Phone Holders: Top 10 Best Phone Mounts For Car in 2023

A good car phone holder is as necessary as cup holders and a new Spotify playlist for a good road trip experience; in other words, it’s a necessity. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the bigger ones are that they let you see the GPS of your phone when driving and be hands-free on the lane.

For quick access, car phone holder encourage you to place your mobile on the dashboard where your eyes are not far from the lane. You will then work to your GPS or phone numbers securely. Choosing a best car phone mount is the challenging part. With too many to pick from, finding which one is right for you is tricky. Below, for your money, we’ll help you out with our list of the best car phone owner.

Phone mounts offer a convenient and quick way to make calls, get turn-by-turn directions, and use the voice assistant on your phone. But not all smartphone mounts are equally made. Any best weathertech phone mount perform differently than others for certain vehicles and tablets. We’ve collected our highlights here, along with some cell phone holder ideas for shopping to hold in mind.

What Are the Different Types of Car Phone Mounts?

To begin, you must select between two basic types of car phone mounts: those that attach to your air conditioner vent and those that attach to your dashboard or windshield. There are several fantastic solutions if you have a typical air conditioner vent (with horizontal slats). Circular or tiny AC vents are frequently incompatible with vent mounts.

Dash and windshield mounts are more adaptable and, in general, a better alternative for the majority of individuals. Some are suction-mounted. Others utilize automotive-grade glue that will not harm your car. However, adhesive mounts cannot be readily moved once installed, and the glue does wear down over time. Choose a suction mount if you want to use your mount in numerous automobiles or just do not want to wipe sticky residue off when you ultimately remove it. You may also attach your phone to your car if it still has a CD player.

Which is best phone holder for Car?

There are two types of best car phone mount, for the most part: mounted to your air conditioner vent, and mounts attached to your dashboard or windshield. There are plenty of decent choices out there if you have a standard air conditioner fan, but remember that they won’t work with circular vents.

Mounts for the dash and windshield are more flexible. Some are attached with a suction base, while others use adhesive. The latter seem to come with adhesive of automotive grade that does not harm your vehicle, but they can not be pushed as quickly and over time the adhesive can break down. You’ll want to miss those if you rent or otherwise regularly change vehicles.

Magnetic or Spring which car phone holder is best?

 best car phone mount

In order to keep your phone in place, many mounts use either spring-loaded arms or magnetic bases. And have their advantages. Magnetic mounts are quicker; more flexibility is provided by spring-loaded mounts, because you can switch between phones quickly.

Magnetic bases enable you to connect a metal plate or slide it between your phone and its case to the back of your phone. If you use wireless charging, you’ll want to be vigilant with the plate placement: the handset won’t be able to charge if the plate is on or near the charging coil.

Car Mounts for Wireless Charging

Qi Wireless charging is provided with some versions. These mounts are operated by the DC port of your engine, so each time you get in the car, there is no need to plug your phone in. Most car phone mounts cap out at a certain phone size, so make sure it fits the phone you plan to use before you purchase one. Make sure it’s big enough to carry your phone if it’s a spring-loaded mount. Test the optimum weight for magnetic mounts (and factor in the weight of your case).

AUKEY 360-degree Rotation Car Phone Mount

One of the most inexpensive and trendy alternatives on our list, with a refined style that does not look cheap, is the Aukey Car Phone Mount with 360-degree rotate ($15.99) It is a magnetic mount that can be mounted to the window or bumper, and it has an advanced flexible arm that rotates 360 degrees and even goes up and down. And if you experience bumps or other movements when driving, the Aukey keeper remains in place. The handset on the magnetic holder can even be rotated to get the best angle, which is fantastic.

Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount

The Beam Electronics Universal Car Air Vent Mount Smartphone ($15.99) features supportive bottom braces, along with weapons you press into place. A 360-degree pivot mount is available, so you can turn the phone for quick viewing at any angle and location. You just need to press the quick-release button at the bottom of the mount if you are ready to delete your handset.

Belkin Premium Car Vent Mount

Belkin’s Luxury Automotive Vent Mount ($29.95) attaches to the air vent of your vehicle and takes seconds to mount or switch. The mount rotates 180 degrees, so, by using GPS, you can easily flip from portrait to landscape mode. However, if you’re a large screen enthusiast, bear in mind that this mount maxes out on 5.5-inch-wide phones (and if your phone is in a case, make sure to factor in that bulk).

iOttie Car Mount

Simple One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder ($16.95) from iOttie features a suction base with a thin gel coating that can adhere to almost every smooth or textured surface. It has a telescopic arm that stretches up to 8.3 inches and pivots about 225 degrees, making it possible from any perspective to screen your screen. Qi wireless charging is already built-in, meaning you don’t have to fumble for a different charging cord.

iOttie iTap Magnetic 2 Dash & Windshield Mount

Stylish and easy to use, the iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Dashboard Car Mount Holder ($29.95) would not split the bank. With a strong suction base, it connects to your dashboard or windshield. You’ll need to apply a secure bumper and metal plate to your phone or phone case because it uses magnets instead of a normal frame. It supports both landscape and portrait modes, and then you can conveniently change your phone to any viewing angle with the ball joint pivots.

It has a powerful suction cup that can be mounted on the inside of the windshield of the vehicle, or you can put the mount on the dashboard using the provided sticky pad. In addition, when moving, the mount’s telescopic arm helps you to find the ideal location for your phone.

AINOPE Handset Holder for Gravity

Among our choice vent mounts is the AINOPE Car Cell Phone Holder Rack ($22.99). This budget-friendly mount operates on most normal car vents and, even though they are in a thick case, can comfortably handle phones with displays up to 6.7 inches wide. Simply slide your phone into the mount, and the clamps move into place automatically, ensuring a flawless grip. Tap the button on the bottom of the mount when you’re about to drop your handset and you can lift it up without any problems.

Kenu Airframe Qi Wireless Charging Car Vent Mount

Qi wireless charging up to 10W is enabled by the Kenu Airframe Wireless Easy Qi Charging Vent Mount ($49.95) which clips securely on most air conditioning auto vents for cars. In order to prevent the mobile extra from overheating, the built-in wireless charging pad features foreign object identification and shuts off automatically in hot weather.

Scosche MagicMount Dash mount

The Scosche MagicMount Dash ($19.99) sticks automotive-grade adhesive to your windshield or bumper and uses magnets to lock your phone in place. That allows you to position your phone for easy viewing at any angle.

If you have placed your phone on the magnetised pad, you are free to move it thanks to the dash-mounted stand with 4-axis, 360-degree motion. It’s marginally more expensive than the WizGear, but if you want dash mounting versatility rather than vent mounting, this is a better choice.

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount 

An affordable and practical way to ensure that your handset is readily available is the TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount ($19.99). There is an interchangeable base for this mount that fits snugly into virtually every middle cup console. Using its gooseneck arm, you can conveniently change your phone’s viewing angle. The mount’s holster is broad enough to accommodate smartphones up to 3.54 inches high, but with battery cases that are thicker than 0.5 inches, it doesn’t perform well.

Miracase Car Phone Mount

A basic mount with a locking clip that connects to most air conditioning vents is the Miracase Car Phone Mount ($23.99). The Miracase boasts a bottom ledge for added security, in addition to a spring-loaded arm to keep your phone in place. It also features a spinning head of 360 degrees that helps you to turn between vertical and horizontal orientation easily and change the phone’s tilt angle.


Mounts for phones are just the beginning. It will make it feel brand new to add the right equipment to an older car. For a drastically different journey, refresh your old vehicle with our favorite high-tech gadgets.

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