15 Best B2B Sales Tools for Prospecting in 2023

With B2B Sales tools for automation and productivity, sales software streamlines your daily sales workflow. These B2B Sales tools have developed to encompass not just customer relationship management (CRM) systems but also a variety of additional solutions that aid in prospecting, lead generation, and/or quotation production.

Salespeople who use digital B2B sales tools for prospecting outperform their peers who do not. Why? Because of the power of automation, they can go through the sales process more quickly and efficiently, resulting in a better client experience. Isn’t it practical?

In this post, we offer useful B2B Sales tools for each stage of the sales cycle to assist your sales staff in automating their procedures and closing more transactions.

What are Sales Tools?

Sales tools are software and b2b prospecting tools that assist sales teams in automating and streamlining a variety of operations and procedures, such as lead creation, customer relationship management, and sales forecasting. These sales tools and techniques may help sales teams operate more efficiently and effectively, allowing them to complete more transactions and improve income. CRM software, marketing automation software, and sales forecasting tools are examples of prominent Sales b2b lead generation tools.

Why Should You Use B2B Sales Tools?

By automating repetitive operations, recording and analyzing sales data, and giving actionable insights to drive improved decision-making, sales tools and techniques may help boost productivity and efficiency in the sales process. Additionally, these B2B Sales tools may assist sales teams in prioritizing leads and streamlining communication with prospects and customers, resulting in more successful and efficient sales activities. Furthermore, sales tools may assist in creating and maintaining great client connections by providing a more professional and structured approach to the sales process.

Best B2B Sales Tools for Every Stage in the Sales Cycle in 2023

Here are some of the best providers of B2B sales tools list in this post: If you want to understand more about the category, see What is B2B Data and Who are b2b lead generation tools Providers?

1. Lead411


Lead411 is a B2B direct sales and email lead source that delivers verified emails of the prospect’s company’s decision-makers. Its buyer intent is driven by Bombora, which assists in discovering firms and decision-makers who are seeking the business’s products and services based on 5–25 various subjects. Using the Reach Email/SMS Engagement Automation, users may locate and contact opportunities directly. They may build up email and SMS cadences, campaigns, and cadences to make reaching out to prospects quick and straightforward. It combines data and sales intelligence to deliver critical information about the organization, resulting in the expansion of the intent data.

To improve the result and establish a healthy pipeline, it provides different sales intelligence data points such as company location, IPO announcement, recruiting plan, job opening, new employee hire, promotion, executive employee hire, company awards, and more. It showcases organizations that have numerous combined growth intent indicators and are expanding by utilizing an algorithm to assign a score to them. It interacts with over 25 third-party apps and CRM systems, including HubSpot, Pipedrive, Outreach, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Microsoft Dynamics, and others.

2. Zoominfo


ZoomInfo is a B2B Sales tools database and company and contact intelligence supplier with three platforms: intelligence, orchestration, and engagement for the firm’s sales, marketing, operations, and talent acquisition. It provides B2B contact data, such as direct dialing and email addresses, to assist businesses in connecting with clients who are engaged and ready to make a transaction. It also gives information on the company’s health, such as employee and revenue growth, organizational charts, and the technology utilized by prospects and how they use it.

Users may view the contact’s professional profile, job titles, social media profile, experience, and other information. The availability of organizational charts, direct postal addresses, and email addresses of decision-makers aids in landing big-value agreements and renewals.

3. Uplead


Uplead is a B2B Sales tool and corporate contact data supplier with information on prospects from over 200 countries and 85 million contacts. It generates a list of prospects in real time. It provides over 50 criteria to assist users in identifying connections and firms that match their buyer’s profile. It includes information like contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers, as well as the technology they use and how they utilize it. Uplead’s email verification is done in real-time, ensuring that the user always has correct and up-to-date information.

Users only pay for confirmed data, and it also provides bulk email verification. Uplead allows consumers complete flexibility over which emails they choose to download, and they are not charged for those that are not downloaded.

4. LeadIQ


LeadIQ is a sales prospecting automation B2B Sales tool that helps the sales team by gathering and sequencing prospects’ contact information with a single click. It alleviates the stress of entering several data points by allowing the sales staff to take leads while surfing LinkedIn or another website. The analytics dashboard allows them to keep track of the team’s prospecting by title, area, firm size, and industry. It guarantees that the sales tools always have correct and up-to-date data by allowing them to manage which quality of data is recorded, how credits are used, and which connectors are used. It reduces manual entry by integrating with popular third-party programs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, LinkedIn, Outreach, GSuite, and others.

