Top 10 Best Stores Like Hobby Lobby Near Me 2023

Hobby Lobby is an American network of retail stores headquartered in Oklahoma that specializes in arts and crafts products. Hobby Lobby, founded in 1972, has over 600 arts and crafts stores across the United States. It had about 4 billion US dollars in revenue in 2015. In this piece, I’ll introduce you to some of the best Hobby Lobby alternatives.

All of these stores provide similar arts and crafts items, and many of them are less expensive than Hobby Lobby. The list below is followed by a brief introduction and links to the official websites of the Top 10 Stores Like Hobby Lobby near me.

What is Hobby Lobby?

 Hobby Lobby is a well-known arts and crafts store with a large selection of home decor, picture frames, party supplies, and other items. If you’ve ever gone to one, you’ll know that it has a massive assortment of incredible things. However, it is not always an option. Perhaps you don’t live near one, or perhaps they don’t stock what you’re searching for. You may even need to visit the store on a Sunday when it is closed! Don’t worry, there are plenty of other stores like Hobby Lobby coupons, hours, weekly ad that provide a similar assortment of items.

Overview Of Hobby Lobby

Do you enjoy visiting family-owned and run companies that make you feel at ease? It is an excellent example of a small-scale family business that grew into a major chain of stores. However, they continue to embrace the same ideals that they began with. So, if you want to shop in a pleasant setting, you’re bound to go to stores like Hobby Lobby.

It makes shopping enjoyable, organized, and convenient; you may shop in-store or online. With all of these benefits, you’re going to want to locate additional stores like Hobby Lobby that provide them as well. This is especially true if you’re an artist or crafter who is always on the lookout for high-quality arts and crafts equipment.

10 Best Stores Like Hobby Lobby Near Me

Choose to shop at stores comparable to Hobby Lobby for a variety of reasons, and we have found the following stores to be particularly enjoyable. In no particular sequence, we present you with a selection of Hobby Lobby alternatives. Here is a list of HobbyLobby near me stores for all your crafting and home décor needs:

1. Michaels


This store is quite similar to Hobby Lobby in many respects, which is why it is at the top of our list of stores like Hobby Lobby. Michael’s supplies everything you need to complete an art project or redecorate your bedroom. Their rates are normally pretty reasonable, and you can always locate discount codes online to save even more money. You may also discover fantastic discounts in their dollar bins and seasonal décor collections at low costs!

2. JoAnn


JoAnn is the next store on our list of stores like Hobby Lobby. This store’s inventory includes not just crafts but also baking supplies, textiles, home décor, and much more. On their site, however, they provide online lessons as well as unique, innovative ideas. If you prefer to purchase online, they also ship to the United States and Canada.

3. Ross Stores

Ross Stores

Ross is yet another massive arts and crafts retail store. They sell yarn, artist materials, flower supplies, jewelry-making supplies, bakeware, scrapbooking products, and random $1 packs of blank notecards, among other things. They operate across the country and even have several stores in Canada. Ross also provides online shopping and deals that you should take advantage of.

4. Texas Art Supply

Texas Art Supply

Texas Art Supply is the best place to go for unique fine art supplies and craft products. Their goods are always new, never stale or dusty. They also have goods that you would normally reserve for a trip to Lowe’s, such as lighting and chandeliers, and are the perfect location to buy things like candy buffets, which I wouldn’t even know where to look for anywhere else!

5. CreateForLess


Create for Less has a similar aesthetic to Hobby Lobby. There are many seasonal products, holiday décor, housewares, and wedding materials available. CreateForLess is an excellent option for people wishing to purchase goods in bulk. This internet store is for teachers, designers, and professionals. Create for Less is an online store that sells a broad variety of arts and crafts items at low prices.

6. Plaid Online

Plaid Online

This is another wonderful hobby lobby-like store where you can discover DIY art and craft materials, creative items, education, and inspiration. Fabric, yarn, and beads, as well as sewing, jewelry-making, and baking items, are available. You can buy online, and they constantly offer coupons you can use on your phone or print to save money. I can also state with complete certainty that they throw fantastic children’s birthday parties.

7. Artist Craftsman

Artist Craftsman

This is another craft store that sells a wide range of arts and crafts items, much like Hobby Lobby. This corporation, on the other hand, operates online and has physical stores around the United States. Artists & Craftsman Supply is one of the few firms that ships its items worldwide, making it a popular choice among foreign buyers. Plus, it has a discount right in the name, so the rates are unbeatable!

