12 Best Christmas Tree Shop in USA

We used our team’s expertise to assess popular brands for variety, quality, price range, shipping, and return policy in order to determine the best Christmas tree shop options. We questioned our staff about the trees they ordered from various merchants. The same process was utilized to discover more fantastic locations to buy Christmas tree shop that weren’t included in our poll in order to complete this list.

More information on things to consider while purchasing Christmas tree shop. Enter these spectacular (and often confusing) wonderlands filled with flawless model villages, breathtaking light shows, and other innovations. “It’s the Christmas season, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by perusing the most enchanting, imaginative, and joyous Christmas tree shop option throughout the country.

The Christmas trees from Balsam Hill are of the highest caliber, as unanimously agreed upon by our team. The trees arrived in strong boxes, and several customers commented that their trees came with a storage bag for the off-season. Everything from the original order to the delivery went perfectly. A few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars can be spent on one of the largest and most lifelike trees, making the trees more costly than usual. It is disheartening given the pricing point because several buyers noticed that some models’ branch tips were simple to snap off. Nevertheless, consumers thought Balsam Hill’s Christmas trees were attractive and of good quality overall, and they anticipate getting their money’s worth out of them for many more seasons. This is one of the best christmas tree shop in usa in 2023.

Buy on Balsamhill.com

  • Price Range: $229–$10,999
  • Shipping: Free standard shipping
  • Return Policy: 30 days

Pottery Barn has an amazing assortment of artificial trees, ranging from Frasier Fir and Ozark Pine to Vermont Spruce. The genuine appearance of these trees will appeal to traditionalists, but those who like more glammed-out looks will also find satisfaction in them. There are several trees available at different pricing points, regardless of your decorating taste. Additionally, there’s a good assortment of smaller trees here, including some unusual types that we haven’t seen elsewhere, if that’s what you’re looking for for tabletops.

  • Price Range: $59–$2,399
  • Shipping: $12.95
  • Dependent on Total Cost: 30-day Return Policy

Frontgate is well-known for its luxurious home furnishings and décor, which includes artificial Christmas trees and other seasonal accents. Frontgate’s collection may not be as extensive as that of a big-box store, but they more than make up for it with a realistic assortment that makes it difficult to tell these artificial trees are fake. The trees are expensive, but with the right care, they should endure for many seasons. There are some high-quality kits available, such as the Bleu Heirloom Collection Tree Set, which comes with a lovely pre-lit tree, ornaments, ribbons, and other accessories, if you want to splash out on Christmas decorations this year. This is one of the best christmas tree shop in usa in 2023.

  • Price range: $599 to $4,999
  • Shipping: 12% of the total cost initially
  • 3-year warranty: return policy

Not only is Hobby Lobby a great site to buy Christmas trees, but it’s also a great place to get craft supplies. The store has a large selection of fake Christmas trees to fit every taste and price range. It’s encouraging to know that the pines and firs you buy online appear just like the pictures you saw online, according to our survey participants. If you want to save the headache of tangled string lights, you can even get pre-lit trees.

Buy on Hobbylobby.com

  • Price Range: $40-$1,200
  • Shipping: $10.95, depending on total
  • Return Policy: 90 days

Michael’s has a wide selection of Christmas trees, whether you’re searching for something conventional or a little edgier. One of the survey participants expressed satisfaction with the pre-lit pink tree they purchased; however, they cautioned others to temper their expectations because the web photographs may differ from the actual tree that is brought to their home. Even so, costs are still lower than elsewhere, and a wide range of designs, dimensions, and features—including an abundance of miniature trees—are available for selection. Furthermore, Christmas tree shop for all of your other Christmas decorations may be done conveniently all at once.

  • Prices range from $26 to $11,730
  • Delivery is free for regular shipping over $50
  • Returns are accepted for 60 days.

It should come as no surprise that we think Wayfair is among the greatest sites to buy Christmas trees because it has long been a fantastic online store selling a wide variety of home décor items. The fair pricing points are among the nicest things about buying at Wayfair, according to our poll participants. You should feel confident knowing that Wayfair’s trees are built to last because one responder mentioned that a tree they bought from them lasted for years. Furthermore, none of the respondents were required to exchange or return the trees they bought. This is one of the best christmas tree shop in usa in 2023.

  • $35–$10,500 in price range
  • free shipping
  • orders above $35; 30-day return policy

When it comes to Christmas décor, Target makes shopping the easiest place on earth. Regarding the Christmas trees, the participants expressed satisfaction with their quality; however, they pointed out that certain ones were pricier than anticipated based on the design and materials used. The in-house Wondershop brand at Target, which sells decorations, tree toppers, garlands, tree skirts, and other items to complete your winter paradise, was their favorite place to Christmas tree shop. Being able to purchase online and return items in-store is perhaps the nicest thing about shopping at Target. It’s especially useful if you’re not thrilled with your Christmas tree.