With a single click, this B2B sales tool instantly changes current information and enhances new records. It keeps data clean by providing a clean process and eliminating duplicates and the time spent merging them.

5. Slintel


Slintel is a data warehouse and Go-to-Market sales intelligence software that provides B2B Sales firms with technographic-powered buying intent to assist them in locating active customers in the market. It improves transparency by reviewing over 100 data points and analyzing numerous indicators such as technology adoption patterns, customer journeys, digital footprints, and more. It assists firms in increasing revenue by identifying engaged customers, allowing the go-to-market team to create pipelines more quickly. It provides active, high-intent purchasers in the target market with direct calls and validated email addresses. Understanding the prospect’s problems, preferences, and requirements aids in the establishment and building of the relationship.

Users may learn which goods and services are being utilized by consumers and devise a strategy to address any issues they may be experiencing while utilizing them.

6. Cognism


Cognism is a sales intelligence platform that gives premium contact information to organizations to help them locate, connect, and close prospects. It provides unfettered access to the decision-maker’s mobile number and email address, guaranteeing that there is always enough data to communicate with prospects. To avoid the risk of calling incorrect or non-existent numbers, the phone numbers and email addresses are checked. Its intent data is powered by Bombora, which provides contextual data that tells users which customer is most likely to complete the transaction.

It enables salespeople to prioritize and tailor their marketing to in-market accounts. It collects warm leads and shortens the sales cycle by pushing sales professionals to focus solely on active and engaged buyers. Cognism B2B Sales tool verifies and maintains a do-not-call list for clients in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

7. Clearbit


Clearbit is a B2B Sales tool for marketing intelligence that appends more than 100 data points on a firm, its technology, and its personnel to accelerate lead discovery, engagement, and conversion. To automate the workflow, it interfaces with key third-party programs such as Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Segment, and others. Its data activation platform offers a complete picture of the market, prospects, and consumers. It provides a real-time intent signal that may be utilized to reach a specific audience and build a customized buyer’s journey. When integrated with data from current systems, it aids in the definition and activation of the ideal customer profile.

Users of this sales tool may use intent signals and 100+ B2B qualities to create a target audience, identify accounts viewing the sites, and personalize contact with clients.

8. Lusha


Lusha is an ISO 27701-certified sales intelligence solution that is intended to assist the sales and marketing teams in building and strengthening connections with prospects by providing information such as email addresses and phone numbers of important decision-makers. Prospecting is simplified with the Lusha extension, and all necessary information about prospects, like email addresses or phone numbers, can be accessible with a single click, whether through LinkedIn, Gmail, or any other website.

It offers internationally compatible data and guarantees the highest level of data accuracy. It provides a variety of criteria to generate a list of over 1000 prospects in a single step, including firm name, company location, industry, revenue, number of employees, title, seniority, contact location, and more.

9. InsideView


InsideView is a B2B Sales tool subsidiary of Demandbase that provides intelligence solutions straight into the CRM of sales and marketing teams. It is a marketing and sales intelligence platform designed to assist small and medium-sized organizations. It is an effective tool for prospecting organizations and individuals. It delivers collected and curated information about their segments, target market, and company to the sales and marketing teams. Users can search their database for suitable prospects.

They can also use multiple metrics, custom traits, and social signals to filter them. Representatives get real-time alerts and notifications for each client engagement, as well as changes in decision-makers, firm size changes, acquisitions, relocations, and other factors.

10. D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers


D&B Hoovers is a sales acceleration and intelligence platform that provides data and analytics to help sales and marketing accelerate the prospect-to-revenue connection. It enables the sales and marketing teams to target more strategically by giving them access to complete knowledge on hundreds of billions of firm records. AI, analytics, and audience visualization assist the team in increasing customer engagement through relevant and tailored content. It increases sales efficiency by providing a customized dashboard that is updated in real-time, buyer’s intent, and a lead list. It aligns sales and marketing and provides function-specific outcomes by providing tailored sales and marketing solutions.

