Top 20 Alternatives to Paylocity App Software, What is Paylocity?

The platform has several helpful features, including the ability to create checks, calculate paychecks, and handle payrolls, to mention a few. It is available around the clock. It also includes QuickPay, an integrated program made to quickly and easily execute payroll in batches. Paylocity app offers HR solutions as well, such as scheduling, learning management, onboarding, and staff tracking.

Paylocity: What Is It?

Designed with small businesses in mind, Paylocity is a web-based payroll and HR service that is hybrid in nature. Its self-service capabilities, sophisticated reporting capabilities, and easy interface with the top time and attendance, general ledger, and retirement plan software set it apart.

Paylocity app flagship payroll system is called Web Pay. The platform offers companies online payroll software with proactive features like pre-process registration, bespoke reporting, and compliance that go beyond payroll duties.

Paylocity’s characteristics

  • Paylocity handles payroll, benefits, timekeeping, hiring, onboarding, and other aspects of the employee life cycle.
  • Payroll: Paylocity provides on-demand salary access, compliance payroll software, and more for employees both locally and globally.
  • Worldwide payroll: Paylocity app and Blue Marble provide payroll to employees in over 100 countries.

Paylocity's characteristics

Paylocity conducts location-based audits of employees to verify that they are submitting and paying the correct taxes. The tax experts at Paylocity prepare, assess, and file all tax forms for the Virgin Islands, Guam, and all 50 states. International tax planning is offered in collaboration with Blue Marble. The payroll software from Paylocity app adjusts to the pay schedule and structure of your business. Payroll is customized by its experts. If you want to make changes, you might need to get in touch with Paylocity’s experts instead of doing it yourself.

  • Compliance: Paylocity payroll accuracy is ensured by automatic payroll audits.
  • Data Sync: Payroll does not require human data entry by utilizing time and attendance data.

Paylocity’s pay-on-demand feature allows workers to obtain a portion of their compensation ahead of time without requiring paperwork, clearance from HR or management, or changes to payroll or cash flow.

An overview of the advantages of Paylocity

Paylocity’s software, which is tailored to your workflow, makes it easy to handle important payroll and HR procedures. Paylocity showcases an adaptable and mobile-friendly onboarding solution. Additionally, Paylocity app integrated and user-friendly solutions expedite and streamline the benefit enrollment process.

Paylocity’s flagship payroll system is called Web Pay. The platform offers online payroll software with proactive features like pre-process registration, compliance, bespoke reports, and other capabilities that allow customers to perform more than just basic payroll tasks. Web Pay offers new hiring templates that allow customers to enter 100 fields into a single screen. This simplifies the process of gathering data on demographics, wages, deductions, and direct deposit. Additionally, Web Pay makes excellent use of drag-and-drop technology to assist customers in customizing a range of templates to meet their needs and specifications, as well as payroll and HR process customization.


  • The majority of the hiring process is automated by Paylocity, except for applicant matching and scheduling interviews for applications provided by ZipRecruiter.
  • Paylocity does not offer templates to expedite the writing process, but it does permit the insertion of videos to showcase corporate culture in job postings.
  • Branded career page: Prospects get a consistent brand experience right away with the Paylocity app branded career site builder. Visitors to your career page are given a dynamic introduction to your company through the use of your optional video, color scheme, and logo.
  • Paylocity links with LinkedIn to expand reach and syndicates job advertising to several employment sites.
  • Screening: You can use optional identity-related questions, and screening questions, or hide names and addresses from hiring decisions as applications come in. However, the interview subjects must be chosen by hand.
  • The application funnel is automated and managed via Paylocity’s ATS. Personalized hiring procedures enable you to set goals and delegate tasks.
  • Candidates may be emailed or texted by hiring teams, and Paylocity keeps track of all correspondence.
  • Paylocity provides local, state, and federal background checks and drug testing via Checkr.
  • Because of its lack of job posting templates and limited automated candidate matching, we suggest the Paylocity app for low-volume, sporadic recruiting.

