How to Know if Your Website is SEO-Friendly or Not?

Times have changed, and so has the way businesses operate. Branding and marketing, necessary parts of a company’s success, have also changed in the current era. Earlier, companies used to rely on print media to advertise their products and/or services.

However, things have drastically changed now. Like everything else, this aspect of running a business has too shifted on the internet. It has become the need of the hour for every business to get the best SEO and digital marketing services to be able to stand firm on its feet.

However, it is important to know that not every website is ready for SEO. There are many things you must consider before hiring the best SEO company in New York. It will help you to know if your website is ready for SEO or not. Let’s take a look at them:

An SEO-Friendly Platform

To begin with, you need to make sure that your website is developed on an SEO-friendly platform. If it isn’t, it will be tough for digital marketers to produce the desired results. Since your website won’t have improved rankings, the budget you are spending on SEO will be wasted. To prevent this from happening, choose a platform that’s made with an SEO perspective in mind. The right approach would be to hire a professional web designer and developer for this purpose. They are aware of the pros and cons of different platforms. Keeping in view your website’s SEO requirements, they will choose the appropriate platform.

Single or Multiple Page Website

A website having a single page surely looks appealing. As everything’s right there on the front page, it saves users the hassles of navigating between different pages to find the information they need. However, such websites pose difficulty for SEO experts. The reason? It’s hard for them to optimize such a website for different keywords.

So, here you will have to choose between the ‘appealing’ and ‘marketing’ factor. Bear in mind that an appealing website wouldn’t do any good if it doesn’t rank. So, it’s okay to make a compromise in this aspect and have a multiple page website. Having said that, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus on the design at all. You should ensure that the website is easily navigable.

Site Architecture

This one relates to the technical SEO.

Every savvy user is well aware of the fact that the coding of the site defines its look and functionality, while the placement of the content has an impact on the overall appeal. Still, these factors are neglected when it comes to SEO. In fact, not many know that they do anything for SEO.

The reality is if a website has clean code, properly organized content, external CSS and JavaScript files, Google can crawl it easily. If one or more factors are missing, the site gets difficult to be crawled. Resultantly, SEO suffers.

Loading Speed

Again, this is a factor that is often overlooked. The loading speed holds crucial importance from multiple aspects. It defines the user experience. If a user has reached your website but it doesn’t load instantly, they won’t take a long time before moving to other options. Why should they when they have a huge number of options at their disposal offering similar services and/or products? Also, bear in mind that the loading speed has a direct impact on the performance of SEO as well. User experience is one of the vital components Google considers when ranking a website. So, if, due to poor speed, the user experience of your website is compromised, it won’t rank.

Fortunately, there are various ways you can optimize your website for a quick loading time. The ideal approach would be to use the PageSpeed Insights tool by Google and identify issues that are causing your website to slow down. Then, work on those problems.

Mobile Responsive

It goes without saying that the majority of users now surf the internet on their mobile phones or other handheld devices. So, if you haven’t yet made your website mobile responsive, you are certainly missing out on a lot of potential leads. Also, it’s a loss in terms of Google rankings as well since the search engine giant now takes this factor into consideration to rank websites.

There you have it! These are some primary factors you must take into account when hiring a local SEO firm for improving your website’s ranking. When all these measures are taken care of, you can expect to derive fruitful results from your SEO and digital marketing campaigns. You can also ask the digital marketing firm you have hired to conduct a complete SEO audit before drafting comprehensive campaigns.

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