Top 10 KissCartoon Alternatives Working Proxy & Mirror Sites

KissCartoon app is a favorite online cartoon streaming website where you can watch all the famous cartoons for open in high quality. The KissCartoon reddit presents daily episodes of popular comics and Anime like Rick and Morty, Avatar, and Steven Universe. Additionally, the KissCartoon reddit also has a massive number of all the terminated or closed seasons/series of cartoons and Anime. You can also find kimcartoon app or cartoon movies here.

What is KissCartoon?

Many of the daily users of KissCartoon reddit obtain it pretty frustrating to regularly access the website through a web browser. Hence they search for the KissCartoon App, advancing access before Kiss Cartoon more comfortable and accessible.

But let me tell yourself that there is no actual KissCartoon App, and if you are using one, then most probably it is fake, including it could signify a danger to your privacy (per our message above. There are so many fake KissCartoon Apps available on the web. But none of the apps has been highlighted on the original website from kimcartoon.

What Happened To KissCartoon?

Kisscartoon was shut down, considerably to the delightful surprise of its users. In 2017, the website was unexpectedly taken down. The site was taken down due to copyright violations. It was apprehended by the DMCA. It was known to have excellent audio and video quality, but it was eventually shelved, much to the sorrow of fans.

How to watch KissCartoon via VPN?

f you are trying to visit KissCartoon, it is likely that it is restricted in your area. ISPs are likely to block such websites. Their motivations may differ. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get to it. You may gain immediate access by downloading a reputable VPN. You will be able to view Kisscartoon if you use a reliable VPN. You will also be able to stream material smoothly.

Before using a VPN program, one should consider if it is worthwhile to use or not. In such instances, certain third-party service providers may utilize these applications to negotiate your interests. NordVPN, for example, is a VPN (virtual private network) provider. It has the ability to conceal your internet behavior.

KissCartoon: Features

The following are the features of the KissCartoon:

  • It features library of anime and cartoon series.
  • Excellent content.
  • Interactive online interface for quick and efficient performance.
  • To save time, the Quick Search Bar is accessible.
  • It is quite secure and safe.

You are Taking your Online Safety and Privacy

But before we go further, learn that despite the convenience of free-running sites, they come with a description of risks to your safety and privacy. Evil individuals produced many streaming sites out there to capture your data and financial knowledge. The most straightforward way to check this is through a VPN. VPN software will prevent cyberattacks, also tracking by hiding your location and browser activity.

Streaming sites are often full of adds and pop-ups. It would be best if you tried your greatest to avoid clicking on them. Without many are hard to get out of and overlaid, amongst others. Thee manage the risk of clicking on a stream that is a malicious link that can harm your computer, including a virus or other malware. Even if you can get out of them, pop-ups and ads on those sites waste your time.

A VPN is the usual reliable way to protect yourself from the numerous cybersecurity threats you may encounter on free streaming sites. Shoring up your online cybersecurity will stop anyone from forcing you and help you enjoy more active streaming. (Internet assistance providers won’t be able to throttle your activity. We’ve examined dozens of VPNs for online streaming and use NordVPN. For a fuller list of VPN software choices, we have a section to this article’s bottom. But externally additional ado, let’s get inside running options.

KissCartoon Working Proxy and Mirror Sites

As you are already aware, the official KissCartoon reddit is not working anymore. If you are not familiar with the proxy or mirror sites, similar clones work similarly to the standard website. But when it comes to the Kiss Cartoon, several mirror sites work almost equal to the innovative website. Below is our list of KissCartoon and mirror sites:

URL Status Speed sslSSL on Online Very Fast ssl on On on Online Very Fast ssl on On on Online Very Fast ssl Off on Online Very Fast ssl Off on Online Very Fast ssl Off

Top 10 List Of KissCartoon Alternatives

The alternatives to KissCartoon mentioned here are reliable, easy to deal, and a large library of Cartoon plays for kids and people of all age groups. So without any additional ado, let’s dive deeper into the article to figure out websites similar kisscartoon app.

  1. Kissanime



Kissanime is one of the best KissCartoon alternatives. During visiting the Kissanime, you will realize yourself that why is that called an alternative to KissCartoon. The design of both the website is almost like to any other except the organization combination. And most importantly, both the platforms move viral among the users.

However, there is a critical interval within Kissanime, including Kiss Cartoon. Unlike KissCarton. KissAnime doesn’t give all type of Cartoon series. Instead, that concentrates on Anime shows. KissAnime is a prominent cause of watching every set of anime cartoons online free in HD.

