Top 10 Best GBA Games (GameBoy Advance) In 2022

If you have been looking for some traditional school games for your GameBoy Advance a.k.a best GBA Games but haven’t found an inclusive list, then we have some great news to you.

You don’t have to survey from one site to another to find several best GBA Games because we begin you the ultimate list of most enjoyable best gba rpgs against all those favorite categories. If you have a going GBA Games handheld or if y’all have downloaded an emulator for your PC then the list comprehending will come in handy. So here are some ten classic immeasurable best GBA games that you can play.

Top 10 Best GBA Games

The most popular SNK Playmore shoot them up game finally found its way to the best gba rpgs on the GameBoy Advance. So, here are some of the top 10 Best GBA games you can enjoy.
  1. Metal Slug Advance

GBA Games

Metal Slug Advance is the unique Metal Slug title open for the GBA Games, and it’s one of the best action games potential on the platform. You get to play as entirely new heroes and shoot your plan through the enemy territory in channels or on foot. There are countless weapons and cars to choose from, and that game-play is fast-paced and exciting if you have never gone a Metal Slug power before then this one is the perfect one to get you up to hurry with each game.

  1. Final Fight One

GBA Games

Cody and the band are back to clean some streets of their city in this action-packed game for the GBA Games. Final Fight One is every GBA variant of the classic arcade game. The gameplay is some identical, the graphics are great, and the work is breathtaking. You become to fight your way through streets of some metro city, defeat everything the bosses, and rescue the woman in distress, Jessica. You have three different and all-powerful warriors to aid you in your battle. Use deadly weapon or your empty hands to break fascinating bones.

  1. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

GBA Games

This is one of the most enjoyable, including entertaining Zelda game that you will ever play on GBA, even on each platform. It has a great storyline, fantastic gameplay, very intriguing plotline, and decisive action. It would be significant if you solved puzzles, including killing different enemies in the kingdom of Hyrule. Your job is to protect the domain from the evil forces and help the small Minish cap that has connected itself to your head. He will guide you through your experience so you can support him out in taking the forces taking over every kingdom.

  1. Gunstar Future Heroes

GBA Games

Gunstar Future Heroes does different GBA game that is high on octane, and you are going to enjoy playing the game individually because of its exciting plot. It has a Shoot them up theme where you have to face a significant number of enemies and shoot them while dodging their aggression. The game is arranged in an extraterrestrial world where you have to defend the mystical rocks. Many years ago,the world observed an eruption that created four moons and ended the evil empire of Golden Silver.

Advance Wars is undoubtedly one of the best GBA games, but it’s criminally underrated and continues a niche pastime. The Orange Star Army is accused of advancing companies of foreign nations without any provocation. In this highly-charged entertainment, you can play from both parties and defeat those enemies practising Battle Maps, efficient thought, and creative techniques. Put slightly, Advance Wars is a decisive GBA game, and you should not want it if you love plan competitions.

  1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past

GBA Games

The Legend from Zelda: A Connection to The Past is the exclusive title that redefined the complete series and took that to an entirely new level that we see now. Your job is to protect the world of Hyrule and Princess Zelda from the parts about Evil Ganon. Slash your design with the weapon, or request types to slaughter your enemies, get this job done during this unique action-adventure RPG. This game took excellent reviews from the top publishers, and gamers thus denoted ported to GBA including a slight some changes. The gameplay is nonetheless this same including fantastic background music and a gripping storyline.

  1. Mega Man Zero 2

GBA Games

If there’s one Side-scrolling fighting entertainment that triumphs all different games on the Nintendo platforms, then it’s Mega Man. Mega Man Zero 2 is an individual of the most notable games for GBA that brings the side-scrolling action to here little handheld. The game supports the adventures of Zero who lives fighting against the evil forces of Neo Arcadia. Zero has different commands than Mega Man, but it noiseless feels cool when dashing and severing your way through hordes of enemies on various levels.

  1. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

GBA Games

Castlevania used to be one of the most demanding games to playback in the olden days. This led each game to popularity because every hardcore gamer wanted to experience a piece of this game and try to complete it to determine their deserving. Castlevania: apple of the Moon for the GBA was no various than it’s other variants. The game was large hard, and you had no way to save your progress. If you die, you cause over. The game puts you in a cage of a vampire hunter, and you are assumed to hunt down every last demon on this globe.

  1. Metroid Fusion

GBA Games

Metroid is another of Nintendo’s most famous action shooter game where you control the iconic Samus in her hunt for immigrants. This game is pretty decent; your mission is to vape out every alien being that is inhabiting our earth and various attempts to take over. You have your armour suit and loads of weapons to fight any evil that comes in your path. You solve small puzzles to advance to the next levels and jump from platform to platform to reach your goal. The game starts as easy but gets pretty tricky with each group.

  1. Metroid: Zero Mission

GBA Games

Another Metroid title that begins it into the list. This is another action-packed Metroid game that begins from the begin. This game takes place on another planet where you Samus has to fight hordes of space pirates and other space tyranny. There are several levels where Samus doesn’t have her armour suit, so she’s more prone to damage and vulnerable. Some new power-ups and weapons are going to aid you in your fight against the evil space forces. Samus has to destroy the mothership to destroy all the troops of space pirates.


All the games mentioned in the above articles are available on GBA games, and some of the games are even available on other platforms great as well. If you don’t have a GBA, then you can find one on eBay, or you can download an emulator for your PC to play GBA games. However, you must make specific the GBA games to play those with your emulator. We are in no way responsible for how you required your games.

It’s your sole responsibility to make sure that the games you obtain are done via a legal channel. All GBA game carts are available for a couple of bucks on the web, we have given buying links from Amazon / eBay for each game in the list.

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