plans, customised packages, and subsidies all address billing and invoicing.


Child care facilities may manage student enrollments, subsidy management, session reservations, and other administrative tasks using the cloud-based service Xplor. The best child care subsidy software is included under the “Office” category and assists with enrollments, digital attendance, and CCS submission. Using the “Playground module,” professionals may keep an eye on children’s activities, education, and safety. It also covers nappies and sleep checks, programming, and observations. While the “Home” product helps parents by making reservations, taking pictures and videos, paying bills, and giving them important health data about their kids.


The best cloud-based CRM software for childcare companies is offered by ChildcareCRM. It supports the growth of childcare businesses by acquiring and managing leads that can efficiently go through the enrollment funnel. Childcare providers may save time by using Childcare CRM’s digital forms (ChildcareFORMS) for daycare registration, wait lists, and other tasks instead of sending reminders or trying to read handwriting. The ChildcareFORMS add-on ChildcarePAY offers parents a simple online fee payment experience.

Enrollsy makes it simple to handle enrollment issues. There will be no more paper, silos, spreadsheets, manual billing, or payments. The all-in-one enrollment, billing, payments, and back office software Enrollsy keeps you enrolling and rocking without breaking the bank. It is very configurable. We’ve gotten into a lot of verticals. Child care facilities, preschools, after-school programmes, professional training facilities, travel agencies, insurance companies, and other small- to medium-sized organisations are some examples of clients. The enrollment, billing, payment, and child care management software that keeps you enrolling and rocking.


Brightwheel is Preschool childcare management software all-in-one platform that is simple to use, quick to set up, and designed to save time for childcare organisations and their personnel. The integrated centre management, automatic invoicing and payments, real-time communication, lesson planning, attendance monitoring, and daily activity report features of this comprehensive preschool and childcare management software system.


For more than 30 years, Procare Solutions has provided child care organisations with reliable childcare management software. It allows childcare providers to concentrate on what really matters by providing features like contactless check-in and check-out, integrated tuition collection, and business management tools. With its next business day financing, cost transparency, and live assistance, Procare’s payment processing technology allows childcare groups to automate invoicing and payment collection. With the child care mobile app, parents may have fun and keep informed about activities, milestones, curriculum, contactless check-in/check-out, etc. To include parents in their children’s continuous growth, the staff may easily utilise the app to share milestones in real-time.


Educa is a complete educational solution and child portfolio software. It is a safe online platform for learning stories that enables early childhood educators to communicate their students’ progress with families across all platforms. The outcome is a genuine evaluation that is written in a language that can be understood by families, kids, and educational colleagues. The teacher’s day is thoughtfully observed and reflected upon as part of the Learning Story process, which highlights each child’s individual story. It results in superior instruction choices, comprehension of each child, and sincere cooperation with families.


The goal of Kinderlime is to establish a society in which schools have the freedom to perform to the best of their abilities. The most challenging schoolwork is simplified, digitalized, and connected by us. By completely reinventing childcare management, education, and family relationships, Kinderlime frees schools from all administrative duties so they can focus on what really matters: spending more time with the children.


Tadpoles is a cloud-based system created to assist childcare facilities in streamlining numerous administrative procedures, managing the operations of their programme, and maintaining contact with parents. The Tadpoles® dashboard allows professionals to get real-time information on student enrollment, attendance, and family contact. Without using any outside services, they may also transmit daily updates, pictures, videos, notes, alerts about school closings, and emergency information to families through email or text. The administrative dashboard enables the development of personalised billing strategies, the distribution of bills among families, and revenue reporting.


A comprehensive child care software called Sandbox helps thousands of daycare operators and teachers streamline their everyday activities. It enables caregivers to run their daycare and expand their company while interacting with the parents. Daycares may become paperless since Sandbox enables them to electronically handle data including kid and employee profiles and online registration as well as track attendance. Parents are involved and kept up to speed with features like classroom activities, photographs and updates, and instant chat.


Parenta is an expert in everything to do with early childhood childcare and care. They are a top supplier of childcare apprenticeships in the UK and are always adding new nursery software items to their line-up. Software solutions offered by Parenta include the Footsteps 2 EYFS tracker, the parent site, Dayshare’s daily journal, and Abacus nursery management software. Their all-in-one, user-friendly, cloud-based Early Years software suite includes all of these items.


KidKare is a cloud-based Preschool childcare management software created to assist sponsors and daycare facilities in managing activities like admissions, meal preparation, and processing Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) claims. The KidKare Food Programme, KidKare Accounting, and KidKare Sponsors are the three solutions offered by KidKare.With relation to menu planning, attendance, meal monitoring, monthly CACFP, etc., the food programme streamlines independent centres’ tracking and paperwork. Childcare providers that work from home can use KidKare Accounting. It provides management of food programs; hassle-free spending tracking; paperless billing; income tracking; daycare specialists; and access across all devices.


A cloud-based childcare service called Smartcare makes running a daycare, preschool, and other programmes easier. It enables care centre directors and owners to build stronger connections with both parents and children, fostering ongoing cooperation and a profitable business model. Through data access, real-time reporting, parent communication, kiosk check-in and out, attendance monitoring, and comprehensive reports, the mobile-friendly Smartcare software or childcare management software offers flexibility.

The elements that improve safety and security include the staff key-tag time clock, regulated class ratios, secure record keeping, management of medical records, and automated tuition billing. Numerous payment methods, online billing, agency payments, tracking potential families, and a multi-site dashboard are available for convenience.

How Do Preschools and Daycare Facilities Pick the Best Childcare Management Software?

Having too many options might be problematic. Without much distinction and with so many childcare management software solutions accessible, you can find yourself delaying your purchase or keeping with the status quo.

The advantage of having so many options is that you can select the one that best meets your specific business needs and budget. Most childcare management software are designed to free up care facilities to concentrate on what they do best: caring for children. They assist with this by streamlining parent communication, automating routine administrative tasks, and promoting growth.

So, which is the best childcare management software? That is dependent upon the size, requirements, and financial capabilities of your care centre. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but they all improve the management of your care facility. For us, having that extra layer of security—like mobile door access control—changes everything. While having the assurance that their children are safe and secure at the daycare centre, parents want to check in on them every day.

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