7 Proven Ways to Increase Instagram Followers and Likes in no time

Optimize your Instagram account

Before you make any plans to increase your followers on Instagram, it is very important that you optimize your Instagram account in the right way. There is a homepage on your Instagram, and that has to be made perfect in every way possible. The bio should give a good idea to people of what you sell and how to want to work with your customers. If there isn’t a proper profile picture or username, then people will not know what you plan to sell and how you want to get there.

The bio and profile picture itself are very important in the way that people look at your account. It is important to have your website link in the bio because that can help to get more people to your website, and that traffic can increase your sales. Ensure that your username is related to your product so people can find it easily because if it is hard, no one will be able to find your product. Avoid using too many numbers etc., in your username.

Keep posting content consistently

It is very important to post content consistently when you are on social media. It can be a problem if you choose to post your content inconsistently because you will not be able to grow and increase your followers. Your followers need to remember that they follow you and if you post after a very long time and then don’t post at all, this will prevent you from gaining more Instagram followers. It is best if you do not post multiple times a day, too, because people will get tired of seeing your posts in their feed all the time. There are many people who use Instagram daily, and you can use this to your advantage and get a lot of followers. Stick to a good schedule that works well for you, and stay consistent with that.

Schedule your posts in advance

Now, it is also important that you post at certain times, as this can increase your engagement. The timing of posts is also responsible for giving more visibility to all your posts. You can schedule your posts and get the benefit of this. If you schedule your posts, then your team will know how to work, and they will also adjust everything according to how they have to work. If you schedule it, then you will be able to post more consistently as well, and this can help you to grow your followers as well.

Get other partners and brand advocates to post about your content

The more people see your content, the more likely they will start to follow you. You can do this by looking at other people to post your content. You can either look at influencers or collaborate with some other big company as this can help you to gain a lot more followers. Some people might not even know about your Instagram account, but they will get to know about it if people see what you do. You can also promote other brands as well and get them to do the same for you.

Avoid fake followers

Fake followers are no good because they do not add to the value of your company in any way. The followers do not like any posts or share them and it’s recommended to only buy Instagram followers from these trusted sources. These followers will not be able to grow your following, and when people see that no one is following you, then suddenly you have many followers, then that would show everyone that you might have to go fake followers in your account. Your business will not grow with fake followers because when people look at your business, they will see followers that are not real, and this will not help you get more sales or even sponsorships from other people.

Show your Instagram everywhere

You do not have to grow your Instagram just on Instagram. You can also work to put your link on your website or other places on different social media websites. For example, some people might follow you on a particular website, and you can use this website to gain more followers on Instagram, so you will end up getting more likes and followers on your Instagram account. This exposure can get people who do not follow you on Instagram to start to follow you. Do not ask people to follow you but make some good content so that they would actually want to follow you and keep seeing the content that you post.

Post content that your followers want to see

Make sure that you are always aware and that you are looking for the things that your followers want to see. If you can get the content that they want to see, then they would appreciate it a lot more. They would keep following you and liking those posts, and new people would start to get to know you as well. Test different content as well because some people might love certain content and it might do well, so make your content based on what is working with your followers. Your followers are making you, so it is good if you listen to them and use that in the future.


All these ways can be used to grow your Instagram likes and followers and grow your business with it. It has become very important to have a good Instagram and social media presence because that links to having a good business as well. Many people ask others to work with them and promote their products and Instagram pages, so you can choose to do that too, and it can help you to grow your following. If you have a team, then making a schedule can be good as they will know when to work and what they have to do to make the posts good. Use analysis tools as well so you can be aware of any changes that might occur in your followers etc.

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