CocoFinder Review: CocoFinder Reverse Phone Lookup

CocoFinder: Employees are the lifeblood of every business and have a direct impact on its success. Having the proper staff in place provides better management, lowers fraud risk, and even eliminates the possibility of a data breach.

If you make a tiny blunder, your company becomes an easy target. And, because you don’t want to take any chances with this component, a background check is required. It will make sure that you can trust your boss with your private information and that you can rely on them to do what they say they will do.

A background check with a reputable app like CocoFinder ensures that you are aware of the person’s criminal history. But, of course, you’ll need technology capable of scanning their whole history for that. This post will go through one of the best resources for this, CocoFinder, and the many techniques for looking for employment information that CocoFinder provides.

What is the purpose of CocoFinder?

CocoFinder is a background check service for job applicants. It’s similar to Google’s search engine. This engine is the only one that can find people and their backgrounds. It allows you to perform background checks on everybody who uses the platform without having to sift through enormous databases. And you don’t need much to utilize it; simply the person’s name and a few minor details would suffice. Here is an in-depth look at the instrument, including all of its advantages and disadvantages.

CocoFinder’s Advanced Features

The versatility of this tool is the key reason for its appeal. You may easily trace the specifics of a phone number, address, or email address using the services, which are not limited to individuals.

The following are some of the tools available on this platform:

Background Search

Background Search allows you to find someone’s background information such as criminal records, educational background, and employment history. This tool is used by people to find out if there is any criminal living around them. Parents can use this tool to run a  background check on their kid’s babysitters, teachers, and other members of their circle.

CocoFinder works with the background search tool to provide easy access to someone’s public information. That is why they include a link to their social media profiles to help you know more about them. We ran 3 background checks with this tool and almost all the information was similar to our records.

Lookup by Phone

The purpose of a phone lookup service is to find out who owns a phone number. It’s useful when you need to look up information about a phone number you don’t recognise. With the phone lookup report, this service gets information from the web and comes up with some credible results. Hundreds of phone search services are available that provide public information about landline numbers. As a result, we used this program to generate several virtual phone numbers. In the vast majority of situations, this service was able to locate the specifics of such virtual numbers and offer valid registration information. However, for the virtual phone number we discovered, it was not the finest phone lookup service.


Address Lookup

Another important service to keep an eye out for is address lookup. It can assist you in locating information about any address on the internet. With a single search query, you may get property data, owner details, and neighborhood details. It delivers by far the most effective address lookup report we’ve seen. The social media accounts were also identified in the owner’s information section. You can imagine how useful the report on address lookup is. The part about local details is also extremely amazing. It will tell you whether there is a sex offender residing there.

White Pages

The White Pages is the final feature on our list. This tool is similar to the people search tool we previously discussed. Even though it’s mostly used to find someone’s phone number, not their whole profile. You may use this tool to locate a way to contact someone quickly. It functions in the same way that traditional books do, allowing you to look up the names and contact information of people in your immediate vicinity. The main distinction is that it is international and has a large collection of public data.


The CocoFinder has a lot of features and is superior to many other tools in many respects. Its benefits include:

User-Interface Design

CocoFinder’s user interface is simple and straightforward. There are no distracting colours, patterns, or clutter. It’s also simple to navigate and understand. There’s a basic search bar with search type options and a search button. Users may also access a series of FAQs and instructions written in plain English on the website. The best aspect is that you can utilise the platform for free. As a result, there are no needless adverts or trap baits on the page.


The tool’s basic UI may lead you to underestimate it but don’t. CocoFinder is a more capable finder application than others. Coco Finder gets its data from a variety of sources, not only public files. To boost your search results, it incorporates criminal data, third-party data, and even social media files. To put it another way, all of the data on the platform is rather accurate. You may absolutely trust it to provide complete transparency into the background of the individual you’re looking for. CocoFinder also gives a short description of the company, including their address, a different phone number, and more, to clear up any doubts you might have.

Additional Resources

CocoFinder’s background checking search isn’t the only way to find out what’s going on in the background. The tool type may be selected using the click buttons above the search button. Reverse phone number lookup, people search, address lookup, and white pages are all available. There are enough ways to locate someone using only their basic information or phone number.

Details Available

CocoFinder does not concentrate on a single facet of a person’s personality. It generates a 360-degree report with all of their information. It may be used to look up and confirm dates of birth, court cases, phone numbers, addresses, arrest records, and other criminal information. You may also use the site to learn more about the employee’s friends and work history. It even has information on traffic tickets the person has received in the past.

Payments and Registration

The best part about the background search tool is that it is completely free. To work, the tool doesn’t need any credit card information, a membership, a subscription, or a purchase. You don’t even have to register or use the platform. Use the tool to enter the information you need, then press the search button to get the report.


The CocoFinder database is a collection of databases from many sources. And they’re all legitimate and lawful. During your use of the program or its data, you won’t have to think about any legal issues at all. Furthermore, the platform preserves privacy. Your searches are secure and private. Nobody will be aware of them.


CocoFinder’s trustworthiness is what makes it the greatest tool. It provides you with access to a large database of entirely accurate facts. To provide a comprehensive report, the platform takes into account all small and large records. It has records of crimes, court judgments, social media platforms, and any other kind of data in its database. It will never overlook any information that indicates the person’s background. Furthermore, Coco Finder does not utilise deceptive marketing tactics to lure customers in. The information is unadulterated and fully trustworthy.


While problems are unlikely at Coco Finder, the crew is prepared for everything. You can get in touch with them if you have any questions or need assistance. You can also contact them for assistance with the information you have. For example, if anything is wrong with it or you just want it deleted.


While CocoFinder offers a long list of advantages, it also has a shortlist of disadvantages. There aren’t any major drawbacks. Its search time is the closest to one. The program contains a large database, and browsing it for information takes time. It’s possible that you’ll have to wait a minute or two for results.

The speed of the internet might also be a factor. However, the waiting time is still shorter than that of other background-searching apps and utilities. Furthermore, the wait is worthwhile given the amount of information you will receive.

Final Thoughts

CocoFinder is a fantastic and dependable program for finding out who your boss is. It allows you to discover every small aspect of them that has an impact on their trustworthiness. It may be used to investigate credibility, behavior, previous actions, and social media sites. You also have extra options for looking for job information to ensure accurate reporting. The best thing is that their background checks are completely free.

There is no registration, no annoying advertisements, and no difficult processes. Simply enter your information, hit the search button, and you’re done. You have all of the information you require.

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