Benefits administration

Rewards are automatically subtracted by Paylocity based on employee selection from each paycheck. Insurance carriers promptly update employee benefit option changes via EDI transfer during open enrollment or qualifying events. Paylocity’s labor management solution includes time and attendance tracking, scheduling, and time collection. Paylocity eliminates human data entry by syncing payroll, time, and labor data.

Reporting: With more than 100 basic reports, Paylocity’s labor and time management solutions handle scheduling, time off, and attendance. Compliance: To accommodate shift premiums, split shifts, lunch and break schedules, and other requirements, time-tracking software is updated regularly.

Benefits administration

Employee clock-in/clock-out possibilities are many with the Paylocity app. Employers may purchase or lease features like image capture, badge scanning, kiosk tablets, and more, depending on the number of sites and if workers clock in from the field. Error correction: Workers’ mobile devices are notified when they forget to sign in or out. Additionally, they could instantly update time cards on their phones. At Paylocity, attendance points are used to reward consistent attendance at work. Managers can track and address absences more simply.

Shift managers can use the Paylocity app for real-time data to schedule. Thus, shift managers might choose staff scheduling more wisely. Using historical punch data, the system projects future labor hours up to four weeks ahead of schedule. Employees may swap or take the ones that are unclaimed after viewing.

Reports and Analytics

  • Paylocity facilitates strategic HR services that advance business objectives. Its Modern Workforce Index offers metrics to assist your HR personnel with budgeting, retention, succession planning, and hiring decisions.
  • There are pre-made, customizable reports included, so you don’t need to make any. To generate your own reports, select the data columns.
  • Dashboards that may be customized: The system only allows you to see the most important job and priority data.
  • Data benchmarking: To compare your company’s hiring practices, compensation structure, and other metrics to those of industry rivals, the Paylocity app offers benchmarking data.

Paylocity Plans and Prices

Paylocity does not reveal the cost and does not provide a free trial or goods. Its monthly fee, however, is per employee and is based on the features that are added to its base package. It’s not obvious which characteristics are required and which are not. For the most up-to-date information, get in touch with Paylocity directly, set up a demo call with a sales representative, and enter its sales pipeline by providing your phone number and email address.

Control Output

  • After employee engagement, performance management is Paylocity’s second-best product. The dynamic performance management solutions from Paylocity facilitate regular manager-employee communication.
  • The journal feature, which is exclusive to the Paylocity app, aids in performance tracking and memory retention for managers and staff in between review periods. Teams or employees can get customized or templated communications from managers.
  • “Notes” are left open-ended, although templates include a warning notice or performance improvement plan. Workers can use text or video diaries to write about their challenges and successes at work.
  • 36-s. You may create affordable bonuses, salary boosts, and commission conditions using Paylocity.

Growth and Education

The learning module of Paylocity includes both employee-generated content and unconventional courses. DIY content creation: Using the LMS or Paylocity’s Community website, your subject matter experts may create, publish, and distribute information. To create courses that better satisfy employee wants than Paylocity’s pre-built courses, use quizzes and multimedia elements.

Managers have the option to assign courses to teams or to individuals manually or automatically. In the absence of this, the Paylocity app makes recommendations based on the role or life cycle of an employee. During onboarding, new hires obtain training. HR may bulk assign and arrange required compliance training rather than individually scheduling and allocating it to each employee. Analytics: To ensure compliance for both in-person and remote learners, Paylocity tracks required training completion. Administrators can automatically remind those who haven’t finished their training.

Important WFM Tool Features

  • Support for several platforms, particularly mobile – Paylocity app WMS needs to be OS and device-agnostic because employees could use their own devices or have a preferred platform.
  • Real-time scheduling and remote access to the time clock – In today’s mobile, remote, and hybrid workforce, time management and timekeeping on the go are becoming more and more crucial.
  • Automated reporting for important metrics: Managers need readily available KPIs and
  • ROI indicators to save time when interacting with remote or large-scale workforces.
  • All organizational-level agents should be able to be followed up with, contacted, and checked up on by managers.
  • The bottom line is that your workers are an asset to you, therefore you should be ready to invest in their development, training, and promotion. This includes talent acquisition and ongoing training.

