Step-By-Step Guide: How To Develop Healthcare App Like Practo?

The health industry has always been a major part of the life of our society, however, its importance to society increases as technology advances. The integration of technology and health allows for a range of amazing discoveries that could save millions of lives a few years in the future.

The huge number of searches for hospitals and doctors as well as diagnostic centers and pharmaceutical companies from millions of people around the world have bolstered this grouping, which today includes nearly every vertical related to health.

According to Statista estimates, the mobile health market all over the world is projected to grow to a worth of $100 billion in 2021. There are three key elements that are making this happen: increasing usage of mobile devices in daily life, rapid growth in the realm of mobile technology, and technological advancements in healthcare that are focused on providing excellent medical services to patients.

Practo, one of India’s most viewed physician search platforms has been able to achieve substantial success in the brisk healthcare market. We are seeing the potential of Practo to take over the market for healthcare and, consequently, we’ll know everything we can about building a healthcare app like Practo and taking over the market for healthcare.

Introduction to Healthcare App Practo

Practo is a mobile-based healthcare application, which was launched in 2008. It offers a variety of healthcare-related services online, bridging the gap between doctors and patients. In addition to providing services, it aids in maintaining the patient’s records and appointments handled through the application. It also provides top-quality medical information written by experienced medical professionals.

Practo is an Indian startup company that operates over 20 countries worldwide. It was founded by two young entrepreneurs from NIT, Karnataka, India the company has grown to become one of the most profitable health startups in India within a short period of time due to its streamlined services.

Before moving on to the features and other requirements for a healthcare app like Practo, we will start with the necessary team model for such an app development process.

Team for your Practo App

In essence, the main purpose of developing an application is to maximize the utilization of resources and keep expenses to an absolute minimum amount. The ideal MVP development team must include these members.

Project Manager

The project manager functions as a bridge between business and technology. It is their job to make sure there is effective communication between all parties.

Business Analyst

In the course of testing your business concept, your Business Analyst will suggest changes that can be made before starting a project in order to make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

UI/UX Designers

Designers help turn your product visions into user-friendly designs that optimize conversion rates and user experiences.

App Developers

It is the application developers who create the part of your application that is visible and interactive. In addition, they are responsible for everything behind the scenes, and they are the ones who resolve most of your problems.

QA Engineers

A QA Engineer ensures that your app looks and runs as you expected it to look and run without being hampered.

Building a Practo Healthcare Application: Essential Features to Include

In order to create a successful mobile healthcare application, make sure you are attentive to the requirements of the intended audience and then focus on meeting these requirements in terms of functions. When designing a healthcare platform, you can’t afford to miss certain features that are worth mentioning. These features assist both patients and doctors communicate better and enhance the value of your platform.

Patient Panel Module

  • Log In

Signing up in the app allows patients to access features at their convenience.

  • Call & Chat Option

Doctors and patients can communicate via chat and phone.

  • Find a Clinic/Doctor

Find a doctor/clinic near the patient.

  • Book Appointment

Patients can schedule appointments online.

  • Payments Online

Give patients the option of making online payments through different payment gateways.

  • Reviews & Ratings

After seeing the doctor, patients can provide feedback & share their experiences.

  • Medical Records

Patient records can be stored and updated, such as prescriptions, medicines, allergies, and surgeries.

Doctor Panel Module

The doctor module has numerous features that will allow doctors to communicate with their patients effortlessly. They can offer their services remotely through making contact with patients via video chat or video calls. The dashboard of the doctor will include these options:

  • Subscription
  • Managing Appointments
  • Patient Records & Medical History
  • Edit your Profile
  • Transactions & Earnings
  • Medical Reports

Admin Panel Module

Admin Module keeps a log of all activities, and stores the data of users it analyzes and creates reports. It is responsible for the patient’s and medical files as well as information related to supply management, financial matters and more. Additionally, it offers users secure data due to the strictness of all laws. The implementation of various functions allows for seamless and easy functionality.

  • Dashboard
  • Managing Users
  • Manage Doctors
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Diagnostic Center Management
  • Clinic Management
  • Staff Management

How to Develop a Healthcare App Like Practo?

Define your Goals

Your app must fulfill two major goals: your appropriate user goal and your company’s goal. So, when you create your mobile app you’ll need to ensure it can answer the following questions: Why would users require this application? What will your app do to meet this objective? What will this do for my company? What challenges could arise from a similar mobile application?

Market Research

Market research is a way of analyzing and discovering information regarding the market. It can help you understand the activities of your competition and how they’re performing in the market, what makes people purchase their products over yours, and much more. Knowing this data is extremely useful in designing or focusing your service or product and in determining how to most effectively promote it.

Remove Irrelevant Features

By reading our blog, you will have a concept of what could be eliminated in your applications. In the beginning, it is suggested to stick with the primary concept of your app. In other words, you could easily add or update features as time goes on and achieve all your goals through exact enhancements. Eliminating features that are not essential can simplify the development of your healthcare application and help you save money in the beginning.

Hire a Healthcare App Development Company

Developing healthcare applications like Practo is no easy task. Even an established Mobile App Development Company may be overwhelmed by technical issues as well as unexpected budgetary issues. It’s not for those who aren’t prepared. If you decide to ignore our recommendations and try your hand at making a system that is so complex, be prepared to face many challenges that could result in you losing many dollars. So, take expert help from a top Healthcare app development company.

Measure Budget & Time For a Healthcare Application like Practo

It is essential to note that any mHealth app that transmits or stores protected health information has to comply in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. That means that you need to select your developers and also trust your concept to develop healthcare applications with a reputable Healthcare App Development Company that meets all requirements and guidelines.

If you’re a business that interacts in partnership with patients, your company will have to be HIPAA in all phases. For instance, doctor’s notes as well as test outcomes are regarded as PHI (Personal Health Information) and should be secured under HIPAA regulations regarding the confidentiality of patient information. Therefore, it’s crucial to use HIPAA-as- a-Service hosting services provided by businesses such as AWS and GAE so that you are secured at all times with them instead of trying to secure the data on the equipment they own.

The cost of building healthcare applications like Practo will depend on these factors:

  • Platform: Android, Windows, or iOS.
  • UI & UX Design: Simple, Moderate, or Rich
  • Difficulty: Variability and No. of Features
  • Third SDKs: Subscriptions & Payments

The totality as well as the complexity of the task, specific and custom-designed solutions, along with the overall scope of the work are the main factors that determine the final price of the item.

Last Say

Practo is a complicated but extremely useful application. To develop a healthcare app like Practo, developers need to concentrate on what end-users would like. You must factor in the time it will take for the application to last for a long time. The Healthcare industry has many things to provide. App developers have to be aware of the changes happening around the globe for improved development.


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