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Due to quarantine restrictions, the demand for various mobile apps has increased over the past year. In general, the market for mobile apps is up-and-coming. But it is not so easy to enter it, because the competition is also high.

Any app begins with an idea. Then the developer (or the product owner — everything depends on the scale) needs to decide whether it will be an app for iOS or Android. Of course, different platforms require different technologies. But what if you want to create an app for both platforms? In this case, cross-platform React Native development technologies such as Flutter and PhoneGap can help you.

React Native development is one of the most popular hybrid mobile app React Native development technologies. It has created many famous apps, including Walmart, Skype, Instagram, Tesla, UberEats.

In this article, you will find a list of app ideas created in React Native development.

React Native Game Engine

The React Native Game development is pretty simple. You can use it to create simple games. The engine has everything you need to develop a simple game for iOS or Android. It can be a simple puzzle game, something like “Snake,” etc.

 React Native Technology

Messenger Aggregator

Imagine how difficult it is to exchange messages in several completely different apps throughout the day, such as Skype, Slack, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Instagram, etc. In addition, constantly switching between apps can be annoying, distracting, and prevent you from focusing on your work.


The application’s main option is to support as many messengers and chats as possible to install in the app.

  1. The user interface should be designed to quickly switch between accounts and receive push notifications on mobile devices and computers.
  2. Make the app multi-lingual so that people around the world can use it.
  3. Ensure the privacy of your correspondence with end-to-end encryption.
  4. Offer messaging support for the five most popular messengers in your region.

Timer for Important Events

We all have important days or events that we look forward to. These can be birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or work events. The timer for important events is the perfect solution for this task.


  1. Allow users to specify the date of their special events. The app will automatically start displaying a countdown on your screen.
  2. To add an event, users enter the name of the event, the date, and the time they want to see the timer (say, to have the timer go on a week before an anniversary).
  3. Users can also add some details about what should happen during the event.
  4. The app will remind the user that the event is coming up, but the user must activate the event by pressing the “Start” button.

In the whirlwind of everyday life, it’s straightforward to forget some crucial things, so developing a timer app could be one of the most popular startup ideas for 2021.

Family Budgeting App

Create an app that allows you to track and analyze the user’s expenses.


  1. The primary function of the app is to summarize monthly expenses.
  2. Users should be able to add the costs and income and categorize them.
  3. In addition, it gives the user the ability to create their expense categories.
  4. The app should develop charts for different periods to display expenses and income by type in terms of analysis.
  5. Using artificial intelligence and big data, you can gain insight into the user’s usual spending habits. With this, your app can predict future expenses and suggest an appropriate budget.

Online Shopping App

It’s predicted that by 2025, 95% of purchases will be made online, so if you have your own business, it’s worth moving it to a digital platform as well.


  1. Give the user the ability to set a shopping limit. An error message should be displayed if the limit exceeds.
  2. Users can choose their payment method and delivery address.
  3. Users can see sales taxes added to the total purchase amount. (In some countries, prices, including regular stores, are shown without tax, and the tax may differ in different country areas. It makes it a bit difficult to estimate how much you’ll have to pay at the checkout.

Personal Productivity App

Everyone wants to be productive and do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams. Help people achieve their goals by simply providing an app that allows you to discover multiple ways to stay productive and motivated. It’s a good idea to add a motivational component to such an app in gamification elements.


  1. The basic functionality of this app is a calendar with reports, reminders, a toolbar for tasks and habits.
  2. Users should mark deadlines in the calendar by which their goals should be achieved and set aside time to React Native develop new habits.
  3. Create a feature to remind users of scheduled tasks and upcoming events.
  4. Allow users to create a list of functions in the app with the ability to indicate their status. For example, users should mark that they have already completed their plans for the next week.

Radio Or Music App

For many people, music is therapy. They want to listen to songs that improve their mood, and it can be the music of many different genres.

When creating a music app using React Native development, you need to integrate audio and radio streams.


  1. Streaming music and radio, play, pause, stop, repeat mode, and random play mode are essential features in an app like this.
  2. Your app should also have a built-in playlist based on albums, artists, and different genres.
  3. Add multi-channel capability and allow users to add custom URLs of their favorite radio stations.

Calorie Counter: Monitor Your Health

Developing a calorie counting app with React Native development is as challenging as maintaining your health with exercise and nutrition. This app aims to help users keep track of the number of calories coming from various foods.


  1. Create a list of foods that the user can select (in a JSON file).
  2. Users should be able to search for product descriptions. To do this, create an appropriate input field.
  3. Add different charts to track the number of calories in other food groups and provide the user with a monthly analysis — this helps keep them motivated.

Instant Messaging App

Developers have already created many apps for messaging. Some of them have a multi-million audience — Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Viber, Whatsapp, etc. But developing such an app can be a challenge for a programmer working alone, without a team.


  1. The chat app should have a simple, attractive, and interactive interface that allows new users to join the chat quickly.
  2. Messages should be stored in a database and should be encrypted to ensure privacy.
  3. Allow users to send images, videos, and links. Naturally, all of this should be displayed correctly.

You can create a lot of exciting and valuable apps using React Native development. These apps will be good to show in a portfolio and to bring to market.

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