8 Features to look in a QR Code Generator Software

The acronym QR stands for “Quick Response.” It’s an optical label that can be scanned by machines and carries information. It’s frequently used to save URLs or other data for reading by the camera on a smartphone. The use of QR codes is rapidly growing all around the world. So, people are also making use of QR code generator software, especially Dynamic QR Code Generator, to make their work fast and easy.

Today everyone knows about QR codes and uses them frequently. These barcodes are an excellent method to promote your business. These QR codes can be used for various purposes of the business. Many marketers also use QR code software for marketing campaigns.

When you use QR code generator software, you can make your workflow a lot easier. You can generate QR codes very quickly and easily for any type of data. You can even create QR codes for texts, links, numbers, etc. However, there are specific features that make an ordinary QR code generator an excellent software.

In this post, we will let you know some of the crucial features that you must consider in QR code generator software.

Features to look in a QR code generator software

Can track scanning activity

If you run any marketing campaign in your business, then it is important to track and analyze those campaigns. You can analyze the campaigns by having an eye on scanning activity. By analyzing your campaigns, you can know whether your campaigns are running well or require any improvement.

If you will not analyze your marketing campaigns, then you will not know whether the campaigns are delivering results or not. If your campaign is not right and if you continue with it, then you must lose a lot of money.

Capturing contact information of the target audience

There are only a few generators that can give you information about who scanned your QR code and their details like name, email address, contact number, etc. This feature can also be named lead generation because it allows you to gather the information of your leads so that you can target them and make them your customers.

Create Dynamic QR codes

Dynamic QR codes can be modified after creation. So, let’s say you have used the QR code to land the people on your YouTube page, then on the next day you can choose to land them on your Instagram page, and the QR code will remain the same. This thing is not possible with Static QR codes.

Dynamic codes allow flexibility in your marketing campaigns. So, while buying the software you have to look at whether the software allows you to create dynamic qr code or not.

Designing QR codes to attract more scans

Generally, QR codes are very simple and not at all attractive. They are just a box of black and white lines, right? So, why would someone scan the code? There are codes behind the products as well, but people do not scan them for the same reason. Thus, the software must be able to create attractive QR codes so that people scan them. A code can be made attractive by adding different colors to them, adding text, adding images, etc.

Adding error correction to QR codes

When adding a logo to a QR code, the need for mistake correction is obvious. When you are using QR codes to the packaging of the product, then they are exposed to the factory environment and thus they can get damaged. Error-correcting mechanisms ensure that the QR code remains scannable in these situations.

Keep QR codes and landing pages ad-free

You will find many QR code generators that are available for free, but they will add advertisements to the landing pages. This will definitely irritate the users and thus can reduce the conversion rate. So, make sure to choose software that has the ability to keep your software ad-free.

Organize QR codes in campaigns

If you run many campaigns and create a lot of QR Codes, organizing them in campaigns is a good idea. You can make folders named campaigns and there you can add your QR codes to keep them organized. You can also use the best free qr code generator software.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication means adding an extra level of security to your account. This will allow higher security for the users compared to a single password. It will also make sure that none of the unauthorized users can access your account.


In conclusion, we would say that QR code generator software is very useful for organizations for many purposes. However, you may find many different code generators but you need to choose one that has all the features that we have mentioned in this post. Software with all these features will give an added advantage to you.

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