Blue Apron vs HelloFresh: Which Has Better Value?

Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh: Which Is a Better Value Between Blue Apron and HelloFresh? Have you ever prepared a dish and found yourself with a lot of extra ingredients? When you discovered you didn’t know of any other recipes that called for these components, you recognised you wouldn’t be utilising them again.

You put HelloFresh and Blue Apron in your cupboard or refrigerator until they expire because you feel horrible putting them out. Food waste contributes 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it a serious environmental issue.

Cooking at home is enjoyable and sometimes more cheap than purchasing prepared meals. Unless you’re a skilled chef or have the imagination to reuse leftover items, you may cut down on food waste by doing your grocery shopping wisely. A meal kit delivery service is one method to do this. You’ll not only become a better cooking, but you’ll also get the proper number of ingredients for your dishes.

Two of the top meal kit delivery services on the market today are HelloFresh and Blue Apron. Each service has its own advantages and disadvantages and operates similarly to the other. To determine which service to subscribe to, we will compare the two.

What is Blue Apron?

Another meal kit delivery service that aids home cooks in honing their culinary abilities is Blue Apron. They provide straightforward recipes created by chefs, which are great for novices. In addition to receiving all the goods they need to prepare a meal, users also receive comprehensive instructions. The equipment required to cook a meal are also listed in the recipes.

Blue Apron

The kit contains pre-portioned amounts of all the components. Additionally, they are obtained responsibly to guarantee quality with little harm to the environment. To improve your cooking skills, Blue Apron also offers recipes that incorporate seasonal foods.
For you, they will procure these materials.

In addition to offering recipes, Blue Apron also offers an online store where you can purchase cooking equipment including aprons, knives, pans, and pots, among other things. They also provide a variety of wines that you may pair with the dishes of your choice. Depending on your device, you can either download the Blue Apron app from the App Store or Google Play Store or register an account through the company’s website.

What is HelloFresh?

A meal kit delivery service called HelloFresh seeks to make cooking at home more enjoyable and easy. They provide straightforward cooking instructions and recipes for simple meals. Whether you prefer meat, fish, or veggies, there is a vast selection of recipes available. Nutritional data is also provided for each dish so you can keep an eye on your intake.


They include pre-measured ingredients in environmentally friendly packaging that keeps the contents fresh until you cook with them. To reduce food waste and save time, they offer all the ingredients measured in the amounts specified in the recipe. No need to visit the grocery store.

Visit HelloFresh’s website to use your browser to access the service. However, you may download an app for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh: App Features

For home cooks who wish to improve their cooking abilities quickly, the HelloFresh app is perfect. You may use the app to find new recipes and get cooking instructions for your favourite dishes. We must be familiar with the aspects of both services in order to discuss the HelloFresh VS Blue Apron argument.

Enormous recipe archive

The vast recipe archives of HelloFresh, a well-known meal kit delivery service, are one of the reasons behind this. You may sort, save, and rank among the thousands of delectable, simple-to-follow recipes in the app. Save your preferred recipes, then distribute the files to your loved ones.

Cooking tutorial videos

HelloFresh offers more than just simple dish recipes. You may view cooking tutorials on the app to learn how to properly prepare meals. In addition to instructing you on how to prepare your meal, the films include cooking tips and tricks that will be useful as you spend more time in the kitchen.

Subscription Control

The HelloFresh app allows you to effortlessly manage your membership and keep track of your orders. You may choose your weekly dinners as well as alter your membership options. You may change your mind at any moment and skip a week. Going here is more practical than visiting the service’s website.

Using a Health App to Sync

If you have an iPhone, you may link the HelloFresh app with your health app to effortlessly keep track of your nutrition. When you’re through making your meal, you may track your nutritional consumption using the HealthKit function. Similar to applications like Noom or MyFitnessPal, you may use the app to keep track of how many calories you consume.

What Characteristics Does Blue Apron Offer?

The Blue Apron app contains features made specifically for those who are new to cooking and want to learn how to prepare new recipes, similar to HelloFresh. We’ll examine the characteristics of Blue Apron in this section of the HelloFresh vs. Blue Apron comparison.

Weekly New Recipes

Choose from a variety of Blue Apron’s chef-designed recipes to fit your dietary needs, including Mediterranean dishes and straightforward dishes like spaghetti or sandwiches.
There is a substantial assortment of vegetarian dishes available as well.

