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Opera has a new browser called Opera GX and is back (also called the Mini browser).
Making voice calls, chatting, sending instant movies and photographs, sharing your location, getting many tabs and pop-up windows, and playing music in the background are all possible with Opera GX.

Opera GX can be a wonderful option if you’re seeking for a solution to lessen ad footprints and speed up surfing. But does it actually function? Is it simple to use? Is it secure?
This article will provide a review of Opera GX and a thorough evaluation of its capabilities.

Opera GX Overview:

The Opera browser has a special version called Opera GX that was created with gamers in mind. To help you get the most out of browsing and gaming, the browser has special settings including CPU, RAM, and Network limiters.

Take your gaming preferences to mobile.With the file-sharing Flow function, you can link mobile and desktop browsers, surf easily while on the move with the one-handed Fast Action Button, and safeguard your privacy with the built-in ad blocker in the mobile browser for gamers.

Opera GX

Installing Opera GX

We advise you to review your system requirements before you begin installing Opera GX.
Install the software if it works with your device.

  • The method of installing Opera GX is simple.
  • It install simply like any other browser.
  • The installer is available for download through the company’s website, the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store.
  • Devices running Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS can use Opera GX.


The interface of Opera GX is quite simple and straightforward. It is identical to the standard Opera browser but has several extra features like:

  • Integration with Twitch Rewards
  • Corner Opera GX
  • RAM Limiter and CPU Limiter
  • Chroma Support for Razer
  • Since the browser is still in beta, there are some problems.
  • SaaS and Linux users cannot utilise it.

Features of Opera GX

A specific version of the Opera browser called Opera GX was created specifically to support gaming. To maximise your enjoyment when surfing and playing games, the browser has certain special features.

Limiters for the CPU, RAM, and network

Users of Opera GX may choose maximum limitations (or thresholds) for CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth, enabling them to play games without being concerned about the speed of their computer or slowness caused by other downloads or other programmes.

By setting it to the desired level and receiving a message when it is reached, you may also manage your memory consumption. You can better monitor the RAM utilisation of all your programmes to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your gaming experience.

A monitor icon that displays your daily RAM and CPU consumption will appear on the left side of the browser when the GX Control panel is enabled. Depending on how close you are to reaching your limit, the colour will shift from green to orange to red.

Sound Effects

With this function, Opera GX enables you to customise the sound effects in your browsers. When enabled, you will hear various noises when starting a new tab, closing an open tab, or finishing a download. Additionally, it is possible to include unique sound effects for other websites.

Opera GX

Security Opera GX

A distinctive security option for gamers is Opera GX Security. In order to stop online crimes like identity theft and ransomware assaults, it also incorporates phishing and virus protection. Additionally, it has a bitcoin mining blocker, which stops websites from abusing your computer’s resources. You won’t have to worry about your personal information being hacked when playing games, streaming video, or browsing the web thanks to these features.

Web Browser Killer

Users of Opera GX may utilise this function to keep just the most crucial tabs open while closing others to speed up surfing and consume less memory.

X Corner GX

Within the Opera GX browser, you can access GX Corner for daily articles on gaming news, gear reviews, and more. You won’t ever have to worry about missing out on anything essential thanks to the unique updates provided in this area on new games, future events, and other fascinating happenings.

Opera GX

Gaming section

By choosing pre-made themes based on your preferred video games and adding Speed Dial entries for your favourite websites, the Opera GX browser lets you personalise the start page.

Integration with Twitch

Even when you’re not using Twitch, keep up with your favorite streams. You may receive notifications from Opera GX as soon as new broadcasts are online.


The two modes that Opera Speed offers are Turbo Mode and Video Boost. Depending on your needs, you can activate any or both modes. Data is compressed by Opera GX Speed to improve your connection. These modes can help you save money on your mobile data plan since they can lower data use by as much as 90%.

Turbo Mode compresses pages, which is beneficial if your internet connection is sluggish or if there is a lot of traffic on the service. You won’t have to wait around for adverts to load and will encounter fewer disruptions when browsing the web thanks to Turbo’s ability to prevent the majority of ads and tracking cookies.

Opera GX

By reducing the data per second that video streams require, the Video Boost mode enables you to watch videos in the best quality while using less bandwidth. When watching videos on YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, and other websites, this function lessens buffering and enhances video quality for a more pleasurable viewing experience.