It is a number one platform during Representations and Anime lovers and a proper KissCartoon replacement. Both the symbols supply you the same feel, and you will become for Kissanime as shortly as you hit it.

  1. Crunchyroll



Crunchyroll is the following name under the top KissCartoon alternatives list which you must examine. Whenever I appear bored, I think of visiting Crunchyroll. And I’m moderately confident you will also love it exploring. Of Anime, manga, emotion, music, electronic entertainment to similar Cartoon series, Crunchyroll provides it with all. And that’s the reason which causes Crunchyroll to stand out from that crowd.

Like KissAnime, Crunchyroll further focuses on Japanese Anime and Asian content. So if you live within Japan, including Asian countries, you must visit Crunchyroll. Some new critical offerings of Crunchyroll includes a massive database about over 25,000+ Anime episodes. And you can use additionally 15,000 hours non-stop on Crunchyroll for above regarding your selected Anime cartoons.

  1. 9Anime



For Anime lovers, 9Anime is a yet different destination they can’t afford missing. The Anime series provided exciting 9Anime are incredibly high-quality. And this Interface of the website is so intuitive that it doesn’t take longer than a minute to come beyond your preferred shows.

There is a high range of genres to keep from. The shows are very well-categorized based approximately genres, last refreshed, newest, ongoing, and so forth. Moreover, there is also a specific search option at the website for Searching anime shows ordered alphabetically from A through Z.

Indeed, If you have 9Anime along, you don’t require any other KissCartoon alternative through all, particularly when it comes to Anime specific shows. Nevertheless, if you still want to recognize regarding more websites similar before Kiss Cartoon, study onward.

  1. Disney Junior


kim cartoon

Disney Junior is a modern website for kids, and my program can’t be complete outdoors this name. If you don’t understand, Disney Junior is a famous American digital Network and a Kids course. If you want to mesh your kids with some fantastic kids-oriented Cartoon shows, make them explore Disney Junior. People will enjoy it to the core, and you also don’t need to trouble about these shows’ quality. The Interface of Disney Junior is seamless.

  1. Cartoons On


kim cartoon

in the above KissCartoon alternatives have failed to impress you, then I would recommend you give Cartoons. On a try, trust me it worth it. Cartoons On offers everything which one container expect the best Cartoon website to have.

Cartoons On never leaves to prove itself the most significant Cartoon Platforms by any means, fast working to appealing and user-friendly Interface, a massive library of high-quality contents. Whether you are looking for a new Cartoon series or an old evergreen show, Cartoons On is there to help you with that too.

Apart from a large family of Cartoon shows including series, there is one feature that gives Cartoons On view from the crowd: its separate category for Famous personalities. None of the other choices to KissCartoon seems that. If you wish any of the list’s names, you will be presented with an extensive collection of cartoon shows based on that special character.

  1. Watch Cartoon Online


kim cartoon

Haven’t yet obtained your wanted Cartoon streaming platform?? Why don’t you give Watch Cartoon Online each try? Trust me, you will nevermore regret your decision. Watch Cartoon Online is a comprehensive destination for all Cartoon supporters who want to watch Cartoons and popular Anime shows.

The WCO features a wide variety of Cartoon Categories, which is higher than most other Alternatives to KissCartoon. From Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction, Action, and Drama to Cartoons of almost every other Division are there on the Watch Cartoons Online. Besides that, the Programs offered on every website remain in HD quality.

The Interface of the website is pure and natural. The Homepage of WCO features freshly published episodes on the left pan to browse through. In a nutshell, WCO remains one of these most immeasurable Free platforms to watch all thing Images, and it indeed merits a stay.

  1. Masterani. me


kim cartoon

Masterani. me is yet different platform for Anime including Cartoon Lovers. Masterani is the ultimate destination during all type about Anime shows. And you requirement give it a try if you appreciate watching Anime shows.

Do you know what the major highlight of here platform is? It’s nothing but the seamless Interface. The homepage, like the website, features recently uploaded Animes. There also remains a category of famous Today including Being Watch. You can further browse across those classes to come over the most delightful series to watch. Else, there is a search opportunity to dig out your beloved shows from the massive library of Masterani.

Apart from viewing the earlier uploaded content toward Masterani, you can also view all the upcoming films’ schedule to catch up with the new episodes of your favourite Anime. In short, it’s a great platform which you can go for.

  1. Cartoon Network


kim cartoon

It would be unfair to not mention Cartoon Network as the whole of the KissCartoon options. We all have grown up listening to Cartoon Network movies. And I but learn the famous Tom and Jerry series which used to stand telecasted on Cartoon Network.

So if you want to remember your youth days or want your children to watch popular Cartoon Network names for free, Cartoon Networks is your answer.

