Gemstones when inscribed in metals have a different value and add an extra charm to it. It’s been ages but the admiration for gemstones in the heart of the people has never changed a bit. Even in the modern jewelry sensations, gemstones are a huge part of it. They bring in the charmness, the elegance that a piece of jewelry requires and it is a matter of fact that they look good on everyone.

Gemstones can be inscribed in all the forms of jewelry, be it necklace, earring, ring or bracelet. Earlier gemstones focused on two main criterias. First would be, they were used because of their metaphysical and physical properties and the second reason  would be their love for a gemstone in their jewelries. But now the tables have turned and people buy gemstones just for the sake of their beauty and rare availability. Although it can not be ignored that some people still  believe in metaphysical properties of the gemstones.

Gemstones are usually divided in two categories – precious stones and non-precious stones. However, being precious or not does not depend on the availability and nowadays people love those stones which are rarely available. There are many gemstones which are cheaper and rarer than the old known gemstones. Their beauty and sparkle can easily dominate some of the popular gemstones like diamonds. Such stones that most of the people are unaware about can be –


A stone which has a very rich history but is currently not so in demand. Earlier this was used for making small statues, sculptures, ornaments and utilitarian objects. It is naturally available in green, yellow and white colour but the most popular is the green one. There are two kinds of jade –  jadeite and nephrite. Both of them are used in making various sculptures and jewelry pieces. Jewelry made by either of these never got much in demand but the modern age has adapted jade jewelry with open hands. You can now find jade in every form of the jewelry and with some marvelous designs.

Beginning with necklaces, women can pair them with any dresses and men will look dashing in a casual white t-shirt and black trousers with any contrasted green jade necklace. Women can also layer a green jade necklace with any other colored jade necklace and can look perfect for any party. There are also various pendants available with eye-catching design and engraved with jade. Style those with a silver or gold chain and you are good to go.

Most of the earrings available are stud earrings so they count in perfect for everyday jewelry or at any formal events. These are not very glossy and have a kind of matte effect which makes them not too loud and very subtle. The shapes of the studs differ and the round ones can be worn by those men who are fans of stud earrings. Jade rings are mostly inspired from animal jewelry ideas which are also currently very popular among new generations. You will find various wildlife designs and they are perfect for bold and fierce looks. Tennis bracelets can be appropriate minimal jewelry but they make a huge difference on how someone is looking. If you want all – in – one quality in one gemstone then this is high time that you get yourself a jade ornament.


One of the heavenly looking stones from the quartz family is the amethyst. If you ever get confused about what to wear as jewelry when you are going for a specific event, amethyst jewelry can be the best option you have. The soft eye-soothing violet color of the stone does not look too heavy and maintains the elegance. Whether it be in the form of any jewelry, it is supposed to keep everyone in awe. Imagine how beautiful an amethyst pendant with diamonds inscribed around will look on you. You can pair these kinds of pendants with amethyst dangling earrings or a ring.

The range of designs run vast and some of them are also inspired from the designs of animals. Get yourself a statement piece because gems like these should be in your collection. And not to be forgotten, if you are a February born then without thinking twice get yourself an amazing piece made of amethyst. Amethyst is February birthstone and is also known for its other metaphysical properties. In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans used to wear amethyst to restrain themselves from drinking alcohol. The term Amethyst means ‘intoxication’ and thus the usage of it is to intoxicate drunkers. Other than this they also believed in the healing properties of this stone. It was considered as a natural tranquilizer as it helped people to live stress free and balanced the emotions of anger,fear,love etc.



There are many more extraordinary stones which most of the people don’t know about. Slowly the jewelry industry is involving them and people are loving it.

These two stones are quite fragile and very precious thus keep them always in a jewelry box, separate from other ornaments. Also it is a matter of fascination that these two stones have made their way in bridal jewelries. Modern brides are loving the vibrant hues and not only them, they are very much in demand by all the people around the globe. Therefore, every person who is obsessed with jewelries must have these two stone jewelries.

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