Twitter Trends to Follow for Social Media Marketing in 2021

After facing huge disappointment in the previous year, in 2021, the businesses are willing to stick to effective social media marketing strategies. Over the years, there’s a consistent rise in social media users, especially due to the lockdowns imposed due to the pandemic.

Consequently, social media is renowned for phenomenal marketing. If your brand is willing to use social media marketing strategies in the best possible manner, you should be well-informed of the online trends and happenings.

More importantly, you should be able to forecast important social media marketing trends shortly. After a critical examination of Twitter trends in former years, especially the era of covid-19 (2020), we have brought to you the twitter social media marketing trends that’ll certainly cut it.

Without further ado, let’s take a look into some of the Twitter trends you must follow for boosting your social media marketing techniques in 2021.

Twitter- Some Pertinent Facts

Twitter is a proven tool that helps push social ideologies and promote consciousness on different matters. For example, the protests related to Black Lives Matter in the USA were disseminated via Twitter. Similarly, Twitter witnessed the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter from May 28 to June 7 for 47.8 million times.

Such social awareness programs can help brands come forward and support this cause via financing and other ways. Companies and brands can speak up on these matters while supporting their protestors. Keep reading on to know more about the Twitter social media marketing strategies in 2021.

1. The use of funny memes

No one prefers reading a wordy or lengthy sentence on Twitter; this is where the role of memes creeps in. Memes are considered the funniest and precise way of communication, especially on platforms like Twitter.

In most cases, users on Twitter prefer to respond to tweets with funny memes instead of complicated words as the memes are fun and easy to understand.

Memes are more amazing as people of any age group can understand their meaning and their application in a different situation. For example, top entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are renowned for tweeting hilarious memes on remarkable occasions.

Memes are considered cooler by mainly older people since an influential entrepreneur like Elon Musk likes using them to disseminate vital points across them.

Josh Gad, ranked as a famous person on social media platforms is renowned for disseminating memes on Twitter. Thus, you can infuse memes within your social media marketing strategies to attract more users to your services and products as they’re relatable and quite humorous.

As memes are fun to create, the social media managers of different brands can have a swell time while posting and creating memes on Twitter.

2. Fleet and stories updates

Twitter’s features haven’t undergone major changes since its invention compared to Instagram, Facebook, and other similar platforms. Its features and interface have more or less been the same, always.

Nevertheless, in 2020, this platform infused the feature of stories like fleets. Similar to stories, a fleet is removed automatically after 24 hours after being uploaded. You can share tweets related to your brands as fleets as more followers can view them.

Other than retweets, fleets are a creative tool to increase a tweet’s traction. Twitter can be seen as a tool to encourage online businesses to expand their brands with the help of social media influence.

3. Audio tweets

Audio tweets emerged in 2020. It’s more likely that in 2021, the implementation of audio features will expand. Podcasts owners and voice artists are taking advantage of audio tweets already. Posting audio tweets is as easy as text tweets. A wavelength option on the Twitter platform allows posting these tweets. It is an amazing feature included by the dedicated developers of Twitter.

4. Infographics

The uses of infographics on Twitter are becoming widespread due to the popularization of social media marketing. They can be used as a fun method to learn information and pass them across to people.

You can infuse infographics in tweets that involve long threads. However, the inclusion of text inside infographics can seem like a herculean task. Veteran writers on the platform and other services assert that infographics can contribute to a great extent towards research.

More online businesses or brands will be willing to infuse infographics within their marketing strategies in the coming weeks.

5. Blog posts

Twitter houses an in-house browser that will allow you to access sites and links without even leaving the site.

Therefore, sharing and reading articles, think pieces, and blog posts from other websites are highly encouraged. It is expected,, it’s said that Twitter’s in-house browser feature can increase the number of times blog posts are read and shared.

Most blog creators and writers reckon that blog posts are a prominent part of content and social media marketing.

6. Tackling of misinformation

Due to the rise of new virtual platforms across the globe, there’s widespread misinformation. Social media platforms can allow users to share all kinds of information they consider suitable online.

Since the pandemic, several tools have been brought into practice across several social media platforms to avoid the spread of misinformation. Twitter hasn’t been left out.

Twitter uses many measures to alleviate the spread of disinformation, like eradicating tweets that consist of false information. Besides, Twitter can suspend fake accounts.

Hence, in the coming months, Twitter can take strict measures to battle the issue of disinformation on a wider scale.

Thus, no matter how little amount of information you’re willing to share about your brand, you must verify this information thoroughly before passing it on.

The spread of misinformation or exaggerated information related to your brand can affect someone’s life somewhere. Thus, to prevent your account from being suspended or avoid losing your account, you should do thorough research.

If you’re representing a specific brand, it’s expedient for you to be very professional and articulate in your information-sharing techniques.

7. Covid-19

The trending hashtags #StayHome and #covid19 are the 1st and 3rd most used hashtags in 2020. This pandemic has lasted for a year, yet it hasn’t come to an end.

Due to the advent of a vaccine, substantial progress has been noticed in flattening the curve in several cities and countries.

There are still numerous cities where this pandemic is on range due to the emergence of a second wave. Thus, it’s predicted that users will discuss covid-19 in 2021. Further what’s better than discussing an outbreak that compels you to stay holed up at home on the best interactive platform across the world.

Coronavirus-related content is being distributed across Twitter with the help of 4Cs like contactless, community, compassion, and cleanliness.

8. TikTok challenges

TikTok challenges are becoming a popular trend on Twitter. Since the initial days of 2021, Twitter users have come across the #silhouette and #BussItChallenge trends.

In the covid-19 era of 2020, Twitter users were up for many challenges on TikTok during the lockdown. These challenges were spread widely on Twitter like  “flip the switch” and “level-up challenge”.

As it appears obvious, the trend of TikTok challenges will expand further as 2021 will unfold. Generally, it’s projected that user-generated content is more likely to become popular in 2021.

9. Twitter and Its Discovery Mindset

In 2015, a deal was finalized between Google and Twitter, where Google was allowed to collect data from Twitter’s site. It implies that users can obtain live feed reports instead of only profile information by implementing Google’s search engine.

Nowadays, Twitter can endorse data to Bing and Yahoo! for ramping up Google’s search results around tweets. It can translate as opportunities for improving SEO and rankings.

Consequently, alongside other features, this feature has ranked Twitter as the foremost platform for information and brand discovery. So, how can you use Twitter to drive discoveries of your brand or show up on search results? Here are some of the 2021 Twitter trends you should follow:

  • Tweet regularly
  • Tweet continuously
  • Stay interactive across other Twitter accounts
  • Establish your followers base
  • You should tweet engaging and amusing multimedia content
  • Enhance your engagement
  • It would be best to focus on tweeting things that can earn more retweets, replies, and likes.
  • It would be best if you used renowned and trending hashtags
  • Tweet something humorous
  • Use more emojis

10. Nostalgic marketing

The popularity of nostalgic marketing has gone up a notch due to the Covid-19 pandemic. People prefer reflecting on times when they weren’t locked inside due to the pandemic and feel intensely nostalgic.

Thus, you can develop more nostalgic content on Twitter as part of your social media marketing strategy.

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