By giving you the crucial details from your search results, Opera GX Search is an innovative feature that enables you to conduct online searches straight from your browser’s start page. One of the default search engines you’ve chosen powers the search box, which is found in the top-left corner of the browser. In Opera Search, you can also add or delete other search engines. You may select from a variety of search engines, including Google, Bing, Startpage, DuckDuckGo, and many others.


In the loyalty programme Opera GX Rewards, you may gain points for completing tasks like downloading an app or making a purchase on a partner website. These points may be exchanged for gifts like gift cards or skins for video games like League of Legends. While certain prizes may be obtained for free via codes, the majority need you to accrue points.

Opera GX

Several options exist for you to gain points:

Additionally, when you use Opera GX to play games, you may accumulate points that can be exchanged for particular benefits on your Opera GX profile page.


You may import your bookmarks, passwords, and browsing history from other browsers with the Opera Import tool. The Opera GX Import tool allows you choose which data to import after identifying the last browser you used. Data from Chrome, Firefox, and Edge may be imported directly into the Opera GX browser using Opera Import.

Like all of Opera’s browsers, Opera GX renders web pages and extensions found in the Chrome Web Store using the Chromium engine. Therefore, this functionality will be helpful for you if you now use Chrome or Firefox and wish to transition to Opera without losing your beloved addons!

The utility will request authorization before scanning your machine for installed browsers.
To determine the data you wish to import into your new browser, this is necessary.

Windows and tabs

You can more effectively manage your tabs using the Opera GX browser. It keeps you organised and keeps you from misplacing important tabs. There are two methods for managing tabs. A dropdown menu will appear when you right-click on a tab and select an option.

  • Click Close Tab to close a particular tab.
  • To control your tabs, you may also utilise keyboard shortcuts.
  • To dismiss a tab, for instance, use Ctrl + W (or + W on a Mac).

Several User Profiles

With the addition of multi-user profiles in the Opera GX browser, you may now have distinct settings for each profile, including themes. The dark theme can therefore be used by one user while the bright theme is used by another.

If you wish to use the same browser for several purposes or if you share your computer with someone else, this can be of great assistance.

  • Go to the profile menu in the top right corner of your browser window to create a new profile.
  • Navigate to Manage profiles.
  • It should launch the Manage profiles page.
  • You’ll be presented with a dialogue box where you can give your new profile a name and select an avatar image.
  • You’re done after you click Create!
  • The default settings will be used when the new profile opens in a separate window.
  • Click on the profile menu in the top right corner of your browser window to move between the profiles.
  • Simply click on one of the mentioned profiles to move between the available ones.
  • To view the new profile in the list of profiles, you must restart Opera.

Additionally, you’ll see First Run and Default as two brand-new folders in your profile folder. These folders hold important information that shouldn’t be changed or erased.

Integration of IPFS

For content producers who wish to share massive files and films with their viewers – without worrying about expensive storage fees – this is a fantastic option. Let’s look more closely. The InterPlanetary File System is referred to as IPFS. You may host data on several computers across the world thanks to this distributed peer-to-peer network. When you send someone an IPFS link, they can access any nearby computer to get your content. Decentralization is now possible on the web because to Opera GX’s integrated integration of this technology.

  • Using Opera GX’s File Browser function, you may browse the IPFS network.
  • Click the “GX Corner” icon in the sidebar of your Opera GX browser (the bottom left corner).
  • Next, pick “IPFS” mode from the “File Browser” menu.

VPN and a firewall

The browser has an integrated ad blocker, a VPN, as well as Opera GX wall, a brand-new anti-tracking tool. The Opera GX wall guards against third-party trackers that follow you online and prevents your online actions from being monitored. When browsing in the private window, it is turned on automatically. In the main window, it may be turned on by clicking the shield symbol in the upper left corner.

Opera GX Add-Ons

You may personalise your browser experience with the extensions that are included with Opera. The Opera add-ons store has these extensions, which are for a variety of services. By going to addons.opera.com or their Extensions tab in Settings, you may locate Opera extensions. Additionally, you may search the Chrome Web Store for other Opera GX addons.

