What is Real Debrid – How to use Real-debrid/Device

What is Real Debrid Device, and What is the reason, you use if for streaming Videos? If you love to stream free movies, TV Shows, Anime or any other form of content, you may answer the question; What is RealDebrid? Real-debrid/device is used for streaming and downloading Video.

It is a multi hoster service with numerous servers hosting the files of users. While hosting, the large files are shared, download, and streamed at the speed of light. Real Debrid hoster service is becoming famous not only among the Kodi users but the whole streaming community.

After reading the Real Debrid Reviews, we came to know that Kodi users are mainly incorporating real-debrid in their streaming. Being a free multi hoster allows you to stream and download videos instantly at high speeds, by providing high-quality links hosted on unrestricted servers to make the streaming experience as smooth as possible.

What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is not an addon but rather a multi-hosting service that improves your streaming experience by allowing you to stream and download without restriction. It is the most popular multi-hoster, and its primary feature is to provide many HD streaming sources that no other Kodi addon does.

Almost all popular addons are compatible with the tool. These connections are obtained from a total of 56 supported servers by RealDebrid. The difference between RD links and standard Kodi links is that these are not as often utilized as the ones that Kodi addons may scrape from the internet. Furthermore, they are hosted on high-bandwidth servers, which speeds up and stabilizes your broadcasts. This provides an uninterrupted streaming experience.

real debrid

Is it possible to open a free Real Debrid account?

For many years, Real Debrid has provided consumers with a restricted-free plan. You would still obtain some of the service’s capabilities with this package, but you would only be able to use it between 6 AM and 12 PM Central European Time. Regrettably, this proposal was just canceled. According to the team:

“Our service is not free because it is expensive for us.” To satisfy everyone, we must provide a maximum download speed even during busy hours through our different servers. Advertising cannot be used to pay for Hoster’s Premium accounts or traffic agreements.”

You must upgrade to a premium plan to utilize Real-Debrid. You will then be able to enjoy:

  • Download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps for HTML5 streaming (no plugin required)
  • There are no wait times or advertisements.
  • Plugins for Firefox, Chrome, and JDownloader
  • Decrypter for DLC, RSDF, and CCF
  • Downloads in parallel
  • Unrestricted Traffic
  • Download accelerators are supported.
  • Multiple web hosts on the same site
  • Downloads using AES encryption

How does Real Debrid Aggregate these Links?

With the help of supported hosts like DataFile, Filefactory, Mega, and Big4Shared, etc. The Real-debrid/device has 56 supported hosts that provide it with the premium content. Real Debrid is specialized in providing these links to the users more efficiently and at a low cost. Real debrid is getting very popular among Kodi users.

The reason being that Kodi provides its users with comparatively low-quality links for streaming usually hosted on restricted servers. These streams suffer from buffering issues. Realdebrid provides its users with high-quality links and a better streaming experience but are those links from legal files?

Although they claim to be using all legal content, at the same time, they are not ready to be held responsible if any of its users are found guilty while using their service. It makes things a little bizarre.

Features of Real Debrid:

After paying the subscription fee and buying a plan on Real Debrid, you can enjoy the following services:

1. High-speed downloads of up to 1000Mbps
2. HTML5 Streaming (No plugin needed)
3. No waiting times or advertising
4. Firefox, Chrome, and Jdownloader Plugins
5. DLC, RSDF, and CCF decrypter
6. Parallel downloads (2)
7. Unlimited Traffic (4)
8. Support for download accelerators
9. Multiple hosters on a single website (3)
10. AES Secure Downloads

Real-Debrid vs. All Debrid:

All Debrid is also a widely used premium link generator available. Although Real-debrid is the most popular option, thousands of people use this service on streaming apps, PCs, and more. However, AllDebrid is also gaining fast popularity. Both of these file hosting services operate in the same fashion.

You need to buy the subscription plan to access their services. Both of these file hosting services work in the same fashion. By subscribing to or purchasing one of their payment plans, you can access their database of high-quality files. Users find that subscribing to any of the two services will eliminate any buffering issues in their streams. Integrating Realdebrid with Kodi is the most significant benefit of it as compared to All Debrid.

The price comparison between these two hosters is similar, but there are a few differences. AllDebrid has a 7-day trial offer that users can take avail before purchasing. It is not present in real debrid. Another difference is that Realdebrid provides a 15-day subscription, whereas All Debrid has no such plan.

Both these services’ streaming quality and speed have little to no difference with no one at the top. Both services bring in numerous high-quality links and play the content fast and buffer-free. VPN Connectivity of Realdebrid is better than All Debrid, whose links are not displayed for streaming when connected with a VPN. Therefore if you wish to stream securely with a VPN, real-debrid/device is a better choice than All Debrid.

Benefits of RealDebrid:

1. Integrate Real-debrid with Kodi

To Stream HD content on Kodi Without Buffering Realdebrid, with all its plus points over, is still less popular than Kodi. Kodi has 1000+ addons and high functionality, which makes it the most popular software for streaming. Kodi users have the option to integrate Real-debrid with it to achieve the best result.