Top Software for Paylocity Workforce Management

Check out some of the top Paylocity app workforce management programs available for your company.

#1. Papaya 


Papaya is a software-as-a-service platform that provides cross-border payments in more than 160 countries together with a comprehensive global labor management solution. The platform integrates with popular work management systems, supports all employee options (payroll, EoR, contractors), and uses intelligent technologies to ensure compliance and avoid errors. By doing away with spreadsheets and errors, Papaya’s unified automated payroll solution streamlines international personnel management. They promise complete local compliance. It is a good alternative to the Paylocity app.

Papaya creates a highly visible payroll spending management system and offers real-time company statistics. Gain knowledge about your Paylocity app workforce’s composition by country, cost centers, and other factors. Learn how effectively you’re luring and keeping top talent, as well as the reasons behind their departures. Clearly illustrate the gender, age, and pay fairness within your organization by the department and seniority hierarchy.

#2. People HR

people HR

Applications tracking, performance management, and other critical HR duties are all managed by People HR, a cloud-based platform. Principal attributes consist of:

  • There is no limit to document storage.
  • Module for keeping track of applicants
  • Interactive and dynamic performance management system
  • Reporting having significant influence
  • Professional guidance for wise human resource decisions

#3. UZIO


For all of your HR requirements, from onboarding to offboarding, UZIO provides a one-stop shop. The components comprising the premium suite, including hiring, documents, communication, compensation, and Paychex flex, are interconnected and instantly update any modified data throughout the platform. To let your employees see their own pay stubs, benefit status, vacation accrual, and other quality-of-life information, UZIO also provides a self-service website.

Along with all the HR, payroll, and benefits administration tools you need, UZIO also offers legal protection and compliance, customer support, and setup assistance. You may select from payroll, HRIS, time tracking, benefits administration, or any combination of these to completely customize your labor management solution. It is a good alternative to the Paylocity app.

#4. Ascentis


With its cutting-edge technology, Ascentis workforce management software tracks all time-related activities in a single, all-inclusive solution, offering an unmatched employee experience. It includes payroll, people management, time and attendance, recruiting and onboarding, HR and benefits, and more. Some of the main characteristics of the program are as follows:

  • Patterns are revealed by deep analytics embedded in personnel metrics.
  • An entirely automated time and attendance system
  • total accessibility to solutions through the internet, tablets, smartphones, and real watches
  • Payroll is 100% accurately processed in real-time.
  • Utilize the safe website to generate reports, handle benefits, and quickly give out pertinent content.
  • Achieving one’s full potential might be facilitated by many methods such as merit-based increases, on-demand training, real-time feedback, and others.

#5. Connecteam


Businesses in a range of industries, such as retail, food & beverage, transportation, construction, and healthcare, can benefit from Connecteam’s labor management system. It enhances participation, boosts openness, gathers insightful input, and offers an abundance of communication options to satisfy any corporate need. It is a good alternative to the Paylocity app.

The following are some of its primary traits:

  • Timekeeping for employees that is easy to use and reliable
  • Worker scheduling
  • Field reporting from mobile devices and process automation
  • Managing tasks
  • Interaction between employees
  • Mobile training programs that are flexible and easy to use

#6. Deel

DeelDeel helps you hire contractors or employees from more than 150 countries by removing restrictions from your talent pool. Both contractors’ and employees’ workforce management features are included in their software.

With the provision of legally examined contracts and many options for profit extraction, Deel assists contractors in avoiding misclassification as contractors. By utilizing well-known payment processors like Wise, PayPal, Payoneer, and Revolut to enable withdrawals in the contractor’s chosen currency, the platform provides a sophisticated and reliable payment experience. According to Deel, the company also offers Bitcoin withdrawals via Coinbase, which is especially well-liked among Latin American contractors.

