8 Simple Tools for Building Mobile Apps Fast

With the majority of the population having a smartphone, building an app for your business is an investment you should consider making. A mobile application that is easy to use can boost significantly your business sales or if you have enough traffic you could profit off of advertising. Technology has evolved since the first mobile applications were developed, so much so that in some cases you don’t even need to know code! Mobile applications have altered significantly our daily lives.

From social media apps to navigation, to banking – mobile applications and their simple but effective design have had a major impact on the way we communicate, exchange goods, organize our time, and even work out! Several tools can help you develop your app fast, listed here are some great software development tools you can use:


Swing2App is a great app development software that incorporates all aspects of push and membership management. With Swift2app you can create apps, test them for bugs and solve any remaining issues without coding skills or knowing a thing about programming! The platform includes various powerful application management tools and you can also launch your app from Swing2App on App Store and Google Play.


BuildFire is another great app development software that helps you build your own, unique mobile application. This platform is great for someone beginning to build apps but it’s also a software many seasoned professionals choose as well. One of the most important aspects of this software is that it can integrate or extend any element in your app and it also provides a security and compliance feature. BuildFire is 100% free!


Xamarin is a perfect tool for creating native mobile applications. It makes use of your business logic layers and data access across platforms to make localizing your app more efficient. It is used for building apps Windows, Android App, and iOS. When creating a native app it’s important to research your competition and pinpoint what differentiates your business and consecutively your application from your competitors. Top Writers Review will help you gain inspiration and access knowledge on various topics that could potentially help you add specific elements to your mobile app.


Appcelerator is an app that allows developers to use fewer lines of code when creating an app. It supports iOs, Android, and Windows and will significantly improve the speed of mobile app development. It is relatively easy to use but you need to have basic programming skills and coding knowledge.


Ionic is another easy-to-use mobile application development framework that is widely used for building hybrid mobile apps. It uses web languages like CSS, HTML5, and SASS. It’s a 100% free tool that provides you with the opportunity to build highly interactive progressive apps. While it may guarantee a high-quality result it may require a lot of your time to figure out your app’s content and the way it differentiates from other mobile apps. At the end of the day, what makes an app great is not only the way it’s designed but also its functions and contents.


Framework7 is a free and open-source HTML framework for app development. It has an easy navigation and management view support facility and provides an easy and familiar syntax for users familiar with JQuery. This framework also offers a built-in layout grid system with customizable themes and color schemes.

Appy Pie

Another great tool to materialize your mobile application dreams is Appy Pie. It’s a low code software that can create a beautiful and basic business app. It helps you design your application utilizing a questionnaire method that doesn’t require any programming skills. It also features a lot of templates to customize your app in less than ten minutes.


Another open-source mobile app development software that is commonly used is PhoneGap. You need to have basic programming skills to utilize this tool since its applications are built using Javascript, HTML, and CSS. It’s an affordable solution that can provide a high-quality result and provides better access to native APIs. PhoneGap can also integrate with various libraries to enhance app development, allow the development of various mobile applications with lesser time and effort, and helps the developer extend the functionality of the application with the help of plug-in architecture.


To conclude, building a mobile application is more simple than it looks. Utilizing the aforementioned tools needs little to no programming knowledge and you can deliver a high-quality result, depending on your needs. Do your research before deciding which development app software is better suited to you or your business and don’t forget: great apps are based on great ideas that improve our interactions and make our lives easier!

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