10 Up-and-Comers to Watch in the Push Notifications Services Industry

Push notifications give voice to your app as it helps you reach users’ attention by reminding them of your services through pop-up messages that get delivered on the user’s mobile screen.

As the name suggests, android push notifications push users to visit your website but maintain a limit as they are a permission-based channel. Push notification if used wisely can increase user engagement to twice, or even thrice the number.

10 Most Popular Push Notification Services

In this article, we are going to read about the 10 most popular IOS and android push notifications service providers and you can compare their offerings and decide according to your marketing requirements.

  1. Urban Airship

Urban Airship is a Portland, USA end-to-end messaging platform for apps that utilizes push notification techniques, strategies for engagement, and mobile analytics to provide engaging and in-app notification to users depending on geographical locations, preference, and mobile platforms.

Urban Airship offers customers a web-based editor, researches it all over the major operating mobile systems, and then provides rich media content.

  1. Push Woosh

Push Woosh possesses scalable and future-prepared systems that handle push notification traffic even up to millions. Apart from offering free services to the basic and premium accounts, Push Woosh provides additional features including international language, tagging support based on location, Remote APIs, analytical support, and code review.

Push Woosh offers the feature to the marketers to target and segment their users based on the marketing strategies and thus include to-the-point content in the push notifications.

  1. Parse Push

Parse is a push notification service provider that provides a huge scope of push messaging, social media linking, analytics, code hosting, and cloud storage.

Parse Push permits marketers to deliver messages through the client SDKs, web console, or REST API.

Its analytics module allows businesses to monitor app opens, push opens, and push campaign effectiveness.

  1. Appsfire’s Appbooster

Appsfire’s Appbooster launched in 2009 and with its emergence, the IOS, or android push notification service provider, aimed to offer user engagement to the marketers through its push notification services.

Appbooster offers a feature called a two-way inbox that allows developers to send in-app and push notifications on users’ devices along with helping promote multiple apps.

  1. Push.io

Push.io has been providing B2B-level push notifications since 2009. The push notification provider has a record of sending billions of push messages to date.

Push.io believes in ‘relationship-based marketing’ and thus aims to deliver value-based messages to the recipient.

Recently the company was acquired by Repsonsys that help marketers to avail “orchestrated mobile marketing experience” to a wide range of devices.

Push.io is the only company that both builds and delivers push notifications.

  1. MobDB

MobDB offers readymade backend servers to apps and also allows developers to create, deliver, and track the pop-up messages delivered to the users even when the user is not using the app during that time.

MobDB makes it easy for the developers to create database tables and run backend queries with ease.

  1. XTIFY

XTIFY is a New York-based company offering tools and resources to developers that further build, research, test, and send push messages to help move forward with the marketing campaigns.

Xtify’s push notification is known for offering one of the best user engagement channels that present relevant content to users’ Internet-enabled devices at the appropriate time and place.

Xtify works perfectly with Android, IOS, and also Windows native applications and websites.

  1. mBlox

mBlox uses targeted marketing campaign management through push notifications to help marketers separate their audience based on location, behavioral, or demographical patterns.

The result in turn brings a positive user response that means huge website traffic.

mBlox provides user-friendly templates that support building marketing messages with an integration facility for HTML codes, Twitter feeds, audio or images.

  1. Quickblox

Quickblox offers a wide range of push notification services that includes delivering news, reminders, scores, alerts, updates, and calls to action.

It provides integrated IM, social media, video calling, and other communication features with the app, thus delivering well-formed push notification solutions to end-users.

Quickblox offers such fast speed that it can deliver 10,000 push notifications per second.

  1. Appoxee

Appoxee offers automation with its push notification system that was primarily implemented only for iOS devices but has now spread its roots to all major smart device ecosystems.

Appoxee supports enterprises by leveraging its push notification to maintain long-lasting user engagement. The company received $1.8 million in seed funding that helped Appoxee to gain credibility.

In a nutshell

Android push notifications have revolutionized the marketing world with its emergence. It has proved to be one of the top successful tools to boost website traffic, improve user engagement, retain existing customers, and target the potential audience. However, it depends upon you how you use android push notifications to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Choosing from a hub of push notifications providers is never easy. For you to choose the one that will fulfill your expectations requires you to form a list of all your priority requirements. Then you can easily compare those requirements against all possible mobile push notification services.

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