#7. BambooHR


For small and emerging enterprises, BambooHR offers a human resource information system (HRIS) that manages every stage of the employee lifecycle. It is the best Alternative to the Paylocity app. BambooHR offers you the time and knowledge to focus on your most crucial asset? your people? whether you’re hiring, onboarding, setting compensation, or developing culture. It is a good alternative to the Paylocity app.

Principal attributes consist of:

  • Application Tracking System (ATS)
  • Time management
  • Instruments for processing payroll, engaging employees, and ensuring employee satisfaction
  • Automatic reminders are sent out.
  • Examining labor force data

#8. Alvaria


Alvaria is an award-winning workforce management solution with features like employee self-service, unlimited staffing “what-if” scenarios, and omnichannel workforce planning. With the great majority of widely used ACDs and routing systems, it is backward compatible. Alvaria has a nice dashboard arrangement with a variety of critical information presented in an easy-to-read manner, as seen in the screenshot.

Although the dashboard’s color style is a touch startling, the vast information base it samples is unique, creative, and useful. You may set up and monitor performance and engagement challenges, look over awards and other incentive programs, and choose which data widgets to display where. They have a way to monitor when shifts change and when people sign in. It is a good alternative to the Paylocity app.

#9. Workday HCM

Workday HCM

Workday HCM is an enterprise-level cloud-based human capital management solution that unifies payroll, learning, benefits administration, and HR administration into a single platform. Important traits consist of:

  • Automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks is a good idea.
  • Analytics and insights to take action on worker flexibility and personalized experiences
  • AI-driven scheduling generation
  • Voice-activated petitions for leaves of absence
  • Complete overview of schedules, time balances, and pay.
  • Reminders and approvals are done automatically.

#10. Fuse


Fuse is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution that comes with payroll, time-tracking and absence systems, real-time workforce analytics, and management tools for ACA compliance. For the highest level of customization, they have a marketplace with third-party solutions. Their self-service workforce scheduling system is unique due to its high level of feature richness, mobile friendliness, and ease of use. Direct processing of PTO and change requests is available via the website.

Utilize the cloud-based HR services offered by Fuse WM to help you handle the full employee lifecycle. You can utilize applicant tracking software, ready-to-use recruitment and training workflow templates, and administrative process automation to keep things running smoothly. Additionally, they include built-in alerts and cautions to suggest potential issues with staff schedules.

#11. UKG Pro


All of your workers will benefit from the creation of meaningful, connected work experiences thanks to the UKG workforce dimensions bundle. It helps businesses boost productivity and worker engagement across borders. It is the best Alternative to the Paylocity app. Important traits consist of:

  • Real-time visibility into compliance issues or employee wellbeing
  • Functions of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
  • Employee time and attendance may be tracked, monitored, and controlled with the use of an advanced automated system.
  • Forecasting capabilities to improve the efficiency of schedules and optimize labor allocation
  • Simplify and automate the whole process of managing pay.

#12. Alcor

payroll companies

Alcor is a Payroll company that was founded in 2007 and is situated in Ukraine. It offers IT outsourcing services. Their 33-person team specializes in establishing business-specific research and development centers in Ukraine that provide their clients IT staff augmentation, HR services, and outsourcing for finance and accounting. Their clientele is mostly in the telecom industry.

#13. Farhat & CO

payroll companies

Payroll businesses include Farahat & Co., accounting firms located in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The small organization was founded in 1985 and offers business consulting, human resources services, accounting, and finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO).

#14. VeroHR

payroll companies

An HR company is called VeroHR. They are situated in Peterborough, United Kingdom, and have a small team. Among other things, they provide HR services. A fire safety and security payroll firm chose VeroHR to promptly handle their issues and concerns since they wished to replace their present HR and legal service provider. It is the best Alternative to the Paylocity app.

#15. RSM

payroll companies

RSM Malaysia is an accounting business with its headquarters located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They offer accounting and non-voice back office services and were founded in 1978.

