20 Useful Facts about your Mac Device you Probably Didn’t Know

Apart from the stellar design, impeccable features, and the cool logo that mesmerizes millions across the world, your Mac device, whether a laptop or system, offers attractive specifications and modes. These make your experience a lot better and will never make you want to let go of the machine. The systems come equipped with various nifty features that make their purchase preferred.

Easy download feature

Use the App Store to download games, apps, and features to further customize and make the system come in use for what you’d like to use the most. As dependency on devices had increased multifold, the Apple Store offers multiple apps for tech-savvies on the Apple Store to cater to a variety of user needs.

The Stealth Mode

According to a gadget reviewer for a proofreading service, this feature is designed to custom notifications as per your use. Upon turning the mode on, you can pause notification sounds and go ahead with the important presentation you are discussing with your colleagues. The old notifications do not come in view or ping unless it is deactivated. You can now custom stop notifications when you are trying to concentrate on a project and do not need email notification distracting you.

Digital documents signing

A leading tech essay writing service mentions that your MAC device is capable of recording your handwritten signature and you can do so within a few moments. All you have got to do is place your signature on a blank piece of paper and hold up the view on the device’s camera. The preview application records and creates dots and lines while it is in the process. Once all dots are aligned, you save it, and voila, you have a digital signature ready for use whenever you need it.

Displaying the Apps That Are Draining Your Battery

The battery icon also represents the apps or features that may be consuming the most power. As you turn on the battery saver mode, it also displays all apps that are using significant energy. With this feature, you can easily track apps and turn off the ones that are not in use. This comes in handy in scenarios like working on the go, during an event, or when in a meeting.

Split view for multitasking 

The apple systems have a split view where you can use two apps or features at the same time. This saves a lot of time as there is no need to switch between apps or tabs while at work.

Get your MAC to read to you 

Alex, tech reviewer, who works for an admission essay writing service, says that just like Siri works, your apple laptop can also read text documents out to you. Simply highlight the part you wish to hear and select the edit button on the menu bar, click on ‘start speaking’ to enjoy the experience.

Save your activities from others

As simple as pressing the ‘Command’ and ‘H’ buttons on the keyboard, you can immediately hide the activities on the laptop from others. This is designed to ensure privacy and confidentiality. The system minimizes all tabs and documents in a jiffy to avoid intervention.

Parent control feature

The child lock feature helps you to manage your child’s activities without having to completely restrict them from using the device. Go to ‘System Preferences’ and then select the ‘Parental Control’ feature. You can custom design this for your kids and even block websites or gaming apps that you feel are not relevant for their age. Additionally, you can even select a time duration, after which the account shuts down automatically.

Mac Device

Quick calculations 

Apart from the calculator on the launch board, an even faster way to do some quick calculations is using the spotlight feature. Just start by typing ‘calculator’ on the spotlight search tab, and it’ll open in seconds.

Auto-fill payment information 

Cut away from the long process of filling in card details each time you make an online purchase. The Safari browser on the apple system comes with an autofill feature that saves your credit card details and inputs it automatically as you reach the payment page. This is completely in your control and you can choose to save, delete or retain card information for as long as you desire.

Fast money conversion

You don’t need Google if you have a MAC device and are looking for quick currency conversions. Go back to the Spotlight feature and type an amount with its symbol, and it’ll show up results in a matter of seconds.

Mac Device

Customize menu bar 

You can choose the way your device’s menu bar looks like. You could even remove the bar from display by pressing the command buttons and drag the icons that you want to place anywhere or pull it to the recycle bin icon and drop it there.

Customized shortcuts 

Go to system settings, select language and the region, move ahead to the keyboard and text settings. Finally, press the ‘+’ symbol to create a quick shortcut. The device is completely customizable, with shortcuts displaying right on the screen.

Emojis from keyboard

Emojis are present on your MAC device as well and you can make the best use of them by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button and then the ‘Emoji’ symbol on the menu bar. Use from the many emojis that appear on your screen. 

Keyboard shortcuts

You can also create your keyboard shortcuts on your Ultra smart MAC device. Tap on the system preferences tab, then go to shortcuts and press the “+” button. You can now create your preferred shortcuts as you type!

Schedule downloads

You can set the system to automatically download files or apps by simply allowing the automatic download feature to run in the background. You can choose to schedule as many files in this manner.

Great storage 

You are free to use external hard drives to backup or save data from the device. Apart from that, Apple also offers ‘iCloud syncing to optimize storage and make more usable space.

Set up email and calendar 

With a MAC device at hand, there is no need to rely on third-party apps and features to set schedules. Use the in-built version for the same as they work seamlessly and do not stop responding, a possibility that frequently occurs with the third-party apps.

Easy printing 

You can save multiple printers on your device and opt for quick and efficient printing. Many devices take a long time to connect to printers and a considerable time to print. Your MAV device can do this for you in a few seconds.


These quick features are designed to make the user experience seamless and help save time. Now that you know these unknown features, invest in a good MAC system, or hold on to the device if you already have it.

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