Clash of Magic – Best Clash Of Clans Private Server with Its Guide

Clash of Magic has lots of servers, which provides you lots of fun with unlimited resources like Gold, Gems, Elixir, and Dark Elixirs.

This is something like a battlefield where you have to defeat against your enemies with little soldiers’ help. However, we will discuss the features of Clash of Magic servers. These features allow you to play the game with more freedom.

What is Clash of Magic?

If you are fed up and tired with the restricted clash of clans game, you must download a clash of clans’ private server, which will help you get rid of all these things. Clash of magic is a super-high-speed server of coc, which has many outstanding features.

You will love this server because of its security and no lag feature. Clash of magic apk download was launched in 2015 and become famous in a short time. More than 20% of coc users play the game on clash magic apk. It is available 24/7, so you can play the game at any time.

Clash of Magic APK

Are you looking for unlimited resources? It’s the right place for you to download CO Magic free of cost to get unlimited resources. It is up to you which server you want to choose. You are going to know the basic working of these servers Features of Clash of Magic APK.

We did not download any app without knowing its features. Because without knowing the features, any app is useless for us. So let know some fantastic features of the clash of magic apk download.

No Root Required

Rooting a device is not a good idea. It may cause some problems to your device, but if you want to install any apk, you must root your device. But do not worry if you download the clash of magic apk from this page, then there is no need to root your device. So it is secure and safe. There is no risk of virus or malware to your device.

Anti-Ban APK

Suppose you download and install an apk file, but after a few days, your account was banned by the app owners. This is very painful for anybody because you spent a lot of time to upgrade our level in that app.

You invest some money to buy that app’s resources, so if app developers ban your account, then all your money and time are wasted. But do not worry if you download the clash of magic apk from our website, then there is no risk of account banning. The apk on our website is fully anti-ban apk.


Many users did not play coc on a private server because they are not compatible with their devices. But do not worry, Clash of magic download supports all devices. So you can even play clash of clans on pc or laptop with the help of a coc magic apk. Even it smoothly works on ios devices. Also, check the clash of dreams.

Stability and Uptime

Lag and downtime is a common problem in many coc servers, and every coc player wants a stable and high-speed clash of clans server. So when it comes to speed, security, and stability of the server, no other server can compete with the clash of mage apk download. These qualities make it famous and popular among its users. More than 30% of users use this server.

Unlimited Resources

This is the primary specialty of the clash of magic apk download. You have to train your troops, dragons and build more significant buildings and all these things need resources. So it provides you unlimited gems, gold, elixir, and dark elixir. These resources will help you to get all the hidden options. So you can increase the capacity of your troops and building without spending any money.

Zero Building Time

Nowadays nobody has extra time to spend building town hall 12 bases in clashes because it needs many weeks or maybe months. So we have solved your problem. Just download the app and get town hall 12 within a few minutes.

Regular Updates

The clash of magic apk download regularly updates the game to protect you guys from the hackers. But the sad thing about this feature is after every update, your previous resources will be lost, but there is no need to worry. You guys can get everything back within a few moments with the help of this unique clash of clans’ private server.

Custom Modification

We all want to modify everything according to our needs and choices, so the clash of magic apk download 2020 allows you to modify the whole game according to your styles. Create new custom dresses and decorate your game.

Unlocked all PVE Goblins Maps

We knew in the clash of clans, goblin plays a significant role in defeating your enemy, but in the standard game, you are not allowed to have more than one goblin. But do not worry about our clash of magic mod apk. You are allowed to use all goblins and rush on your enemy basecamp.

Real-Time 1V1 Fights

You can play a real-time 1v1 match and improve your gaming skills in magic apk. This feature makes you a pro player if you want to play solo and not want to join any clan.

Clash of Magic S1

Magic S1 APK is a package of unlimited resources. You can unlock the more stunning and thrilling levels by using these resources. The working of server 1 is the same as the original one. Here also you can enjoy classical graphics without any restrictions.

Clash of Magic S2

Magic S2 is similar to server 2. However, there are slightly different features. This server is speedier and more vigorous. You must be in a high zone of fantasy while playing the game. Also, check out How to Get Diamonds in Free Fire.

Clash of Magic S3

This is one of the smart and classy choices for Android users. Although features are the same as in other servers, it is specially designed for Android devices with more advanced graphics and fast speed to increase their users’ interest and attention.

Clash of Magic S4

This version is the latest as compared to all other servers. This version comes with more advanced features that force you to play with more interest. The essential quality of this server is it is developed on the latest high-speed server. This server used to decrease the issue of disturbance like download COM server4 for the maximum results.

Requirements to Install Clash of Magic APK

Clash of Magic

Before downloading this unique clash of clans’ private server, we must know its requirements.

  • Requires a 4.0.4 or higher Android version.
  •  Free space of more than 100MB.
  •  1GB RAM or more.
  •  Active internet connection.

Clash of Magic APK Download Commands

You can check all commands by simply typing “/help” in coc magic apk.

Clash of Magic Server Specification

It is hosted on a high-speed server, so you guys cannot face any issue while playing the game. The servers are very high speed and updated regularly. Check out some fantastic specs of the servers.

  • RAM: 32 GB DDR4
  • Time: 99.99% Up Time
  • Space: 1024 GB SSD
  • CPU: 8 GHz
  • Protection: DDOS
  • Available: 24/7

Permissions Required

  • Unknown sources.
  • Location Access.
  • Media Storage Access.
  • Wi-Fi connections status.
  • Microphone Access.

How to Install Clash of Magic Server?

Many of my friends ask me about installing the coc private server without any problem, I guide them, and they install private on their phone successfully. So after that, I thought that I have to share my working method with the public that my friends and I install the private and enjoy the many features of the clash of clan’s game. So follow our steps and get it done. Here we have made the installation process list in steps for your convenience. You have to follow them!

  • The first fundamental thing to do is unlock your Android device if it is locked.
  • Open your device settings.
  • Scroll the settings until you see the security option and tap on the “unknown resources” option.
  • Now, first uninstall the original version of Clash of Magic APK from your device.
  • Download the new APK file of the Light server by clicking on the given button.
  • Search the downloaded file and open it for installation.
  • Give permissions if required.
  • Finally, you have entered the Clash of Magic City. Now you are the king of your town.


Should I do hope you are thinking of downloading this thrilling server? We want to share with you that in the market, many websites present their mods and servers. Pick Now, you have all the information about Clash of magic apk download 2020. So you can select the best clash of a magic private server to play coc. If you are still confused about anything, leave a comment, and we will try to solve your problem.

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