This B2B sales tool combines D&B Intent models with Bombora-powered intent data to provide an exhaustive list of signals. It combines three intended solutions—BBombora, D&B predefined, and D&B customs—tto spot spikes in signals and provide the most flexibility in terms of scale, purpose, and precision.

11. Seamless.ai


Seamless is a sales solution that assists the sales and marketing teams in locating qualified sales leads, email addresses, phone numbers, and direct calls. Its real-time search engine assists in connecting with and building a list of market decision-makers. Its free Chrome Extension turns the internet into a lead creation engine, allowing you to locate the cell numbers, direct dials, and email addresses of the company’s essential connections. The plugin is compatible with any B2B firm website, such as LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter. It uses artificial intelligence to investigate, identify, and validate email addresses and phone numbers in real time.

As is usual with many B2B sales tools, Seamless.ai connects with prominent third-party programs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Salesloft, Outreach, and other engagement platforms, increasing productivity and efficiency by removing human data entry.

12. Hunter.io


Hunter.io is an email-finding application that assists the sales and marketing teams by locating and confirming contact email addresses. A B2B Sales tool for locating contact information. Users may use the Chrome Extension to quickly retrieve the email addresses of contacts they are viewing on websites. Users may utilize the Domain Search to obtain publicly available email addresses, as well as the confidence score, department filters, and other sources. Users may do a domain search by uploading a file to the dashboard, which results in a list of targeted email addresses. They may also use the API to discover contact email addresses from the domain name.

The email finder collects and validates all information, such as email formats and email addresses, to guarantee that users receive correct and up-to-date information. The email verifier analyzes email on various levels, including format, domain, and email server response, and then compares it to Hunter’s database of professional email addresses.

13. LeadGenius


LeadGenius is a SaaS firm that uses machine intelligence and a diverse team of human researchers to assist B2B sales and marketing teams in finding, qualifying, delivering, and transforming leads. It is a sales tool that assists organizations in eliminating time-consuming processes from their daily operations and updating and improving current databases while discovering new consumers. It provides account and contact monitoring for signals and triggers. Ad expenditure, press releases, inventory status, pricing changes, product announcements, and social media activity are all account signals. Contact signals include social media involvement, job title changes, downloads, and the intent to buy.

LeadGenius uses competitive intelligence to determine when leads are leaning toward rivals’ products and services, allowing the sales team to reach out to customers at the correct moment with the right message.

14. RocketReach


RocketReach is a B2B Sales tool that assists businesses in locating the contact’s verified email, social media connections, and phone numbers. The Chrome Extension includes an email finding tool that quickly locates information about the contact. It validates data for over 700 million professionals across 35 million businesses. Leads may be found on Google, AngelList, Crunchbase, and LinkedIn. Its Advanced Search function assists in the discovery of personal emails, business emails, and direct calls by providing a variety of search options. Users may get relevant details like revenue, funding, industry, rivals, staff size, and more, as well as a list of decision-makers from over 35 million firms.

Among other things, RocketReach uses the REST API to automate lead creation, contact discovery, people search, and corporate search. It instantly checks contact information.

15. Mattermark


Mattermark uses data-driven tactics to help organizations locate and reach out to developing firms and investors. It includes over 80 categories to help you select and develop the correct company profile, such as region, revenue, industry, staff growth, and more. Users may find the relevant contact by considering their title, role, and seniority. It offers a comprehensive set of data points for millions of organizations. Fields like revenue range and zip codes can assist customers in defining and managing their possibilities. It tries to increase sales outreach by tracking team size, online traffic, media mentions, and other factors.

Mattermark finds data from news stories and websites using machine learning, web crawlers, and natural language processing, which is subsequently human-verified. This B2B sales intelligence tool enables the team to make educated decisions by giving tools such as Saved Searches, Custom Lists, and Notifications, which aid in keeping track of the market’s millions of organizations.


The “new normal” is remote working. To survive this paradigm shift, B2B sales teams require a set of quick and effective tools to assist sales representatives throughout the sales process. These tools can assist firms in developing a successful B2B sales process and closing leads with fewer obstacles. All of the tools listed in this article are quick, time-saving, and extremely beneficial to B2B sales representatives. Sales managers should eventually focus on tools that meet their needs and help them achieve success and workplace efficiency.

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What are the different types of B2B sales tools?

Sales tools are classified into several areas, including sales enablement, email marketing, analytics, and so on. Businesses can choose these tools based on their priorities.

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