Top 5 Best Razer Gaming Mouses to Buy In 2022

Does Razer offer the best collection of razer gaming mouse model or razer keyboard? Most likely yes. There is a reason Razer continues to be perhaps the most well-known gaming accessory business in existence, and it has to do with their enormous selection of goods that were thoughtfully created to appeal to a broad variety of consumers.

If you’re looking for the best Razer gaming mouse and razer keyboard you already know what you want and what you can afford, odds are good that you’ll find it. This is the reason we’ve compiled a list of the top PC mice Razer has to offer and grouped them into the most pertinent categories.

Best Razer Gaming Mouse

Checkout top 5 best razer gaming mouse for gamers in 2022:

Razer Viper Ultimate

  • DPI Range – Up to 20,000
  • Sensor – Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor
  • Best For – FPS, Tournament-grade!
  • Razer Chroma – Yes

This is being marketed by Razer as the best wireless gaming nifty mouse available. Viper Ultimate definitely pushes the envelope because to its straightforward design, ambidextrous construction, and cutting-edge Razer technology. The Razer Focus+ Optical sensor, the newest sensor to come off the Razer production line, is included with the Viper Ultimate. Only the Basilisk Ultimate uses this top-of-the-line sensor, which is superior to that found in the LG G502 Lightspeed, widely regarded as the best wireless gaming mouse available. The Viper Ultimate is quick, precise, and, well, pricey. Add to that the HyperSpeed Wireless, another new technology from Razer that is said to be 25% quicker than previous-generation wireless equipment.

Really, that’s the only lowdown. Again, compared to what you’ll need to spend up, the mouse buttons may appear a bit more affordable because razer gaming mouse made it ultralightweight at around 75 grammes. It can operate wirelessly for around 50 hours on a single battery. With Razer, the RGB effects are enjoyable. Depending on how much power is left in the mouse, the charging dock will change colour. Fast, precise, and sharp describe the Razer Viper Ultimate. You will notice the difference if you go from a cheap gaming mouse to this, especially when playing Valorant or Black Ops Cold War.

Price – Under $60

Razer Naga Trinity

  • DPI Range – Up to 16,000
  • Sensor – Razer PWM3389
  • Best For – Everything Complicated, from WoW to graphic designing
  • Razer Chroma – Yes

We could simply state that this is the best gaming mouse or the best Razer mouse money can buy, but it would be a disservice to this work of pure genius.

It’s a shame that the Razer Naga Trinity isn’t available for free or as a limited edition because it’s a god among computer mice. Most of us here enjoy the Razer Naga Trinity, as you might have guessed, and we have good reason to.

Even from Razer, there are better-wired gaming mice available for players who want to aim and fire (next up.) You can shoot, reload, switch to weapon 2, reload weapon 2, access the menu, change the background, order pizza, reserve a flight, and other actions with the Naga Trinity. On the side of it, there are 12 customizable buttons.

If that’s too much, just switch to the novice 2-button panel or a more “traditional” 7-button hex layout. Now, if you’re a moron with basic requirements, check out the other Razer gaming nifty mouse. But if you want to make the most of your bipedal development and increase your productivity with your left thumb, grab this for more than just gaming. While some of us adore it, others aren’t ready for it. But nothing compares to being used to the Razer Naga Trinity!

Price – Under $90

Razer Basilisk Essential

  • DPI Range – Up to 6400
  • Sensor – Razer Optical Sensor
  • Best For – FPS
  • Razer Chroma – Limited

The Basilisk Essential could be the razer gaming mouse for you if—and only if—you want a multitasking gamer and are right-handed. The Basilisk’s thumb rest and robust design aesthetics make it incredibly ergonomic.

It has two strategically positioned programmable buttons on the left and is solely shaped for right-handed people. Who needs 16,000 DPI when 6,400 DPI can accomplish the task just as well? True, you won’t get headshot percentages, but Razer considered this and incorporated a button or paddle to switch between DPIs directly in front of the thumb rest.

Of course, Razer Synapse 3 offers complete customization. The lighted scroll wheel, adjustable scroll resistance, 20 million switches (as opposed to 50 million on the Basilisk), a few programmable buttons, and a reduced DPI range are all absent from this stripped-down version of the full-blooded Razer Basilisk. But the focus should be on the value that this mouse offers, especially given that it costs less than half as much as the enormous Basilisk.

