What is User Acquisition and How Does it Work

When a user visits your website, they may not convert. In fact, most people don’t convert on their first visit to a site. So how does the company get more users? User acquisition is the process of bringing new visitors or customers to a site through various techniques.

It’s essential for any online business because it helps increase revenue and profits by enlisting new members who will contribute to the company in some way — either with purchases or simply as an audience.

Let’s jump into the article and learn more about user acquisition and how it works while also discussing ways to accomplish it.

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What is user acquisition?

User acquisition is the process of increasing the number of users for a brand or service. This can be done through many different marketing efforts, such as social media campaigns and advertisements.

It’s a great way to expose more users to a business or product, and many companies have found it’s a highly cost-effective form of marketing.

To add to this, users can be acquired through different forms of advertising across the web, such as social media and banner ads.

This allows businesses to find their target market efficiently and effectively by placing multiple ads in areas where users are likely to see them.

How user acquisition works

User acquisition increases traffic and sales on new websites by letting online companies bid on different advertising platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook ads. When they win the bids, their ad will appear on these websites, which means more people will see them.

This strategy helps bring potential customers across all demographics to your company’s website through targeted advertisements based on location, age group, gender, etc.

It increases brand awareness and conversions because you can track how many visits were directly generated by each campaign or source if needed. By using a user acquisition strategy, businesses can increase their monthly income exponentially.

Why do you need to know about user acquisition?

You need to know about user acquisition, so you’ll recognize when something isn’t working correctly for this stage in your marketing efforts.

It will help you understand why people aren’t finding out about your product or service through other means such as word of mouth or social media interactions with friends and family members who have used similar products before.

You may also find that what you thought was compelling content wasn’t helpful or that it needed more work from your end to improve it.

Whatever makes sense for each specific scenario depends on how users engage with these posts along their customer journey (or lack thereof).

The benefits of understanding user acquisition

The benefits are vast, but some of the more common ones include:

  • Gaining new customers from a variety of sources
  • Reducing customer acquisition costs
  • Increasing revenue for your business

As you can see, user acquisition is not just about setting up ads on the right platforms; it’s also about helping to grow your business.

First, let’s talk numbers. Most digital agencies charge between $100-$150 per hour. Using UA techniques to drive more traffic ensures that each lead pays off long-term by insights into how social media promotion drives conversions.

It doesn’t matter if these services cost $20 or even less than one dollar if they help bring in new customers who will pay back many times over.

Examples of good and bad user acquisitions

There are several ways to acquire users, and business owners need to understand the differences between them. While all user acquisitions cost money, some methods can be more effective than others.

For example, A/B testing has proven to work exceptionally well compared with other forms of advertising on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. People generally don’t mind clicking an ad if they know it will take them somewhere interesting.

On the other hand, popups often result in decreased traffic as they annoy most viewers who just want access to your content without having their screens covered by advertisement banners or boxes.

Common mistakes made when trying to acquire users

Make sure you don’t make one of the many common mistakes made when trying to get new users into the door of your business. Users can be costly, so it is essential not to waste them on poorly optimized campaigns or efforts towards the wrong audiences.

Instead, make sure you’re spending money efficiently and effectively to acquire relevant customers for your product or service. For example, If a user clicks but doesn’t purchase anything, they aren’t worth much because there’s no value created from this click.

They aren’t worth much to the business. If someone searches for something like “buy shoes” and visits one site, spends time browsing but does buy something before leaving, that’s considered a success because there was value-added from their visit.


As you can see, user acquisition is an essential part of growing your business. If done correctly, it will help to increase your customer base exponentially. It doesn’t happen overnight, though! So start slowly and build momentum as you go along.

Once all the steps are in place, increasing conversions by A/B testing or adding new features becomes much easier. You have also learned what tools are typically used for each step of the process, making it easier to keep track of everything that needs to be done daily.

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