  • To add an extension, just click the extension button and choose “+ Add to Opera.”
  • The sidebar menu will display the addon after you have added it.

The extensions may be installed directly in Opera and were created using the same technology as Chrome extensions.


In the sidebar, you may utilise messengers and chats, create notes and share them, and keep in touch with your loved ones. Your Facebook friends may easily and quickly speak with you using the Messenger tool. To view new messages and alerts from Facebook, just open the messenger from your sidebar or start page. You don’t even need to have the Facebook website open to accomplish this. By signing into your Facebook account and linking it to Opera GX, you must go through a safe verification process before you can use Messenger.

There is no need to be concerned about privacy in this situation because neither Facebook nor Opera GX will ever see any of your private data. Click on the Messenger icon in the sidebar to launch the Messenger panel. If there are no new messages or alerts, a smiling face will appear in the empty panel. The moment you click on this smiley, you will be offered the option to log into Facebook.

Opera GX Player

With the help of this extension, the sidebar of your browser will now have a music player where you can stream your favourite YouTube songs in high-quality audio in the background. The volume of the music and the movies may be adjusted independently, so watching videos won’t interfere with your listening experience.

Opera GX

You have complete access to YouTube’s extensive catalogue of material, with a simple method to search for songs or create playlists. In the sidebar, you may get music suggestions based on your listening habits.

5 Best Opera GX Alternatives

There are more game-focused browsers besides Opera GX. Here are some of the top Opera GX substitutes available right now.

#1. Torch Browser

Torch Browser

You may use Torch Browser as an alternative to Opera GX if you want a Chromium-based browser. It contains several features similar to those of Opera GX, such as Torch Music, integrated support for torrenting, photo sharing tools, etc. In addition to these features, Torch Browser provides a remarkable download manager that makes download management easier than with other browsers.

#2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

One of the most widely used browsers in the world is Mozilla Firefox. It has a straightforward design and uses few system resources while operating in the background.
The browser also offers a tonne of add-ons that you may use to improve your browsing. Twitch Now, Steam Inventory Helper, and GameFAQs Viewer are just a few of the gaming add-ons available in Opera GX that may enhance your entire gaming experience while using Firefox.

#3. Brave


Brave is a fantastic option if you enjoy customisation and have an eye for design. Brave allows you to change the accent colour to any colour you wish, unlike Opera GX. The default search engine and new tab page can both be changed. Brave performs everything fluidly, from downloading torrents to streaming web media. A built-in ad blocker in the browser by default prevents all advertisements and tracking cookies. Additionally, you can easily sync your browser data across various devices and use Brave Shields to shield yourself from intrusive third-party cookies.

#4. Vivaldi


For users of Opera, Vivaldi is a fantastic option. Additionally, it boasts a Chromium-based engine and a tonne of user-friendly features. On older computers, it might be useful to establish RAM and CPU consumption restrictions, just like Opera GX. Ad filtering, an email client, and screenshot tools are all included with Vivaldi.

#5. Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Developer Edition

The top Opera GX substitute is Firefox Developer Edition. Although it isn’t specifically a gaming browser, its visual motif gives the impression that it is. The greatest accessible DevTools in any browser are integrated within this browser, which is its strongest point. Additionally, it offers great privacy features like Tracking Protection, which disables malicious scripts and online trackers. With a simple UI and options like Split Screen and Responsive Design Mode, Firefox Developer Edition enables easy testing of websites across various devices.


Opera GX is decent all around (although maybe not as great as Opera). It will be more than able to provide you a satisfactory gaming experience if you enjoy its features. This is why this browser is so fantastic. Only a select few others have managed to combine innovation and tradition so well. Opera appears like a good choice if you’re searching for a new browser. It includes almost all the features a browser might ever need. Grab Opera from the Google Play Store and start exploring if it looks to be the little browser you’ve been seeking for.


Opera XG: Is It Legit?

Opera GX was legitimately produced by Opera. One of the leading manufacturers of web browsers is Opera. Over 300 million people use Opera Mini, their other highly regarded product.

Is Opera GX safe?

Opera is a legitimate firm that creates goods like web browsers and VPNs, thus yes, Opera GX is secure. No instances of the browser being harmful or having a virus or malware attached to it have been recorded.

How much does it cost?

Opera GX has a perfect score since it is free to download and use.

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