Top 5 Best iTunes Alternative Apps For iPhone Users

You can use the best iTunes alternative apps Apple eventually agreed to end its existence after decades of dragging i Tunes. The new macOS Catalina update breaks iTunes into three different iTunes download alternative apps, each tailored for one particular use. The three apps are Apple Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV.

These three iTunes download alternative apps now handle all of iTunes’ previous media management. With respect to iPhone management, this feature of i Tunes is now incorporated into the Finder. The bottom line is that iTunes is dead, and you’re right if you opt for iTunes alternatives.

Top 5 best iTunes Alternative Apps

Apple hasn’t explained its position on Windows on iTunes, but we are sure it will soon be destroyed. We’ve added platform compatibility to all the apps in the list below, so you can also select iTunes alternatives for Windows PC. You need to be a bit more selective if you want to replace a multi-tasking app like iTunes. So why not place it all in the right perspective?

Well, what I’m trying to emphasise here is that it’s never been so important to have a full iTunes download alternative, no matter whether you’re on macOS Catalina, Mojave, or Windows. Note, the iTunes like app can be right for you. Look closely at your requirements, such as film/show management, music management, or management of iPhones and iPads, and then go for the instrument that suits your needs.

Let’s begin from that, are we going to?

1. BeeMusic

itune alternative

If you don’t want to handle files and want a player to help you in handling and listening to your music, MusicBee is one of the best apps out there. MusicBee makes it simple on your machine to manage, search and play music files. You can synchronize your music between your Windows PC and iOS devices easily. Not only that, but MusicBee also uses podcasts, web-based radio stations and also incorporates SoundCloud. It is fun to listen to music on MusicBee, since it not only provides an easy and intuitive user interface, but also offers several features that boost your listening experience.

I particularly like its 15-band equalizer that allows me to change the configuration to my test. Other features of this programmer include logarithmic volume scaling, gapless playback, WinAmp plug-ins support, theme support, and more.


  • Equalizer 15-band
  • Web radios.
  • Incorporation with SoundCloud
  • Scaling of logarithmic volume


  • The gui appears soft
  • Platforms supported: Windows

2. WinX MediaTrans

itune alternative

If you are a Windows user who is looking for a true iTunes solution to easily transfer music, images, videos or other files between your computer, iPhones or iPads, this is your app. The software provides automatic photo backup, two-way music management, video transfers, book organizers, ringtone makers and more.

It lets me encrypt my picture and video collection, one of my favorite features of this app. The software is also really easy to use and has nothing to do with it. Only install, attach and you’re

good to go. Moreover, the app does not even require iTunes to be installed and run separately on your device. If you want to handle media and files between your PC and iPhone, this is the software to use, as it has all the necessary features to be regarded as a great Windows iTunes alternative. This tool is also made by the same company for macOS operating systems. It is named and can be downloaded from here. MacX Media Trans.


  • Quick file transfer from device to iPhone/iPad
  • Encrypt my library of picture and video
  • Refined user interface.


  • The organization of music could be improved
  • Platforms supported: Windows

3. Vox Media Player

itune alternative

If you are a Mac user and are looking to replace a basic but usable music player, check out the Vox Media Player for iTunes. The support for various audio formats is one of the best things about this app. Not only does the App support the popular MP3 and MP4 media format, but it supports other formats including FLAC, CUE, APE and M4A.

I really like Vox supporting Tunes as well as the personal music library. Not only that, the app supports streaming music on more than 30,000 Internet radio stations, including SoundCloud, YouTube and more. The app also features gapless playback, improved stereo sound, bass audio engine, cloud storage solution for all your music, etc.


  • Support multiple file formats
  • supports Tunes and the library for personal music
  • More than 30,000 internet radio stations.
  • Listening supports music via SoundCloud, YouTube.


  • It seems a little late to export playlists
  • Pricing based on subscription

4. Dr.fone

itune alternative

I do not only use iTunes for playback, but also use it for other more complicated processes including backup, permanent deletion of iPhone files, etc. Dr.fone is the solution you need. The app provides many functionality, including making backups, restoring your iPhone, retrieving lost data from your iPhone, transferring files, messages and contacts between your device and iPhone, erasing security data, etc.

One of my most common features is the ability to run repair scripts. The software quickly fixes daily bugs and Ios issues like “stop booting,” “recovery mode looping” and more. Although this data recovery app costs a fair deal, it is definitely useful for users who want to test their iPhones.


  • Easy backup of your iPhone
  • Restoration of your computer
  • Restore data deleted
  • Willingness to run scripts for repair


  • Misses better tools for file management

5. PodTrans Pro

itune alternative

We’re going to finish this list with a piece of software that allows you to quickly move music from your desktop to iPod. The app is simple and user friendly, enabling users to only transfer music with a few clicks.

If you’ve got new iTunes with a stunning retina screen, you’ll be glad to know that it’s also supportive in the management of other media files like videos, TV shows, movies, iTunes U and more… The app is a tiny and smart app that’s especially useful for iPod owners.


  • Snapshot and lightweight interface
  • It’s a breeze to move music between machine and iPod.
  • Operates autonomously
  • Can also handle other types of files, such as videos and TV shows


  • Lacks effective video and TV show management software


That concludes our list of the best iTunes Alternative apps for managing your iPhone and iPad for music and media. I tried to include applications that can perform all the acts you are already doing with iTunes.
If you’re only searching for something to play music or something that can replace iTunes, here’s an app. Check out the list and let us know about your favorite alternative apps.

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