Magma Grill Review: Magma A10-205 Marine Kettle Gas

If you’re seeking the best grill for your boat, look no further than the Magma Grill. It’s a kettle grill from the Magma Marine Kettle gas grill collection. In reality, it’s a far superior gas grill when compared to others in the same category. As a result, Magma Grill has the potential to be the best infrared grill in its price range.

Magma Grill totally comprised of 18-9 mirror-polished stainless steel. This gives it a sheen on the yacht while also providing greater rust and corrosion resistance. Magma Grill’s body and lid have a 15-inch diameter. The stainless steel grill grate on the inside measures 13 inches in diameter.

The lid is designed to act as a wind buffer, making it easier to start. You may also angle Magma Grill to face the prevailing wind to keep it from blowing out when you inspect or flip the food. The hinges were also engineered to prevent the lid from slamming shut, which is useful if you need to move away from the grill for a while when a breeze blows.

Magma Grill also comes with a cool-touch grip. The valves and regulators are intended to be powered by a standard DOT 39 one-pound propane canister. The stainless steel burner element has a heat output rating of up to 10,700 BTUs. A radiant heat plate also aids in even heating throughout the 13-inch diameter grill grate.

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What We Like About It: Magma Grill

The Magma Grill is one of the more reasonably priced boat grills that are well-made. It not only has outstanding construction, but Magma Grill also has a lot of functions when compared to other gas grills at this price.


  • High-quality components
  • Support for a boat rod holder
  • Excellent flame control valve.


  • The installation procedure is somewhat complicated.
  • The hinged lid design isn’t particularly appealing.

Features Of Magma Grill

Electricity and Heating

This is one of the better performing gas grills on the market. Unlike other gas grills, this one has a high-quality control valve with excellent controls. Magma Grill also accepts throwaway one-pound propane bottles/canisters as well as on-board LPG or CNG systems aboard boats. However, it is not as good as, say, the Napoleon Prestige 500.

Dimensions and Versatility

This kettle grill’s initial size is larger than you might imagine. It’s certainly larger than many other boat grills. But don’t worry; if you purchase the rod holder mount accessory directly from the manufacturer, you may put Magma Grill on the rim of any saltwater boat. That cannot be said of the Char Broil TRU Infrared 14101550 smoker/roaster/grill.

Grilling Capability

The 13-inch diameter Magma Grill grate provides ample cooking surface for four hamburger patties at once. However, the radiant heat plate aids in the distribution of the 10,700 BTU heat potential, allowing you to accomplish more subtle things like grill chicken breasts or a skin-on newly caught fish fillet. While the heat characteristics and radiant heat plates are nice, it’s the lid that allows you to get the most out of this grill’s performance.

Wind is a big issue for all small-scale gas grills. It’s extremely annoying during ignition and when you open the lid to flip the food. At first glance, being able to adjust the lid and trusting that a powerful gust won’t smash it shut might not seem like a significant problem. Nonetheless, it’s something you’ll come to cherish.


With the exception of the tempered glass viewing window, almost everything in this kettle grill is constructed of high quality polished stainless steel. This may cause some concern for some people. Because the Char Broil TRU Infrared Grill 463276016 has a similar polished stainless steel body. That grill, on the other hand, is severely rusted. But, happily, none of these drawbacks apply to the Magma grill.

Grilling Stations

The stainless steel Magma Grill grate has a 13-inch diameter and 132.7 square inches of cooking surface. This is large enough to fry a slew of hot dogs, four hamburger patties at once, or a fresh-caught skin-on fish fillet.

Cleaning Ease

The Magma A10-205 Marine Kettle Gas Grill doesn’t have many specific cleaning features. If you want to grill anything with a lot of oily runoff or dripping marinade, the lower area of the fire bowl may be a little small and leaky. If you’re going to grill a mess of marinaded chicken breasts, you might want to use heavy-duty aluminium foil.


At this price, hardly anything can compete with this Magma Grill. Overall, it is a terrific stainless steel grill at a terrific value for money. Even if you don’t have a boat, it works really well on land.


The Magma A10-205 Marine Kettle Gas Grill, like many other grills in the Magma Grill series, comes with a one-year limited guarantee. When compared to some stainless steel gas grills in this price category, which generally come with a three-year warranty, this is in the middle.

Further Specifications

The Magma A10-205 Marine Kettle Gas Grill’s most notable feature is its cover. It boasts a cool-touch handle, a slam-proof top, and the capacity to deflect wind. At the same time, the radiant heat plate isn’t to be overlooked. Many smaller gas grills of this size struggle with either too much heat, which burns the food as it cooks, or too little heat, which results in unpleasant cooking times.

With its ease of construction and assembly

The 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel not only looks excellent, but Magma Grill also helps to fight chronic rusting and corrosion concerns. Magma’s use of it throughout this grill demonstrates their attention to quality. The lid design further distinguishes the A10-205 Marine 15-Inch Diameter Kettle Gas Grill.

The cool-touch handle, slam-resistant hinges, and the ability to angle it against the wind are all examples of clever design engineering. The interior radiant heat plate works in the same way. Not to mention the ease of use of a 1-pound propane canister. It takes some time to put everything together for the first time. Which is to be expected from a portable gas grill with some unique design elements. Still, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour to complete it.


The Magma A10-205 Marine Kettle Gas Grill combines the material quality and numerous design elements you want in a boat grill. The engineering design of the lid may be something you overlook at first, but it’s definitely something you’ll learn to love. Especially given how windy it can be out on the sea. Still, don’t let it fool you into believing you can grill with it while you’re on the road. To reliably start it, you’ll still need to anchor, moor, or tuck into a harbour.

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