Everything You Need to Know About Acing the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

The AZ-104 Microsoft Azure certification exam is designed for IT professionals who have worked with Microsoft Azure and have experience implementing, maintaining, and monitoring it. The exam puts your technical skills and knowledge to the test to answer the best possible solutions for various scenarios.

In addition, prior familiarity with infrastructure management will make it easier for you to grasp the Microsoft Azure certification administration concepts and services. In this post, we will be discussing Azure certification details, how to prepare, and more.

AZ-104 Exam Details:

  1. Exam Name: AZ-104 – Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification
  2. Duration: 180 mins
  3. Questions: 40-60
  4. Type: Multiple-Choice Examination
  5. Passing Score: 700
  6. Azure certification cost: $165 (The exam cost varies by area. For example, it is 4800 INR in India.)
  7. Languages: English, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian (Indonesia), Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazil), Italian.
  8. Certificate Validity: 2 years

All prior Microsoft Azure Certification examinations, such as AZ-100, AZ-101, AZ-102, and AZ-103, have expired, and you can now earn the badge of Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification by passing just the AZ 104 exam.

Preparation Strategy:

When compared to other Microsoft role-based tests, the AZ-104 exam is of ‘Intermediate’ difficulty. You can expect questions from the five modules listed below, as well as case studies, on this test to assess your ability to comprehend complex technical concepts.

Each exam has its own set of modules and weights. As a result, it’s critical to comprehend the revised AZ-104 exam objectives thoroughly. On the official test detail page, Microsoft offers complete information about the weight of all modules.

Once you have cleared the exam, you will receive Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator certification, valid for two years.


Manage Azure identities and Governance (15-20%): 

This session covers hybrid identity, including on-premise Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, role-based access control (RBAC), and the efficiency with which you manage Azure subscriptions, notifications, use optimization, and security. The module accounts for 10-15% of the total weightage, translating to 10–12 questions.

Implement and Manage Storage (10-15%):  

The technological features of AZ-104 begin with storage solutions management. Every Azure administrator can be a platform and infrastructure expert. Therefore, the development, management, and implementation of storage replication accounts are all addressed in depth. In addition, the topics of configuring Azure files and Azure blob storage will raise questions.

Deploy and Manage Azure Compute Resources (25-30%):  

In the Microsoft Azure 104 course, networking and expertise of hybrid networking receive considerable weightage. The development and configuration of Microsoft VMs and their high availability and scalability are part of the discussion. Questions about configuring containers, such as creating and configuring Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Azure Container Service, will come up (ACS).

Configure and Manage Virtual Networking (30-35%): 

VNet peering, configuring public and private IP addresses, network interfaces, and subnets, creating Azure DNS, modifying DNS settings, and public and private DNS zones will make up a large portion of questions from this section. The exam will also include questions about load balancer configuration and troubleshooting strategies.

Monitor and backup Azure Resources (10-15%): 

You can expect questions on monitoring resources with Azure Monitor in this module. Other subjects covered include metric interpretation, log analysis, chart setup, and actions. The importance of backup and recovery for Azure VMs is integral.

Online Training

There are multiple instructor-led Azure certification training available online that you can leverage to jump-start your training for the AZ104 exam. Partnering with such a learning institution will help in understanding the domains.

Mock Tests

Each candidate gets three hours for the exam. There will be approximately 60 questions, and you need to score at least 700 to pass it. The exam has sections, and you must pass each section to pass the exam. To understand the exam pattern better, you can appear for practice tests. You can target the topics on which the questions are more challenging, helping you prepare actively and retain information for longer.


  • Microsoft Learn is a website that offers a variety of study courses for various Microsoft certifications.
  • Azure Documentation — these documents include an overview, tutorials, examples, and how-to guides that can help you learn more about various Azure services.
  • Azure Blog – You can subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to speed on new Microsoft Azure technologies and products.


It is not sufficient to have a high level of understanding of the concepts. It would help if you also used the Microsoft Azure free tier to gain practical experience for the Microsoft Cloud certification. Simulate numerous scenarios to assist you in gaining a better knowledge of different services. You will be able to analyze challenging exam problems using a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge. Don’t forget to get some rest before your scheduled exam day. If you’re still not feeling confident, you can always reschedule your exam.


With Microsoft Azure gaining significant momentum among organizations worldwide, the need for professionals with Microsoft cloud skillsets is also on the rise. Get yourself a competitive edge over other non-certified peers by obtaining the AZ-104 certification. Having these credentials will open the doors to better cloud-native opportunities that pay better. As the first step to your Azure journey, this Microsoft Cloud certification opens doors to future specializations.


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