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Our collection of websites and games alike GirlSense offers places to girls to play games, design clothes and participate meanwhile various fashion activities. It was a viral online website where young girls, teens and teenagers could hang out with like-minded people.

After many prosperous years as one of the top fashion game websites around this was shut feather in mid-2012 due to revenue and resource problems. Since this time numerous fans of the original GirlSense have searched for games and websites with similar themes. GirlSense enabled players to engage in many fashion themed mechanics.

Players could customize their avatar, run a fashion boutique, buy new outfits, chat including other users, play games, vote on fashions created by others and join groups to unite with others who have similar interests. The websites like GirlSense that occur featured below let you enjoy similar activities to what GirlSense once offered. With large groups of players, these games here have healthy fashion-based communities to connect with.

There are some attractive fun games like GirlSense available for you to play online. But because the website has shut down, you might be seeing as some more beneficial options to try out. So, if you are having any trouble obtaining them, we have gathered together several good ones and discussed them below in our list. These few are also free to play, just as our central authority in question was.

Top 10 Similar Games like Girls sense

So, if you are having any trouble obtaining them, we have gathered together several good ones and discussed them below in our list.

1. Stardoll

If you say dress up games related to Girl Sense, then you could legally check out Stardoll. Here you can go to select an online doll of your choice and dress that up with a collection of clothing and accessories, to give it with a stylish look. For example, if you choose a male doll, then some things that you get will be shirts, pants, vests, masculine eye-wear, jackets, etc.

So essentially you can give your fashion sense a workout with selecting which clothes will look good on a demanding boy or girl model. You can even receive a chance to style these stars by choosing from several popular celebrity dolls available in the selection. There are additionally some international singers and music artists that are featured as dolls out hereabouts, and you can even want to style their look if you’re going to. Check out all the world-famous celebrity babies that you can dress up every day and have fun.

2. Mallworld

Mall World is a Fashion, Addictive, Dress-up, Fantasy, including Social Interact video game for the players who love playing fashion games. The game takes place in this practical world and enables you to select your online avatar to jump within the world of Fashion where you can be your boss, enhance a fashion creator, run your boutique and shop to your heart’s content. It enables you to create your character and customize it of one head before foot. You can completely customize your avatar while selecting some Hairstyle, Lips, Mouth, Skin Tone, Clothes, makeup, and furthermore. The game includes several sorts of dresses, accessories, pants, shirts, and shoes.

3. Shopaholic London

The next one we can urge to you is Shopaholic London. As the indication may indicate, here, you will be playing the character of a young shopaholic in the smart city of London.

Being a fun lover, your job now is to hunt for the best dresses to get noticed at all the parties that you frequent. In the party requests you to receive, the theme of the party will also be considered. Your primary purpose is to shop for the newest clothes keeping the business in mind. When you get the right look at the party, you can go to your closet and wear the outfits that you purchase.

4. Girls Go Fashion Party

The third option on our menu of GirlSense alternatives is Girl Go Fashion Party. While this pick, you will have to use your quick thinking and time administration skills to get available for parties in just a couple of minutes.

The game is all regarding finding the correct items you need to get prepared for the party by exploring for them in various rooms of the furnished apartment. Since you have to train three girls for the party, you will need to move quickly to get them all ready. Next, you succeed in finding all their missing items, and the next step is to dress them up with several stylish dresses and get their makeup done to give them a fabulous party look. Then it’s off to the party. The exciting feature out here is that the game will have you waiting for the next day to get ready for the next party.

5.  CovetFashion

Covet Fashion is a Fashion, Amazing, Dress up, Fantasy, and Single-player video game produced and published by Crowdstar Inc. The game lets the player choose his avatar and get into the game world, where she must customize her avatar to seem unique. The player can become a fashion designer including can produce her clothes to show her fashion skills. She can go shopping, buy everyday clothes, and can run her boutique to sell her items, accessories, clothes, and designs. The player needs to look attractive and unique to get maximum votes from different players to receive four stars and try to win a fantastic prize.

6. Oh My Dollz

Oh, My Dollz is one more dress-up kind of game that you can try out online for free. Here you insistence get to design a whole different kind of avatar for yourself. This avatar will be in the form of a digital doll, which you can customize completely starting from the hair, to the color of eyes and added.

When you signal up for this one, you will even get your exceptional house which you can intensify till you fix the whole setting. Lots of different things can also be done out here, namely using part in fashion events, producing new friends with the thousands of other Oh My Dollz professionals, clothing up you doll avatar to your heart content with a designer gathering of clothes and even playing out your flirtatious side around guys.

7. I Dress Up

I Dress Up is another well-known option we have opened into our list of games related to GirlSense for you to check out. This site offers you a selection of some the most suitable dressing up types of games that you have always been exploring for online. At the beginning of any of the games, you will get a doll model which you will need to style.

All you have to prepare is choose the right type combination of dresses, shoes, hairstyles, jewellery, handbags and more to secure your doll look amazing. After you are happy with the look you have given to your appeal, you have a chance of entering it into a style battle with dolls stylized other players. The more conventional design and style will be determined by which doll gets the most votes.

8. 2 Superstar Life

Superstar Life does a Fashion, Dress-up, and Fantasy Simulation developed and announced by Nanobot Games. The game offers a combination of MMO and Virtual World elements moreover lets you select your gender while male or female and get into the game world.

The game provides you with a chance to live your second life and fulfil your wishes. Select your profession path, stylize your avatar, and participates in fashion shows to win a fantastic prize. Interact with other players, find your date to fall in love, conquer fashion shows, and travel across the world.

9. Fashion Fantasy Game       

Fashion Fantasy Game is a beautiful, Fashion, Dress-up, Online Browser-based, and Social Network video contest for the people who are passionate about entertainment, friends, and Fashion. The game lets the player display a fashion designer or a store owner. Run a boutique store by choosing thousands of items in FFG to create the most modern store. The player can enhance his shop to suit his style.

10. Superstar Life

Superstar Life is a Way, Dress-up, and Fantasy Simulation produced and published by Nanobot Games. The game offers a mixture of MMO and Virtual World details and lets you select your gender as male or female, including becoming within the game world. The game provides you with the possibility to live your second life and fulfil your wishes. Select your career path, stylize your avatar, and participates in fashion presentations to win a fantastic prize. Interact with other players, find your date to fall in love, conquer fashion shows, and travel across the world.


These games like GirlSense will make fair use of your imaginative skills when you decide what outfits and accessories you need to drape your models with. Some of the six games mentioned above will even allow you to come up with your dress-up theme and design your fashion line of clothing.

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