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If you are a Kodi addons fan, you must be enjoying this open and free to use the software, compatible with all devices from an android phone to your home PC. In 2004, Microsoft introduced the software XBMC (X Box Media Centre) and, later in 2014, changed the name to Kodi. Today it as an independent multifaceted media center and one of the most popular home media tools.

This article is related to the Addons on which the soul and functionality of Kodi addons reside. Best Kodi Addons search the whole internet to bring you the available contents and make the Stream application possible. Without these kodi addons, you would need to find the content yourself with Kodi being merely a naive media player.

If you are a Kodi lover, you might wonder which Addons to choose from a long list. We agree it’s challenging to choose the right one. Kodi Addons 2019 is old version regarding its functions and systems. No worries, we are here to help you find the best Kodi Addons in 2022, according to your need.

No matter how long the list is, into two basic types; Official Addons and Third Party Addons. Let’s understand them.

Official Addons

These are Kodi’s official addons. Kodi legally owns it and has all the copywrites. These addons are already present in the software when installing Kodi and are updated automatically. Examples include Audio and Video addons, Skins, sound cloud, pluto, and numerous others.

Third-party Kodi Addons

These are not Kodi’s Addons but developed by the Kodi Community. Yet, most of them, too, provide access to free streams. They allow access to thousands of videos and content without permission by breaking the copy write barriers. Due to the illegal nature of third party addons, these are not always available for the users.

These may subject to shut down, or sometimes the developers abandon them. Therefore, it’s essential to update yourself about the available third-party addon options. The one working well now may be unavailable tomorrow. But no worries. Let us update you on the available solutions and tell you which Kodi Addons are working the best in 2022.

Best Working All in One Best Kodi Addons

MirRoR Video

MirRoR Video is rising in popularity day by day. It has a vast library, high-quality content with all great features. This all in one Kodi addon has everything from Search, Tools, Download to IMBDS Lists, TV Shows, New Episodes, and YouTube Channels. Installation is straightforward through the following link.

Repo: Cy4root


Best Working Addons for sports

Kodi still has some fantastic live sports addons left. If you lost those you were fond of previously, these best Kodi addons could fulfill your craving for watching sports live.

1. The Loop:

This fantastic addon provides you with various sports chunks from TV services in Canada, the US, and the UK. Bring to you the Golf 24/7, Test Zone, CBC Regionals, NBC Sports Regionals, Fight Zone, Game Zone Replay, and Fan Zone. You can access this channel using the following guidelines:

2. Sportowa TV:

This addon lets you stream through various categories of Sports Channels. Some users believe that it is a fork of once-popular addon SportsDevil but is a better option in many aspects. this addon can be accessed through

3. Rising Tides:

This addon is the most desiring one for football lovers. Extensive in Rising Tides demonstrates countless quality sources to Live Football, IPTV Heaven, AceStream Live Stream, Live PPV Event, sports channels, and more. You can access this addon through this link.

Repo: Mullafabz


4. TvTap:

For the sports lover who wants to stream top sports channels from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, this addon is for you. you can access it by following this guideline

Repo: Cy4Root Repository


Addons for movies and series

 Movies are the most-watched stuff on the internet, and Kodi brings you a whole new world of streamed TV shows and the latest movies. 

1. TAZ:

It is a standard fork of the older addon, Exodus, TAZ, with a fantastic collection of movies and shows. TAZ is one of the best available addons on Kodi in 2022. The install guidelines for TAZ are as below.

Repo: Octopus Repository


2. Magic Dragon:

This superb addon is not just for movies. The good thing about Magic Dragon is that it has never been altered or upgraded and is still provides the best streams. It’s an all-in-one addon linking to Radio Channels, Live TV, Sports, TV Shows, and more. To install this addon, click on the link below:

Repo: Diamond Build


3. Venom:

When paired up with Real Debrid, Venom Find out how to install Venom provides the best results for your tv shows and movies. The best thing about Venom is that it keeps on adding quality sources to new tv shows. Follow these instructions to install Venom on your device.

Repo: Venom


4. Seren:

relatively new addon, Seren is again the all-in-one addon. Don’t forget to pair it with Premiumize or Real Debrid. Get this addon by following the installation instructions below.

Repo: Nixgates Repo


5. Exodus Redux:

Exodus Redux’s effectiveness increases when it s combined with Lamba scrapers. It offers high-quality streaming, and you can install it through this link.

Repo: IAC-Repo


6. Odin:

Radio, Cartoons, Documentaries, Anime, and more are easily accessible through this addon. why do we say this addon the best one? The reason is that it keeps updating the latest episodes of in-demand tv shows. Install this addon through the following link:

Repo: Goldengun


7. FEN:

FEN works best with Real-Debrid and Premiumize and s highly recommended as it provides advanced features of high-quality streaming. Find all your movies and TV Shows instantly by installing this addon.

Repo: Tikipeter’s Repository


Best Working Kodi Addons for Live TV

The live tv addons allow you to stream live channels all over the world. We have selected the best live tv addons that are available in 2022.

1. TVOne111:

If you are a live Tv lover, this addon is the one you need. It exposes you to an extravaganza of News channel and Science, Kids, Religion, and Sports. Install this addon by clicking on this link.

Repo: Octopus Repository


2. BBC iPlayer:

This addon is available directly on Kodi. It Brings you the original videos from the BBC channel with access to BBC One/Two/Four, BBC News, and many more. 

3. USTV Now:

Free access to CBS, CW, ABC, PBS, Fox, and more is possible through this addon. The addon is for US Military serving channel USTV and offers ABC, NBC, and CBS fast streaming.

Best Working Kodi Addons for Adult

Best Working Kodi Addons for Adult, And if you love adult content, then don’t miss out on these adult Kodi addons in 2022:

1. Ultimate Whitecream:

with this addon, you can access Adult site content directly from the Kodi Platform. You can click on the following link to install this.

Repo: TV ADDONS.CO Adult 18+ Add-on Repository



This adult content is rich in features and getting highly prevalent in adults. If you are looking for free cams, adult video content, and famous websites, this addon is best for you. The installation link is as follows.

Repo: Stream Army repo


Best Working Kodi Addons for Anime

The anime fans will love to add these two addons to their Kodi player.

1. SoggySandwich:

Containing trending anime series, past anime, and many more, SoggySandwitch addon provides you a taste of Japanese TV.

2. Masterani Redux:

Massive collection of dubbed and sub dubbed anime, Masterani Redux is a well-organized addon and is entirely free. To install Masterani redux, follow the link below.

Repo: Magicality Repo


I am sure the list of the above available addons would be helpful. Refers to the best guide in selecting your required addon or finding the replacement of your vanished addon. 

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