8. FactoryDirectCraft


FDC is a thriving family-owned business that provides a wide range of products, including home décor, holiday and festival decorations, and wedding supplies. They are regarded as one of the world’s greatest makers of creative materials, particularly those that may be utilized in innovative DIY projects. Though FactoryDirectCraft does not have its own stores, it does have a large online store with a huge selection of creative things, as well as making its products available through many retail stores around the United States.

9. Blick


Blick Art Materials is a family-owned and operated retail and catalog art supplies company. Blick’s goods include painting, art paper, art boards, illustration, and drawing equipment, in addition to crafts. FDC was founded in 1911 and has since grown into a thriving corporation that distributes various delicious items almost all over the world. Yes, that’s correct! For additional information, see their website.

10. TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx

With stores around the country and an online store offering a huge selection of stylish clothing, home décor, and creative materials, TJ Maxx is one of the most popular Hobby Lobby alternatives. They provide a considerable number of discounts and attractive online offers, in addition to a vast choice of things to meet your creative demands. Don’t forget to visit their fantastic blog!

Other Stores Like Hobby Lobby

  • Marshalls
  • Kohl’s
  • Pier 1
  • Big Lots
  • Shein
  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Burlington Coat Factory

How We Selected the Best Stores, Such as Hobby Lobby

Before we show you the top Hobby Lobby alternatives, we’ll explain how we chose each one. First, we’ll look at pricing. Then we’ll talk about style, quality, selection, ease of use, diversity, and inclusion.


Hobby Lobby features price points that are practical and inexpensive for artists at all stages of their careers. They provide cheap rates for arts, crafts, and home décor materials, as well as a clearance area where you may browse in-store for your favorite things at low and discounted costs.


A family founded Hobby Lobby, which has a very homey design that embraces and encourages warmth, comfort, and joy. Based on your unique style and way of life, you may select goods that meet your demands. You may also discover a wide range of things that cater to practically every part of your life.


When you have over 900 stores across the United States, you realize that quality must be not only maintained but also updated to guarantee that your consumers are receiving the most bang for their dollars. Hobby Lobby manufactures the majority of its products to ensure that all things on their shelves meet high quality standards.


Hobby Lobby stores feature a wide variety of merchandise. To put things into perspective, each store has about 70,000 goods in the following categories: home décor, seasonal decor, dinnerware, floral, art materials, craft supplies, yarn, fabric, jewelry making, and products for various hobbies.


When a store is open for online shopping, the brand must consider ease to ensure consumer pleasure. Hobby Lobby ensures that your purchases arrive on time by delivering shipping across the United States within 1–7 business days. This period may be extended if your purchase is greater than normal, and shipping charges will, of course, be charged to the subtotal of your order (and may vary depending on the overall amount).

Inclusion and Diversity

With over 43,000 workers in 47 states, it’s critical that a company as large as Hobby Lobby values and respects diversity and inclusiveness. According to their ‘About Us’ website, Hobby Lobby operates on important Biblical principles to provide a healthy atmosphere for its workers and consumers to grow and prosper in.


Which Hobby Lobby Stores Are the Most Affordable?

Some stores provide pricing that is either comparable to Hobby Lobby or even less expensive than other Hobby Lobby like stores. Pop Shop America, Burlington, Factory Direct Craft, Big Lots, and Create for Less are some of the most economical stores when compared to Hobby Lobby. These stores offer the most competitive prices, allowing artists and crafters to get their hands on the products they want quickly and at a lower cost.

Which Hobby Lobby Stores Have the Best Quality?

Of course, with so many Hobby Lobby-like businesses to select from, we must also examine which ones provide the finest quality. Michael’s, Blick Art Materials, Factory Direct Craft, Create for Less, and A.C. Moore have the highest quality items, which is likely due to their genuine commitment to assisting every crafter on their path to success. Whether they are family-owned and managed or wholesale sellers, these companies make certain that every artist is supported and recognized.


Hobby Lobby has carved out a particular place in the hearts of artists, crafters, and interior designers. They ensure that the area of creation is never short of resources and that creatives are never short of inspiration.

With all of these wonderful characteristics, it’s no surprise that customers like you and me would seek out additional stores like Hobby Lobby that demonstrate the same degree of excitement and appreciation for arts and crafts. You may broaden your shopping experience with the list of comparable stores above, which we believe is quite fascinating!

And you may discover a plethora of arts, crafts, design, and décor products that will both inspire and drive you to produce the highest quality work possible. So, what are you holding out for? Let’s go shopping with less fuss, less stress, and more creative options!

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