Cinemabox HD Not Working – How to Fix Cinema box

Entertainment lovers seek several ways to get amused. To aid them, Playbox HD app developers unveiled another media store app, Cinemabox HD for Android and iOS. You can watch free HD movies and TV shows without spending a penny on your Android tablet or phone.

With the Cinema Box iOS/Android app, you can also stream or download the Game of Thrones 6 series to an Android 4K TV using Google Chromecast. Users of the Cinemabox HD app have recently encountered the “Cinemabox HD apk not working” problem.Usually, most entertainment apps like the Mobdro Hot Star Go Solo app and the Cinema Box app face issues like not opening, not responding, slow streaming, subtitles issues, etc.

When it comes to free and safe entertainment and information applications, there are a lot of options. However, there are not too many apps that can beat the great Cinemabox HD app, which is an excellent addition to this app’s genre. In addition to the fantastic features, the app is completely free.

In today’s post, we shall discuss how to fix the Cinemabox not working problem, which can often be vexing at times. The case is the same as the Cinema Box Android or iOS version. In this guide, I will show you how to solve problems with multimedia apps such as streaming slowly, the Cinema Box apk not loading, and so on.

The solutions are not specific to the Cinema HD app. They work fine with other Android and iOS apps, like Cinema HD for PC, as well. This article is for people facing problems opening and loading the Cinema Box app, turning off subtitles in the Cinema Box HD app, and other issues like the app not opening, the app not responding, and the app not loading.

CinemaBox HD App Problems {Fixed}

Cinema Box app: No Connection | No Signal | Not Loading problem {Fixed}

  • No one likes to wait! Movie buffs hate the Android and iOS apps that make them wait for their favorite HD game shows to stream onto their gadgets. It’s irksome to face connection and signal problems on the Cinema Box app. The movie app must be quick enough to bring your beloved cartoons to your iPad or iPhone screen.
  • Follow the below steps to fix the Cinema Box app with no connection or signal issues. After that fix, the Cinema Box app loaded amazingly faster in no time. Ensure that your Android gadget or iPhone/iPad/iPod is connected to the internet with adequate bandwidth. Streaming cartoon shows or TV episodes is only possible with high-speed internet.
  • Sometimes, the app not loading problem is caused by the server-side end, like in the Cinema Box HD app, where servers get voluminous requests from millions of movie lovers worldwide. At that point, you may encounter the Cinema Box app with no signal, resulting in no connection or no loading issues.
  • As a last ditch, you can download the latest version of the Cinema Box app for Android or iPhone and frequently upgrade to avoid streaming, connection, and signal loading problems. So you can spend your holiday watching an episode of Friends or marvelling at Tywin Lannister’s master plan in Game of Thrones.

You may be on the latest upgraded version of the app, yet you cannot stream movies from the Cinema Box to TV using the Chromecast’s guest mode. The problem arises when you use the wrong or outdated credentials for your Cinema Box account. Make sure that you are using the right username and password for the movie app account. solves your Cinema Box HD app’s responding or loading problems.

You can easily watch free TV shows or episodes on your iPad, iPhone, or iOS device.We are working to resolve this simple not working issue with the movie HD, cinema box, latest movies HD, and mega box HD apps.These steps will solve the same problem for all these kinds of apps. To fix this, general methods and methods are ineffective.”Movie HD “Sorry, there was an error while loading or no connection error. Retry the problem.”

So, here we are with a new method. For a few mobiles, this method is successfully working, like HTC, Micromax, Sony, Samsung, Kodi, Kindle Fire, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch), LG, Lenovo, Nexus, Tablets, Fire TV, Apple TV, Smart TV, Nvidia Shield TV, PC/laptop (Windows 10 or Windows 8/7/8.1/XP/Mac), and a lot more devices.

Cinemabox HD app subtitles problem “fixed”

Some people face subtitle problems while watching foreign TV episodes or movies on their Android Lollipop devices or iOS gadgets. Few people wish to turn off subtitles, and some like to turn on subtitles on the Cinema Box app.

Some users face subtitle out-of-sync problems on their apps, like Showbox for PC. Follow the listed steps to enable or disable subtitles on the Cinema Box app on Android or iOS gadgets without jailbreaking.

How to Fix Cinemabox HD Not Working

To watch all your favourite movies and other original content, you must fix the crucial issues that often crop up when using this application. The easiest methods that can be used by even the most amateur of users have been mentioned before.

Method 1. Fix the issue by changing the time and date on your device. Since the Cinema Box HD application is an international application, it is always impossible to chart out the exact time and date from the IP address alone, which is the standard SOP nowadays. If you fix the time and date, the device’s synchronisation with the server will be complete, and the Cinema Box HD not working issue will be resolved.

Method 2. Fix your device by making sure that the cache is clear. Very often, the cache is enemy number one as far as malfunctions are concerned. To delete the cache memory, you must go to your device’s browser settings and ensure that all cookies and other related data are removed.

Method 3: Reinstall the application. This is, by far, the best way to fix the device on which the Cinema Box HD app is installed. Uninstall your application and then reinstall the same app using the original setup file you used. This process may solve the issue of the Cinema Box HD not working.

Method 4: Reinstall a newer version of the app. This step is a more modified version of step 3. You can always uninstall the app and then reinstall the Cinema Box HD application with a newer version of the same app. It will also ensure that the application that is reinstalled is the most updated and has the latest version. The latest version will also be less glitchy.

Method 5. Fix the issue by updating your antivirus software on your device.

How to turn on subtitles on the Cinema Box apk:

  • Open the app on your Android or iOS gadget to stream your favourite movies or TV episodes for free.
  • Search for your favourite TV episode, say, Game of Thrones, on the app.
  • Gently tap on “CC” at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.
  • Tap on “Get New Subtitle” to get the subtitles of the selected movie or episode from the internet.
  • Choose the desired language and one of the available subtitles from the pop-up menu.
  • Now, enjoy your episode with on-screen subtitles on the Cinema Box app.

How to disable subtitles on the Cinema Box apk app:

The below steps provide a workaround to turn off the subtitles on the app. It’s relatively easy and straightforward and fixes subtitle out-of-sync problems on the app. It was tested on the Android Samsung Galaxy J5 phone.

  • After opening an anime or TV episode, choose the time from which you wish to disable the subtitles.
  • Restart the video on the Cinema Box app immediately and scroll to that time instantly.
  • It’s done, and you can now watch your video with no subtitles.

Movie HD App/Cinema Box App No Connection Retry Error—Working Method

This is a method that worked for me on my HTC phone. I am fairly certain that the procedure will work for all of your gadgets or mobile phones. Most users get “this movie HD no connection retry error” or “cinema box apk” (not connecting, video not available, server not available) errors when they update to new versions from their old versions. Movie HD app versions 1.0.7, 1.0.2, or 1.0.8, or movie HD 1.7, 1.1, or 2.2, or movie HD 2.0.5, 2.0.3, or 2.0.


I hope this guide on Cinema Box HD app problems helps you fix the app not working, the Cinema Box app not responding, or loading issues on your iPhone, iPad, or Android gadget. This guide also helps you to solve cinema box streaming issues, subtitles sync issues, and other issues.

If you face any problems, get back to us to watch free HD movies and TV episodes on the brand new Playbox app, namely, the Cinema Box app. We hope you will have resolved the Cinemabox HD not working issue using any of the various steps mentioned above. Do not forget to share this post. Also, watch this space for more such guides.


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