Additionally, Blue Apron offers Premium recipes for an additional fee. Choose from their seasonal recipes if you wish to be daring. It enables you to get cooking skills with items you don’t often find in supermarkets.

Selections of Wine

You get access to Blue Apron’s delectable wine selection from world-class wineries.
To suit your preferences, pick from the reds and whites. Expect high-quality wines at affordable costs as all of their wines are produced on-site. Blue Apron will provide you taste notes and matching suggestions if you’re unsure of what wine to buy so you can choose the best bottle for your meals.

Account and delivery schedule management

Managing your account is simple when you use the Blue Apron app. If you don’t like anything on the week’s menu, you can skip a week with the service. Additionally, you may adjust your delivery dates to fit your schedule.

Pictures of Food

Are you proud of your culinary cooking? You may take pictures of your finished product using the Blue Apron app. You should store the images on your smartphone and post them to your social media profiles. Utilize the app’s various effects and filters to make your cuisine look more enticing. Photoshop may also be used to enhance the appearance of your meals and photos. Here’s a tutorial on using Photoshop to make your food photos seem better.

Keeping recipes

The Blue Apron app lets you store your favourite recipes so that you may prepare them again in the future after you’ve enjoyed a meal. Simply consult your stored recipes if you’re in the mood for a certain dish you’ve previously prepared. Additionally, you may print them off to use them offline.

Comparison of HelloFresh and Blue Apron in-depth

To pick the best meal kit delivery service for you, you must take certain aspects into account. Price, subscription flexibility, menu, accessibility, and app performance are a few of these considerations. Based on these standards, we’ll contrast the two services to determine which offers a better value.

Cost of Subscription

A crucial consideration is the service’s cost. Although affordability is alluring, would it be sufficient for you? On the other side, some services are more expensive yet provide less.
Let’s examine the price variations between Blue Apron and HelloFresh.


Every week, HelloFresh provides two to four recipes. The portions are for two and four individuals, respectively.

Two individuals only

  • Weekly recipes: three; each dish is $8.99 plus delivery.
  • Weekly recipes: four; each dish is $8.99 plus delivery.
  • $5 weekly recipes at $8.99 per dish plus delivery
  • Cost of shipping: $8.99

For Four individuals

  • Weekly recipes twice for $8.99 per serving plus delivery.
  • Each serving of three recipes costs $7.49 plus delivery.
  • Each serving of four recipes costs $7.49 plus delivery.
  • Cost of shipping: $8.99

Keep in mind that HelloFresh offers promotions all year round.

Blue Apron

Depending on the serving size, Blue Apron also provides two to four recipes every week.
Meals for two or four persons are available.

Two individuals only

  • $7.99 delivery and $9.99 each serving for two recipes per week.
  • Weekly recipes: three; each dish is $9.99 with free shipping.

For four individuals

  • Two recipes per week at a cost of $8.99 per serving plus delivery
  • Three weekly recipes: $7.99 per serving and delivery is free.
  • Weekly recipes four, at a cost of $7.49 per serving and free delivery

Periodically, Blue Apron also provides discounts.

Flexible Subscription Models

Both Blue Apron and HelloFresh provide flexible subscription options. Users of the two services are free to discontinue their plan at any time. When you don’t want to order a meal or just don’t like anything on their menus, they also allow you to skip a week. HelloFresh advises consumers to cancel their plans before their weekly cutoff in order to prevent their further orders. The same applies if you choose to miss a delivery week. It can also be scheduled six weeks beforehand.

In contrast, Blue Apron lets you cancel orders up to five weeks in advance.You must get in touch with Blue Apron’s Customer Experience staff to find out the procedure if you wish to cancel your account. Remember that any orders marked on your Upcoming page as “Order Processed” or “Shipped” cannot be reversed.

Various Menus

Meat & Veggies, Veggie, Family Friendly, Calorie Smart, and Time Savers are the five meal categories that HelloFresh offers. Every week, you may alter your meal by selecting from a selection of roughly 20 recipes. Recipes include things like Crunchy Curried Chickpea Bowls, Tex-Mex Pork Enchilada Bowls, Pub-Style Shepherd’s Pie, and Spicy Maple Chicken, among others.

