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A good small-business payroll software can turn payroll management from a stressful and tedious task into a straightforward one. Top payroll software options best suit your company’s needs and budget.

Look For In a Payroll Software

If you’re looking for excellent software for compliance, make sure you look for these aspects and characteristics:

  1. Easy to use it’s easy to set up and provides an easy user experience.
  2. Modularity: It’s adjustable to meet the needs of your team’s structures.
  3. Reporting: It lets users sort says in various ways for an even more thorough analysis. Reports must also be exported.
  4. Direct deposit: Direct deposit allows you to deposit your employees’ paychecks directly.
  5. Integrations: If you have operations spread across several team member management systems, they will enable you to integrate the plans you have in place into one.
  6. Accessibility of employees: Employees should access and view their information regarding their pay.
  7. Tax filing can help reduce the burden of collecting, creating, and filing tax returns.
  8. Notifications: It provides you with reminders, alerts, as well as push notifications. It also lets you inform your employees that they must complete tasks like reviewing their timesheets.
  9. Cost: It’s affordable and fits your budget.
  10. Support: It includes an excellent customer support service that can assist you with any problems.

8 Best Payroll Software Solutions in 2022


Connecteam is a prestigious all-in-one software application that allows managers and owners to manage all aspects of their business’s payroll.

You may need to track your employees’ hours quickly to make sure they can clock in without having to keep track of their time, or you want to provide precise timesheets for payroll; Connecteam does it all and more.

With Connecteam’s seamless integration to Quickbooks Online and Gusto payroll software, it’s easy to ensure that payroll is effortless and 100% accurate.

Secure your timesheets, then export them in a single click. In just a few minutes, they will be seamlessly integrated into your QBO software, and you’ll be able to manage your payroll with ease.

It is also crucial to note that emplyteam is very simple and user-friendly, and that’s why more than 20.000 SMBs from more than 90 different industries benefit from its wide variety of options.

Connecting Connecteam with popular software for payrolls like Gusto or Xero is also possible.


  • Premium plans begin at $29/month for the initial 30 users
  • 14-day trial for free
  • Free-forever plan? Yes, and for a maximum of 10 people

Paychex Flex

Paychex is among the most well-known small business payroll applications. The department’s water cooler in the accounting department says that Paychex is sturdy. However, it isn’t easy to use, simple to use, or to set up.

This can be a significant aspect for small companies looking for the top software for payroll. This payroll application for small-sized businesses needs an extensive amount of personal data for initial setup, and running reports come with a lot of paperwork and additional expenses.


  • It is necessary to speak with a sales representative to receive a quote.
  • Trial for free No
  • Free plan No


The solutions offered by ADP, specifically their small-business-oriented RUN, are very similar to those provided by the abovementioned Paychex – expensive but popular. The payroll mobile application for small-sized businesses is designed for those who prefer to mail employees their paychecks in person instead of direct deposit. ADP will (for an additional cost) print or sign and mail paychecks on your behalf.


  • To get an estimate, you must talk to the representative.
  • Free trial Yes
  • Free plan No

Sage Payroll

One of the least expensive payroll options for small-sized businesses is Sage Payroll. It may not have features other payroll software have to offer, but for most companies, it’s adequate for its functionality. One of its significant advantages is security. Your payroll data stored on the cloud is completely secured, and access rights can be adjusted to protect your data’s security and integrity.


  • The trial cost is post-free and varies according to the number of users you have; however, the monthly price for five users is PS12.
  • Trial for free three months
  • Free plan No


Nothing affects the amount of time spent managing payroll as much as the user experience of the software. The bookkeeping community’s consensus is that Gusto currently offers the most user-friendly software. This means that Gusto is an absolute leading contender in this field. This is among the main reasons why we are expecting to be able to see Gusto expand its market share in the market.


  • The Core plan comes with an initial cost of $39/month and an additional charge of $6 per user per month.
  • Trial for free No
  • Free plan No


The capacity of SurePayroll to effectively meet the demands of small-scale businesses. While some have claimed that it is user-friendly and has a user-friendly interface, others argue that user interfaces are unwieldy and take time before processes are correctly organized.

Furthermore, some users are content with the sizeable pre-defined list of variables and fields in the application database. However, others are unhappy with the lengthy process of registering employees. We’re not saying this to offer a fluffy review that isn’t here or there. Payroll software must be flexible. This payroll application for small businesses shows its capacity to adapt to changing needs through the user experience. This is an indicator of reliable payroll software.


  • Prices start at just $19/month, with an additional $4/month per user.
  • Trial for free two months
  • Free plan No


If you’re searching for the highest-rated support and service, You should check out the services offered by Wagepoint. As they’re Canadian, they can believe their claims of having the most helpful customer service and support staff available. With clear and reasonable prices, Wagepoint offers a free trial period for you to try before buying.


  • Pricing includes a base cost and an additional fee of $2/user.
  • Trial for free No
  • Free plan No


Bamboo HR is a great software for payroll that is ideal for small-sized businesses. Although it is specifically designed for employees residing in the United States, BambooHR provides an easy three-step payment process. This HR software, specifically designed for small businesses, can save team member data such as hours, wages, and bank account numbers. It also records deductions, benefits for employees, or withholdings. It then transfers the information into the payroll process.

In addition, they offer a team member portal that allows employees to access their payroll records (paystubs or direct deposits, etc.) anytime. In addition, they provide more than 100 reports on the payroll that are exportable.


  • To receive an estimate, you must contact an agent.
  • Free trial Yes
  • Free plan No


Payroll software is one of the first to enter the HR process in every business. With no payroll program, paying your employees or adhering to tax laws is impossible without spending a lot of time. This is why it’s no surprise that there’s such a variety of payroll automation and management solutions on the market, and there’s something to suit anyone and everyone requires something.

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