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Is Reddit down and you’re looking for Reddit Alternative Sites? No worries! You’re in the right place. Let’s start! It is the Internet’s most popular site to explore what’s new on the planet.

Reddit videos have a big following from the world of the internet and technology, entertainment, innovations, politics, and the most popular AMAs. Wow Reddit is your best chance to discover the world’s best and worst content. It is a list of many links that its users have from around the world, with all kinds of details.

For everyone, Reddit alternative sites have multiples to sell. Whatever it is you’re into, Reddit Alternative Site is available for it. It gives anyone an interactive forum to comment on diverse subjects, to express their opinions on various issues, etc.

Recently, wow reddit videos have declined, and for different reasons, several people are leaving the service of Wow reddit. All these users are searching for multiple alternative sites where they can begin discussions to quench their appetite for strong discourse.

Best Reddit Alternative Sites

Many users are looking for some Reddit alternative sites to launch discussions on to ease their desire for intense conversation.

1. Baconit

Reddit Alternative

Baconit is one of the best Reddit alternatives for Windows Phone because of its load of features. In an easy-to-read, upload/download style, with numerous sorting options, the app presents the stories. The clever (search) bar allows you to locate messages, sub-edits, etc. in seconds that fit unique search words. Subreddits can be found and subscribed for, and several Reddit accounts are accessible. In addition, there is support for formatting comments in real-time. You can also pin Alternative site and Launch Screen messages, of course.

2. Quora

Reddit Alternative

Quora is more yahoo than Reddit! Addressing competitor’s best Reddit alternative, it was an outstanding place for clever talks, which came out of a simple question. Quora encourages its users to ask questions on the web and other users can answer the questions if they have a feeling about the subject. You can either continue to ask questions and get responses from experts, or you can write your own responses if you know a lot about the subject. Simply select which topics you are interested in and you will receive all your queries and questions related to the topic. Answering questions will improve your community’s expertise. You will join other experts and follow other experts.

3. 4Chan

Reddit Alternative

One of the best-known communities. 4Chan is a photo board allowing the users to upload photos of their favorite forums and post feedback on shares by other people. Everyone will upload their photos without having an account and make feedback to their favorite forums. Without needing to open an account, you will engage in your chosen societies. The 4Chan has numerous forums, including but not limited to music, video games, videos, electronics, anime in Japan, etc. There is also an adult place on the board where all NSFW photographs and content for the adults are shown. When posting your content, you can post something anonymously under whatever name you want.

4. Slashdot 

Reddit Alternative

It wasn’t the geeks that we forgot there. You better bookmark Slashdot on your website if you wish to get the latest technology information. However, searching each news and reading it on various websites is a real hassle. Slashdot provides the latest technology news from thousands of outlets. It is convenient for all to access news from Slashdot. You can just visit this website to find all articles on the front page about technology from hundreds of different outlets. You will then join in the conversations and discussions to tell others what you think of the plot.

5. Hacker News

Reddit Alternatives

Hacker News is the simplest and most easy news aggregation on the internet. No flashy signs, no side bars and no widgets. Everything you get is easy futuristic news from all over the globe. The News Y Combinator channel provides all the knowledge available to programmers, technicians, geeks, founders and business lovers. The news item’s popularity is measured by its points. Each user will upload and take a news story to his or her point. At the top of the table end the most famous stories with the most ratings. Many of these news reports come from reputable sources such as The New York Times, Washington Post, among others. By using the submit button above, each user can submit a story.

6. NewsVine

Reddit Alternatives

If you want to get the latest news on the web in one location, NewsVine is your favorite Reddit Alternative site. NewsVine is a crowd-based news network that provides its users with the best and most current news reports from around the globe. The website also puts together innovative and common news accounts, from The Associated Press, etc. In addition. Thousands of customers support this service with fascinating news stories and reports from all over the web.

The most famous articles finish on the front page of the website as millions of people visit the site regularly. You can speak to other users by developing numerous nations around your desires. You may also write your own posts or include news reports from other website publications.

7. Product Hunt

Reddit Alternatives

This name is Commodity Search, it is the Product Hunt for the best product on the market. Product Quest offers most in all, from the new and best of technologies to the most amazing sports. You will get a rundown of the best items in the market, like the best blogs, top smartphone applications, hottest games and many more. People will make and share their own lists with the world. You will comment on the works of others and create something for yourself to post on the website with others.

People in the group post awesome technical things with everyone in the community, so everyone can hop in and vote on the tech. If it’s a smartphone app or just a basic game, Product Search is the best place for you to hunt for something huge next in technology.

8. Voat

Reddit Alternatives

For a little over a year, Voat was out there. It is one of Reddit’s most popular Reddit Alternative sites and clones. Voat has the same user interface as Reddit and you feel right at home when you use Voat for a long time. Much like Reddit video uses subversions for different things, Voat uses subverses for related topics, there are minor variations between the two pages. A Voat was cautious as Reddit. It has worked tirelessly to prohibit multiple hate-based subreddits, but Voat has confirmed that virtually anything not unconstitutional can be uploaded. You will also get paid for taking part in the partner scheme to post premium content on Voat.

9. 9Gag

Reddit Alternatives

9Gag is not entirely a rival in Reddit, but it is probably the funniest spot on the global site. 9Gag began off as a simple website where web photos and amusing pictures were provided by various users for amusement, but has lately become a huge group of fantastic people. Users have continued to post valuable items and worthy material for conversation that in the comment section really begins a great deal of discussion.

The comment section is probably much more humorous than the posts. 9Gag is the best spot to be if you want to let your heart go and laugh. 9Gag also added a variety of new pages to suit diverse needs. Something’s out there for all.

10. StumbleUpon

Reddit Alternatives

When you discover the newest and coolest things on the internet you’re searching for, so nothing beats StumbleUpon, because it is the best platform for people from around the world to find awesome stuff. StumbleUpon makes you stumble across some great content from various people (no name for it). Users will present the site with various news, reports, findings, etc. and all the material will be shown to the troublemakers. You start to explore by clicking on the discovery button and your adventure begins to discover wonderful things.

You will then begin stumbling, like or hate contents, save your website, or share a website with others. Continue to stumble before you discover an odd thing which is the motto of this wonderful service.


These sites like Reddit are the best Reddit Alternative sites, and would certainly be helpful if you’re looking for anything new. Do not hesitate to let us know in the commentary below if you have any other Alternative sites.

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