Real Debrid

When you integrate Real Debrird premium with Kodi, you will get more HD streams (marked “RD”) while using the best Kodi addons. These extra HD Streams are not free ones and are not hosted on servers that restrict your bandwidth. Instead, they are from Real-debrid premium links that are not available to every Kodi user.

Regular Kodi free HD streams are used by many users worldwide, which results in lots of buffering. Therefore, if you have already signed up for the premium version of Real Debrid, you should integrate it with Kodi to get the fastest premium HD streaming of countless Kodi addons. With the Realdebrid (RD) links, up to 1000 Mbps speeds streaming is possible. And there will be no buffering

2. Fastest Files Download with IDM

Real-debrid/device’s innovative web player can be used to play the file instead of downloading it. But if you want to most significant and then play, Debrid makes it very easy and fast even then. Download a file on the internet is much more comfortable with Real-debrid.

It is because Realdebrid ‘s unlimited bandwidth lets you download the file with maximum speeds, and when used with Internet Download Manager (IDM) instead of your browser, the speed boost even higher. It is also possible on Andriod Smartphones or Android box. To download a file on these devices with Real-debrid App, you should visit Google Play Store.

3. Quickly Convert Torrents to Direct Links

Converting torrent files and magnet links into regular files is easily possible with Real Debrid. Just go to the website and the related page. You can upload your .torrent files or paste the magnet links from online and convert them to standard files on that page. Upon the conversion, the multi-hoster will provide you a direct link to download the file.

Price of Real Debrid:

Realdebrid’s free version was also available, but it worked only between 6 am and noon. This free access was scrapped in 2019 since the multi hoster stated that its service is not free. The free service costs a lot of money to Realdebrid. Its a paid service. You need to subscribe to it. Real-debrid/device provides its users access to premium file hosters with a subscription price of $4.64 per month.

The plans that you can choose from are as follows:

  • 15 Days / 3 Euros / You get 150 Fidelity points
  • 30 Days / 4 Euros / You get 2000 Fidelity points
  • 90 Days / 9 Euros / You get 450 fidelity points

real debrid

Problems with Real Debrid

The biggest problem with realdebrid is that its not free. It costs money for the users. After paying a subscription fee slightly less than Netflix that is an entirely legal source of content, realdebrid has never been proved to be entirely legal. RealDebrid claims it does not link to infringing copyright files, Yet it offers numerous alternative sources for hit movies.

In this regard,  real-debrid/com/device is not much different from Kodi, which is free of cost service. Due to this reason, Kodi users should not register for or use realdebrid. With all these problems present with realdebrid, the multi hoster is still a better choice than its peers.

After all, we all need the fastest and easiest streams with no buffering for our favorite shows and movie and our download experiences.

Why should you use Kodi VPN?

Kodi includes hundreds of add-ons that allow you to stream content. When you utilize add-ons that stream copyrighted content, the problem occurs. The DMCA, in particular, is dedicated to preventing copyright infringement. Your ISP is likewise on the lookout for similar activity. Using Real Debrib gives you access to premium hosts that provide high-quality streaming, but it does not guarantee that you’ll remain protected and away from copyright infringement.

VPN stops ISP intervention by masking your identity with a virtual IP address. The VPN server assumes responsibility for routing your internet traffic. Hence, your activities remain hidden from the ISP and third parties. Not only does a VPN protect your identity, but it also secures your internet connection as well. FastestVPN utilizes AES 256-bit encryption for the toughest encryption possible for transmitting data over the network.


It is difficult for a new user to know everything about a real Debrid device. So, using it in the initial stages may become very hard. We are here to help you out and provide the best guide. You can go through this article to find out all the details of the Real Debrid device. From pricing to other factors, everything is very well explained. It will help you learn more and use the tool with ease. If this article helped you learn more about the tool, make sure to share it with others and leave your thoughts down below.


Q1. How Many Devices Can I Use Real Debrid On?

You can use the Real-Debrid account for as many devices as you want if they are connected to the same IP address. Suppose there are more than five devices available with the same IP address. Setting up the Real-Debrid account can open a lot more possibilities for you.

Q2. How Do You Use Real Debrid For Free?

To do that, you will need to follow these steps. First, visit the official website of Real Debrid and click on the sign-up option. It will help you activate the account. When you receive the confirmation mail, go and click on the link that can help activate the account. After everything is done, you will need to sign in again, and you are all set.

Q3. How do I use real Debrid authentication?

Here are the steps you can follow to open up a free account with Debrid.

  • Visit the website of the Real Debrid device and press the sign-in button.
  • A menu will slide up; fill it up with your details.
  • Click on Sign Up for free.
  • Now, visit the email account and click on the confirmation link.
  • Go back to the official website of Read Debrid and click on login to add the information.

Q4. What Is Real Debrid, and How Does It Work?

It is a subscription service that provides users access to all the file hosts that are additional. Subscriptions start at €3 or USD 3.17, but they can go very high to USD $16.88 or €16 for a pack of six months. When a user of Kodi selects to watch something, Real Debrid helps get additional links through the 49 supported hosts.

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