How Has Contactless Payments Become a Must Post Pandemic?

Even before the pandemic calamity struck us all, contactless payments were an important part of most businesses. However, with the massive economic scare that the pandemic gave people, the demand to make all businesses contactless was huge. Once the businesses reopened at the end of 2021, both owners and customers were keen on making the payment transaction contactless and paying more attention to social distancing.

Pandemic and Contactless Payments

Businesses that give the option to their customers to make payments online have had a better growth rate than others. There are many vendors like Retail Control Systems who give great pos system solutions to businesses to handle payments without making any actual contact.

According to a survey that occurred in the mid of March 2021, around 30% of the consumers around America have responded well to online payments. They have said the businesses, while having online payment options, are more suitable for them. So, if you are a business that is running the operations after the pandemic, it is best if you get the best vendor in the market. They will provide the best pos system available and suitable to your business size and operation.

Contactless Payments

In this blog, I am going to talk about the online payment solution that rose after the pandemic and how it helps businesses.

Covid-19 as a Catalyst to Contactless Payments in Businesses

Most businesses have adopted quality and effective retail point of sale systems that help to operate transactions online.

  •  According to a report made in America, 51% of consumers have taken up mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other apps to make payments.
  • Most consumers based in America have responded after the pandemic and in the complete absence of the virus too, they will use the online payment options.
  • MasterCards witnessed an increase in 40% of online payments in the last quarter of 2021 that is bound to increase by the mid of 2022.
  • Between January to March 2022, there has been a 40%+ surge in global online payments.

As a business owner, if you are still hesitant to find a good vendor to control the operations of visa contactless payments in your business, your sales will decrease. Retail POS systems like Revel help businesses set up safe and secure shopping experiences. This way the customer interest and experience also become better.

Why Do Customers Love the Contactless Payments Post Pandemic?


This is one of the major factors that make cashless payments a hit among customers after the pandemic. About 47.2% of American consumers have stated that convenience is the most important advantage of having online payments. They are 10 times faster than any other payment options. It is true that the in-hand cash and the chip inserting and card swiping methods were easy too but going digital makes it better.

Businesses that didn’t have the right vendor to give them efficient platforms to handle online platforms suffered a decline. You may have heard stories about restaurants and retail shops closing down. One of the major factors leading to this terrible situation was not having the right tool to govern online payments. If you want your business to do exceedingly well post-pandemic, take the help of vendors selling efficient products to manage online payments.

Customer Experience

Since online payments make it possible for transactions to be more effortless and secure, businesses have seen a reduction in their sales. During the pandemic, there were a lot of shopping places like Walmart and Target that saw customers who were unwilling to buy more due to cash constraints. More than cash constraints, it was because customers didn’t want to touch the hands or have any contact with the store. For these reasons, keeping digital payments open post-pandemic is the best-case scenario.

Whenever a customer enters your retail store, they will be encouraged to buy more since both cash and safety issues are not compromised. Linda Bay, a 52-year-old retired accountant, spoke to me encouraging online payments. She said, “Keeping cash as the only option in stores made me buy less of everything. Now, I love shopping, especially in person. But at the same time, I want to remain safe from getting infected post-pandemic. Ever since my local retailers started to employ efficient contactless payments like Revel, I don’t think twice before going to shop!”

Linda is not the only one to think this way. Your business will benefit greatly if efficient and glitch-free digital payment methods are set up to enhance customer experience.

Undeniable Speed

Many customers lodged complaints and showed displeasure about shopping in retail stores post-pandemic. The reason is cash payment options. Since they knew other businesses have employed the online payment service, they demanded to make it a part of all stores for speedy shopping. Now to understand this scenario better think of the situation this way. A shopper cannot leave behind his habit. But at the same time, he/she will require payments to be done quickly. Cash payments do take a lot of time and well what if the customer gets infected by standing in queues all day? This is the reason why shoppers love cashless payment options for a speedy and safe shopping experience post-pandemic.


Nobody is quite over the Covid scare. Retailers have to work twice as hard now to gain the trust of shoppers while the world reels with the after-effects of the pandemic. In these situations, it is only normal for shoppers to go for those stores that allow smooth digital payment options. Products like Revel make sure that poor customer service, long lines, unwanted cash swapping, etc. are all kept at bay. For these reasons and more they have a smoothly functioning online payment feature. Now the customers are safe and have a better experience in the stores.

With all so many options to pick the vendor of your choice, why is your business hesitating? It is easy to learn how to setup contactless payments with the right help. So, instead of focusing on unimportant things after the pandemic, get a good payment system set up. Not making online payments an option will only make your business lack and nothing else.

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