The weekly menu at HelloFresh has three vegetarian recipes.They now have alternatives to Beyond Meat. Although the service places a strong emphasis on utilising high-quality foods, not all of them are organic. To create recipes, the service has collaborated with well-known chefs, such as Jamie Oliver.

On the other side, the menu at Blue Apron features vegetarian and signature dishes. Meals for the health-conscious are included in The Signature, along with meat, fish, Beyond Meat, WW-approved, diabetes-friendly, and Beyond Meat recipes. Food allergy sufferers cannot use the service’s meals or plans, which are not available.

Over 100 family-run farms that practise sustainable farming are among the partners of Blue Apron, the company claims. Although not all of their components are organic, the majority are. On their menu, you may discover recipes like Crispy Potato and Kale Hash, Indian-Style Chicken Tacos, and Seared Tilapia with Gremolata.

Depending on your subscription, Blue Apron only offers six different meal options as opposed to HelloFresh’s 20 recipes per week. You may look up each meal’s nutritional and allergy information. Chef Tim Hollingsworth and other well-known chefs are also clients of the service.


People in the US may access both HelloFresh and Blue Apron. Except for Hawaii and Alaska, the first distributes to every state in the contiguous United States. They are nevertheless attempting to send packages as fast as they can to those states.

In the meanwhile, Blue Apron ships meals around the US. However, because to different state rules, the service does not supply wines to all 50 states. The following American states are where Blue Apron delivers wine:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado\sConnecticut
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Hampshire, New
  • Nevada
  • Jersey, New
  • Nebraska
  • North Mexico
  • A new York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas\sVermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Virginia and West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Creating an account on HelloFresh and BlueApron is very simple. Depending on the device you’re using, you can do it via their websites or applications.

Use of Apps

Cooking should be enjoyable and convenient, which is the same objective shared by HelloFresh and Blue Apron. Having an app where you can quickly access the information you need, like your account, delivery schedules, recipes, and payment options, is one way to go about it.

The applications are user-friendly and responsive. Furthermore, they are organised properly, making it simple to locate the items you want. You may view previous recipes and upcoming meals with the ingredient list and nutritional data using the applications.

Pros and Cons of Blue Apron vs HelloFresh

blue apron

The best meal kit delivery services include HelloFresh and Blue Apron for a reason. They both provide mouthwatering recipes and straightforward instructions. But every service has advantages and disadvantages of its own. These can assist you in choosing a side in the HelloFresh vs. Blue Apron argument.

HelloFresh‘s Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Scrumptious meals
  • Simpler to follow recipes
  • Efficacious packing
  • Larger selection of recipes
  • natural ingredients
  • Suitable choices
  • Vegetarian choices
  • calorie-savvy choices
  • choose to omit a week
  • Simple cancellation procedure
  • Practical cooking advice and tricks
  • Dispute anytime


  • Greater cost
  • Additional shipping costs to the subscription
  • Not all ingredients are organic
  • Absence of certain nutritional alternatives

Blue Apron’s Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Greater acuity in recipes
  • tasty food
  • dishes that are vegetarian and diabetes-friendly
  • choices for wholesome recipes
  • natural ingredients
  • the choice to skip weeks
  • Subscribers may cancel at any time.


  • Arduous cancellation procedure
  • Fewer choices
  • Choices are limited for those who have food allergies
  • Some meals cost extra.
  • Not as sustainable packaging.

Comparison of Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and other rivals

blue apron vs hello fresh

For newbies, cooking is more convenient and accessible thanks to meal kit delivery services. Today, you have several choices, like HelloFresh and Blue Apron. Despite the fact that these two services are the most sought-after on the market, there are other businesses that have an advantage.


Plated might be a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a service that can accommodate various dietary requirements. They provide recipes that include veggies, fish, and beef. Meals that are minimal in carbs, under 600 calories, and easy to prepare are also options.Instead of being adventurous, the majority of its recipes gravitate toward authenticity.

Violet Carrot

Another meal kit delivery service to think about is Purple Carrot, especially if you’re seeking for vegan recipes. The membership options they provide are also flexible, allowing you to skip a week or cancel at any time. The drawback of this service is that they make the food selections for you.


The importance of meal kit delivery services like HelloFresh and Blue Apron goes beyond just reducing food waste in each household. They also assist novice home cooks in developing their culinary abilities and learning new recipes. Your lifestyle, preferences, and financial situation will all influence the services you choose. Make a wise choice with the aid of this manual.

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