Price – Around $40!

Razer Viper Mini

  • DPI Range – Up to 8,500
  • Sensor – Razer Optical
  • Best For – FPS
  • Razer Chroma – Limited

Few companies, excluding Razer, provide their entry-level items the necessary value. Even though the Viper Mini is one of the more affordable Razer gaming mouse  alternatives available, it warrants a spot on this list. There aren’t many, so don’t get your hopes up about some discounted features.

The 8.5k DPI, 50 million click switches, and simply the Razer Optical sensor (no Focus+) are all turned down. But despite the cost, it’s a surprisingly good gaming mouse, which is why Razer excels at what it does. With a weight of little over 60 grammes, the Viper Mini falls under the ultra-lightweight category.

Despite the cost and size, you still get the essentials, such as the DPI switch above the scroll and the programmable thumb buttons on the left. By eliminating the rubber side grips and replacing them with PTFE gliding feet, Razer has cleverly added some significant value as well. This makes a huge difference when gaming. This Razer chroma mouse also has the newest optical switches from Razer, which have reaction speeds of 0.2 ms.

Razer Basilisk V2

  • DPI Range – Up to 20,000
  • Sensor – Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor
  • Best For – This is THE gaming mouse you wanted
  • Razer Chroma – Yes

Before we begin the evaluation, you should be aware that, at the time of this round-up review, the Basilisk V2 is $20 less expensive on Amazon. The best features Razer has to offer in a gaming mouse are well known to you. Now increase the price of a wired mouse while adding all the best features. The Razer Basilisk V2 is designed to fill the need for a mid-priced gaming mouse.

This is perhaps the most potent spec sheet for any wired gaming mouse, with the most recent Optical Focus+ sensor and up to 20k DPI. Razer has modified the Basilisk’s fundamental aesthetics to make it more comfortable than the original Basilisk by adding more grips on the left. It clocks in at 650 IPS, which is the same maximum speed as the Naga Pro.

Like the Naga Pro, it also has PTFE mouse feet and optical switches rated for 70 million clicks. As a Razer chroma nifty mouse, this one offers the whole 16.8 million colour spectrum. Other than that, the scroll wheel can be adjusted, there are up to 22 programmable inputs that you can customise, and the tried-and-true Basilisk design has been improved to provide maximum comfort for users who use the claw grip and palm grip (users who use their fingertip will find it difficult because this is a big mouse unless they have rarely bigger hands!) Given the recent price drop, this is the best Razer gaming mouse you can now purchase.


It’s really more difficult for us gamers to choose one and start using it because the gaming mouse market is so competitive. But you already know that in FPS or MMO games, the appropriate gaming mouse may make a small but significant difference. For the top slot, Razer is competing against the Sensei, LG, Glorious, and other models. The best Razer gaming mouse for your demands and price, however, won’t often let you down if you just want to use one brand.


What is the best Razer mouse for first-person shooters?

Either the Razer Naga Pro or the Razer Basilisk V2 is the ideal Razer mouse for first-person shooters. These two mice have the most recent sensors, high polling rates, maximum speeds of 650 IPS, and optical switches. All of this ensures that each LMB or RMB click is converted into on-screen action within 0.2 milliseconds and implies lethal precision.

Is the Logitech mouse superior to the Razer?

At some price points, some Logitech products are superior to Razer products, but the contrary is sometimes true. In the wired market, the Razer Basilisk V2 is less expensive but gives somewhat greater performance than the Logitech G502 Hero. In contrast, the Razer Naga Pro has yet to find a competitor for the productivity and performance it offers.

Are Razer mice prone to breaking?

Even while gaming mice, like Razer mice, are not prone to breaking quickly, practically all gaming mice, including Razer mice, are easily prone to physical damage simply because they are not constructed to withstand it. Since most gaming mice are designed to be extremely light, plastic of various sorts and textures makes up the majority of their constituent materials.

Why do razer gaming mouse cost so much?

Most Razer mice have cutting-edge technology. Even low-cost solutions now come with tech features that were standard just two years ago. Razer mice are designed to offer the best comfort, low latency inputs, and high performance. The price includes extras like the Razer Chroma RGB and Synapse 3 software.


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