How to implement AI and machine learning in an existing app

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are essential, and one of the most beneficial modern-day app development components. In the coming years, we will see a big change in the app development market. The dependency on AI and ML will be more influential for every mobile application.

Are you facing issues of less user retention or engagement? It is time to equip the app with AI and ML technologies. To stay a step ahead in this competitive era, you should focus on enhancing the functionality of your existing app.

Why should you implement AI and ML in your app?

  • AI-ML improves user experience.
  • AL and ML improve the app’s capabilities.
  • Startups having AI and ML armed apps are getting funds easily.
  • Utilizing AI and ML in marketing and sales assists in improving the ROI of the businesses.

According to the 2019 CIO Survey by Gartner, the number of companies using AI technologies in few ways has increased by 270% in the past four years and by 37% in the last year alone.

The key idea of implementing AI and ML in business operations is to improve operations, make profits, retain existing and gain new users. It is not a big deal if we say; to make typical tasks easier, we can use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the app.

Know the required ways to implement and leverage the power of AI and ML in your existing app to make the app more intelligent, sound, and efficient.

Know the key areas

There are different ways where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be implemented into your mobile app. The first way you should follow is knowing the key areas and the issues that you have to resolve.

The key areas and issues are data-based insights, customer service, security systems, and recommendation systems that need enhancements. Make a discussion with your stakeholders to know the places where the improvements are required.

For example, answering customers’ queries instantly is the essential need of today’s businesses; therefore, chatbots are here to assist you. Make proper investment plans, do discussions with your teams and apply a better approach to make things done properly.

With the help of online experts such as EDX and Udacity, you can create your own AI. Also, if you don’t know how to use such online experts, you can contact AI and ML firms offering the required services and support.


AI is one of the best ways today to deal with complex data, like identifying user behavior. Thanks to the algorithms, we already have lots of apps like Amazon and Netflix, offering AI recommending products or services.

Developing products relied on user experience in mind is a priority for today’s businesses. Eye-catching designs are not enough to bring revenue and sales to businesses unless your users are happy; here, AI can help you out.

Learning users’ (age, gender, location etc.) often helps businesses predict them better and make their search easier. On the other hand, it assists businesses to target their market easily. Knowing user’s preference empower you with ease of doing business and stay long in the market.

It is suggested to personalize or customize the app’s elements that make the users feel that the app is intended to meet their needs. Apps, where the user needs to go through many steps, can complete their tasks easily with AI; it reduces the stress and load on the user. This approach provides more benefits for online shopping sites and entertainment apps.

Prepare your data

It is vital to know the source of data. All your decisions of implementing AI and ML in the existing app depend on data quality and reliability. You must be sure about the sources from where you are collecting the data. It should be original and authentic.

Make proper arrangements and collect data from reliable sources to get the best results. Never use fake and duplicate data; it may ruin your development plans. You must make proper preparations to analyze and structure the data to succeed in the competitive market.

Discuss the metrics and set your goals

What are the goals of your AI and ML implementation? Your goal may vary. If you want to implement AI and ML to deliver data insights or suggest to customers about the specific products, your objective should be clear and precise. Go as per planned metrics, collect data sets and follow the required approaches as per your goals.

Hire the experts

It is one of the vital steps of implementing AI and ML in your existing app. To deal carefully with the implementation plan, it is vital to deploy the experts. Discuss your plans with data scientists to assure proper data management and implementation. You can either train your team or hire experts to analyze, build and implement the best product according to your needs.


All new and existing apps need to use modern-data technologies to provide advanced services and enhanced customer experience. Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in your existing app needs proper planning and implementation strategies.

It is suggested to hire qualified sources to assure the success of the task. An app armed with AI and ML technologies will help you increase your revenue a lot of time and improve the customer experience.

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