  • Price Range: $60–30,000
  • Free Shipping for Orders Over $35
  • Ninety-Day Return Policy

In addition to fine furniture and home décor, Grandin Road is an internet merchant that sells wreaths, garlands, and Christmas trees. There are modest trees to pick from if your room is cozier, but some of these fake trees are very huge. Grandin Road has a more limited range, which may not be a bad thing if you had trouble making a decision at some of the other stores on our list. We suggest another store for people who like to browse for a wide selection of trees. But Grandin Road has some lovely possibilities if you’re looking for conventional, high-quality trees.

Buy on Grandinroad.com

  • Price Range: $70–1,399
  • Shipping: $14.95 (depending on total cost)
  • Return Policy: 90 days

Because of the vast array of options available, Amazon is a great site to get Christmas trees if you’re still not sure what kind of décor to buy. Nevertheless, this might cause choice fatigue, so it’s wise to plan your purchases by size and style. After sifting through dozens of alternatives, customers were pleased with the caliber of the trees that showed up at their home. It makes sense to have a look at some trees on Amazon if you’re a regular buyer, and your Prime membership will make returns and shipping simple. This is one of the best christmas tree shop in usa in 2023.

Buy on Amazon

  • Price range: $16–$38,000
  • shipping method: seller-determined
  • return policy: seller-determined

One of the greatest locations to buy Christmas trees is at Home Depot, which may already be your first christmas tree shop for anything do-it-yourself and home renovation. You might probably find some on display at the store, but there are hundreds more options available online. Home Depot has a wide variety of trees, from little pink ones to towering classic firs. Many trees are already lighted, but if you select an unlit tree, you may still add string lights to your order. If you’d like even more possibilities, Home Depot now sells a variety of genuine trees. Free in-store pickup is available, and most goods qualify for free two-day delivery. To guarantee the finest variety and accessible inventory, we advise going Christmas tree shop early.

  • Price range: $16–$38,000
  • shipping method: seller-determined
  • return policy: seller-determined

When a store is dubbed the King of Christmas, there are high expectations, but in our opinion, this online marketplace for Christmas decor goes above and beyond. This is the place to christmas tree shop if you want a traditional tree that looks a lot like one in the wild. More than a dozen different tree species are available, such as King Douglas fir, aspen fir, and cypress spruce. There are many possibilities, but we only saw a few trees with vibrant colors.

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas motif, go somewhere else. The christmas tree shop assists you in refining your search to choose the ideal tree for your area, and the selection is plentiful without being overpowering. For a festive presentation, the company also sells garlands, wreaths, and other decorations. Although most purchases from King of Christmas ship free, there may be extra charges for imitation trees taller than 15 feet. Remember that returns must be made within 20 days of the purchase date and that all items must be returned in their original packaging.

Buy on Kingofchristmas.com

  • Price Range: $299 to $1,999
  • Shipping: Free; however, over-15-foot trees may incur additional costs
  • Return Policy: 30 days, by December 20

Birch Lane can provide you with guidance if you’re not sure whether to go genuine or artificial with your Christmas tree this year. We’ve seen some of the most realistic-looking firs and pines ever in this lovely assortment of trees. This christmas tree shop offers a selection to round off your Christmas decor, ranging from pencil-thin trees to jaw-droppingly full trees. Pure white trees and flocked alternatives abound, but you might have to go elsewhere if you’re looking for something really current. Nevertheless, Birch Lane offers a plethora of possibilities, so you may discover what you’re looking for if you desire a more conventional style. We also like that certain christmas tree shop options are available in several sizes, allowing you to pick the ideal tree for your area.

Buy on Birchlane.com

  • Price Range: $53 to $3,128
  • Free Shipping on purchases over $35
  • 30-Day Return Policy


Which style of Christmas tree is the most popular?

Realistic-looking, lush trees are a sought-after and classic Christmas aesthetic. Pencil-shaped trees are another popular design; their compact profile makes them perfect for limited locations. Stylish touches to your Christmas décor may be added with vivid pink, snowy white, or glittering silver trees, for those looking for something a little different this year.

What is the approximate cost of a Christmas tree?

Artificial christmas tree shop may be purchased for less than $100 to more than $5,000. A fake Christmas tree usually costs between $350 and $700 for a 7.5-foot tree and about $1,000 for a 9-foot tree. The height of the tree typically determines this price.

Do pricey christmas tree shop pay off?

After the holidays, artificial trees won’t be left outside. In the long term, an artificial tree that is well maintained may live for many years, making it an investment worth making.

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