Simple Instagram Tips: Get More Followers Easily 

Instagram is a flourishing social media platform that has a vast number of users globally. People mostly share their work and photos on Instagram. You can also download user instagram photos mac or your phone saves from this social media platform and store the pictures on your device.

There have been several Instagram users who have become popular through their business or photos on Instagram and have got the status of a social influencer in social media.

Do you want to get famous on Instagram too? Be it for business purposes or the mere posting of photos; you can acquire many followers and become Instagram-famous if you follow some straightforward steps. Here are some of the easiest ways to improve your Instagram marketing options.

How to Use the Stories in Instagram for Your Benefit?

If you are willing to generate leads, you can use the help of Instagram Stories. The Stories on Instagram are different from posting photos on it because the stories come as slides, unlike your photos.

The Stories are visible for only 24 hours, but they can be saved on any device and can be reused later. Instead of appearing directly on the newsfeed, the Instagram Stories appear above the newsfeed, in a small area.

If a user or your follower clicks on your photo on the top of their newsfeed, a window shall open, and all your stories are visible in that window. Instagram also allows you to choose between a lot of options for your stories, like videos, photos, rewind videos, boomerangs, etc. The more people visualize your stories, the more your profile’s reach gets and hence your popularity.

How Do Hashtags Help in the Betterment of Your Instagram Marketing?


If you want to set up an instant engagement of people on your posts or photos, interactive hashtags are a good way to have it done. It also helps you to search your images while reposting. Besides, providing a hashtag can help more people see your stories and posts, be it for marketing purposes or your photos.

Hashtags also help in making your profile more popular. So you need to put a lot of hashtags on each of your posts or photos to gather a lot of audiences. More hashtags attract more people, and thus it increases the popularity of your profile. This is how hashtags help with popularising your profile.

How Does Over Posting Create a Problem for Your Instagram Profile?

Over-posting on your Instagram profile can cause a problem with your profile reach and your popularity. If all people see are your posts on their newsfeed, they are surely going to remove you from their timeline as soon as possible.

Hence, you need to post on a regular yet properly timed basis to be on your followers’ newsfeed and not bore them out.

One of the best ways to improve your popularity using posting is by selecting the peak times and posting during those hours, like when most of your followers are online. These are the simple ways how posting can affect your Instagram marketing.

How to Keep Your Instagram Bio Fresh to Attract More People?


It might be easy to forget what your profile bio is once you’ve written it, but that would surely be a mistake. This is because your bio is the first thing a person sees in your profile. Thus, an Instagram bio page has to focus on providing clear data about who you are or what your profile is about.

You can tell the visitors of your profile about what you do, who you are, what you share, etc., on your bio. Using keywords in your bio helps in popularising your profile, but you need to attach the keywords naturally to your bio.

You can also add links to your bio regarding what you’re working on or what you do. This is how your Instagram bio plays an important part in your Insta popularity and marketing.

How to Use the Free Instagram Tools for Having a Better Instagram Popularity?

Using insights, you can visualize several statistics like engagement data, impressions, etc. You can also get a breakdown of the demographic view of your followers, including information such as their gender, age, location, and hours they are most active for.

The insights are not fixed either; they can be used as per your requirement. These are some of the main free tools of Instagram that you can easily use for the betterment of your profile and, thus, have a more popular Insta account.

Final Words

Insta has dominated all over social media for years. Millions of people use this platform for their needs. If your goal is to attract as many followers to your account as possible, the tips in this article ought to do you some good.

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