It features all the fantastic Cartoon Network shows along with songs, funny moments, trailers and cool mashups of famous characters of Cartoon Network shows, including a lot more is there on CN. And the best part is, CN provides all that concerning free. So enjoy Cartooning including Cartoon Network.

  1. Nickelodeon


kim cartoon

Nickelodeon isn’t just a simple website similar to Kiss Cartoon, which can be considered. Nickelodeon is a famous American basic cable and satellite television network which commenced in 1977. But with the evolution from time, including technology, they enhanced there service to provide it toward the Internet.

Millions of users leverage this service while watching there favourite Cartoon shows like SpongeBob Squarepants, Sam & Cat, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles etc. Furthermore, Nickelodeon offers other benefits like games, clips, playlists & pictures from shows and more.

Besides that, Nickelodeon also appears with an easy interface. To watch your favourite show on Nickelodeon, you don’t need to sign up on the website, nor you need to compensate for anything. All you need to require is to peruse through the website, search for your desired shows and start enjoying. It’s that simple.

  1. YouTube


kim cartoon

Not to mention YouTube as any of the KissCartoon options would be unreasonable.
We all grew up listening to films from the Youtube. And I just learn about the popular Youtube Tom and Jerry series. It contains all the wonderful shows of YouTube along with songs, funny moments, trailers and cool mashups by popular YouTube characters, and many more on YouTube.

How to Download Videos From Kisscartoon?

There are three ways to download videos from Kiss Cartoon, and they are as follows:

Method 1: Making Use of a Screen Recorder

You may record the kiss cartoon in the following ways using this method:

  • To begin, launch KimCartoon.
  • Play any cartoon now.
  • Install or launch any screen recorder software that you already have.
  • Go to its options, change the recording area to suit the playback window, and verify whether or not audio is playing.
  • Now, press the REC button to begin recording.
  • After you’ve finished recording the cartoon, click the “Stop Recording” button.
  • Now save the recording for later use.

Method 2: Online Cartoon Download

The cartoon may be downloaded using third-party apps; simply follow the methods outlined below:

  • Launch your browser.
  • Open KissCartoon by typing the official’s URL into the search field.
  • Start watching your favorite show.
  • Copy the URL to it.
  • Navigate to third-party websites using the same browser.
  • Enter the copied URL in the field.
  • Tap the “Enter” button.
  • You may choose the video quality to download.
  • Then, click on the “Download” icon.

Method 3: Using a Downloader to Download

KissCartoon videos may be downloaded using the video downloader. To do so, simply follow the procedures below:

  • To begin, launch KissCartoon.
  • Begin by watching a cartoon.
  • Take the link from your browser.
  • Now launch the Video Downloader app.
  • Open it up.
  • Insert the link into the appropriate field.
  • Choose the video quality to download.
  • Select the “Download” button.
  • After downloading it, choose the finished symbol.


For cartoon lovers, just individual platform can’t be adequate to watch their favorite cartoons. And they often are in exploration of Kiss Cartoon alternatives. Afterall, Kiss Cartoon isn’t this only option we have for watching Cartoons. If Kiss Cartoon is down, or when you mean done with the Kiss Cartoon contents, these KissCartoon alternatives utilize out to obtain the most significant help. Websites similar Kissanime, Disney Junior, Crunchyroll etc. are the biggest competitors to Kiss Cartoon and can be its replacement for sure.


Is Kisscartoon legal?

No, KissCartoon doesn’t count as a legal website. Because the information on their site is pirated, they have no right to spread it.

Why Should You Use KissCartoon?

Some of the reasons why you might want to use KissCartoon are as follows:

  • Excellent streaming quality.
  • Excellent UI design for easy navigation.
  • It is safe to use.
  • Provide anime and cartoon stuff.
  • Effective search functions
  • Content that can be downloaded.
  • It’s free entertainment.

What is the best proxy for Kisscartoon anime streaming?

To obtain the greatest anime streaming on Kisscartoon without any problem, you may use any top VPN such as NordVPN, Express VPN, Norton Safe VPN, and so on.

Is Kisscartoon safe to use?

No, the Kisscartoon website can’t be considered safe as it has various advertisements with pop-ups and redirected URLs that implant malware into your devices.

What is the best Kisscartoon alternative?

Kisscartoon alternatives with good features are 4Anime and KissAnime. They are both safe to use and well-liked by the audience.

How Can I Get Free Cartoons?

Go to the following websites to watch cartoons for free:

  • WatchCartoonOnline
  • Toonjet
  • YouTube
  • Cartoon Network HQ
  • Boomerang.

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