#16. TopSource Worldwide – India

payroll companies

One of the payroll firms, TopSource Global Solutions – India was established in 2004 and is a financial and HR company with about fifty employees. They are professionals in payroll processing, financial accounting, and HR services for small- and medium-sized enterprises and are situated in Mumbai, India.

#17. HROne


HROne is a Shanghai-based company that was founded in 2005 and today has over 10 employees. They specialize in providing accounting and human resources services to small and medium-sized enterprises. It is the best Alternative to the Paylocity app.

#18. Baltic Assist


Baltic Assist is a business process outsourcing company that was founded in 2015 and specializes in financial accounting and non-voice BPO. Their 67-person team, which is based in Lithuania, primarily serves small and midmarket Paylocity app Payroll businesses in the e-commerce, retail, and IT industries.

#19. IQ BackOffice

payroll companies

In addition to its headquarters located in El Segundo, California, IQ BackOffice is a finance, accounting, and human resources organization with operations in India and the Philippines. Since its founding in 2002, this company has employed 274 individuals. IQ BackOffice provides voice services, financial accounting, and non-voice BPO/back office services.

#20. IComp Payroll & HR

payroll companies

IComp Payroll & HR is an accounting firm that was established in 1997. Like other Paylocity app payroll providers, the business provides accounting and HR services in addition to having a small workforce. A daycare center sought to simplify its payroll process and do away with dealing with large, impersonal companies. They made the decision to work with iComp Payroll & HR to resolve their issue.

The personnel management software in your business

Any business, regardless of size? from small startups to multimillion-dollar corporations? can gain from using personnel management software. It helps you to satisfy industry demands while remaining competitive, launching lean initiatives with fewer resources, and eliminating waste. Merely choosing the appropriate Paylocity app workforce management software for your business may greatly simplify and ease the process of comprehending and overseeing your workers.

In summary:

In summary, Paylocity distinguishes itself as a flexible and all-inclusive hybrid solution that meets the HR and payroll requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. With its easy-to-use interface, self-service capabilities, and powerful reporting tools, this web-based solution is a great resource for companies looking to manage their employees effectively and conveniently.

Web Pay, Paylocity’s main payroll system, is the center of the company. It offers more than just the essentials, including pre-process registers, custom reports, compliance capabilities, and seamless connectivity with several critical applications. The platform, which is available around the clock, guarantees customers flexibility and convenience and enables them to effectively manage duties like check production, paycheck computation, and payroll processing. QuickPay’s integration simplifies batch payroll processing and is an example of Paylocity app dedication to user-friendliness and speed.


Paylocity: What Is It?

A web-based hybrid payroll and HR service aimed at the smaller SMB market is called Paylocity. It has features like sophisticated reporting tools, self-service choices, and connectivity with important apps like time and attendance, general ledger, and retirement plans.

What does the Paylocity app Web Pay mean?

Paylocity app main payroll solution, Web Pay, provides companies with online payroll software that includes pre-processing registers, custom reports, compliance tools, and other proactive features. It offers a complete payroll administration experience, going above and beyond simple payroll duties.

Which are Paylocity’s salient characteristics?

Paylocity provides sophisticated reporting capabilities, self-service options, and seamless interaction with time and attendance, general ledger, and retirement plan software. QuickPay is also included for effective batch payroll processing. HR tools including scheduling, onboarding, learning management, and staff monitoring are included in the platform.

Is Paylocity open around the clock?

Indeed, Paylocity app is available around the clock, giving customers the freedom to handle payroll and HR-related duties whenever they want.

What does Paylocity’s QuickPay mean?

Paylocity comes with an integrated application called QuickPay that is meant to make processing payroll in batches quick and simple. It facilitates simple and effective batch processing by streamlining the payroll processing processes.

Is Paylocity app compatible with other apps?

Yes, Paylocity app easily interfaces with popular time and attendance apps, general ledger systems, and retirement plans. This expands its capability and gives organizations access to a linked payroll and HR management environment

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