Six Ways To Promote Your Band

There are so many bands out there promoting themselves in different ways, and promoting your band might seem a daunting task at first. Whilst the music industry remains fast-paced and ever-changing, even using the most popular tips and tricks can leave you feeling that you have made some progress. This article provides six ideas to assist you in getting started.

1. Create a website for your band

There are major advantages if you choose to create a music website, with the most notable one being that you give your following a more personal space and deeper access to you and your band. You are free to post whatever content you like, with no risk of restrictions placed on the content you add which might be the case on your YouTube or Facebook channels.

The thought of having a standard website to promote in this day and age of social media might seem outdated but a well-polished yet simple and well-designed band website ultimately can give you an edge. You are in control of your band’s professional image which gives your following a destination where they can get information about you such as pre-sale information, ticket links, music, and tour dates, without the distraction of social media. Having a website will make people take your brand more seriously and make it look more professional.

2. Promote using a physical element

Show off your creative skills by using physical promotion materials such as flyers, posters and handouts. Think more outside of the box by using art installations, murals, and even scavenger hunts. This might seem old-fashioned as the masses spend their time mainly researching online for the latest music news but physical promotion is still a solid method to reach your audience and ​​create that brand identity you wish for in the music industry.

3. Tour whenever possible

Watching a band perform live is still the dream for many music fans and videos and content of live concerts inspire fans to purchase tickets for gigs. Touring is a great way to connect with fans face to face for a memorable experience that your following will not forget. Touring as many places as possible increases your band’s following in countries that might not yet have heard of your music. Depending on where you tour, media outlets and newspapers might take a chance to do a report on you. Local radio stations might invite you on for a show and other similar opportunities are more probable to arise from a successful tour.

4. Radio stations are still popular and effective

Radio has been a prominent media outlet for years and this is still the case today with even smaller stations that can effectively promote your band’s music. Look for radio stations that are already playing your genre of music regularly then possibly they will be interested in listening to a demo or playlist and if successful, the rewards are potentially massive. With radio stations accessible almost anywhere with an internet connection or even as people travel to work by car, you cannot underestimate the audiences you can reach via a local station.

5. Use free platforms to promote where possible

There are plenty of free platforms to use for promoting your latest content. Many of these are social media or cloud sharing sites such as SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify, and many more. You can even upload old music and share it with your followers who maybe have not had the chance to purchase your material before or use these platforms to expand that following. These popular platforms give you a free opportunity to gain new listeners with just a couple of hours of work needed to create a profile and upload some tracks and then you are ready.

6. Try to create original and inspiring content

Music videos have pushed the boundaries out further than ever with the opportunity to showcase your creative skills as well as the potential to earn substantial amounts with little investment. Many bands use music videos to emphasize what their music is truly about and hit the message home to followers.

Some followers may consider your videos controversial, however, usually, these stand out amongst the crowd and are often ones that remain popular for breaking the rules or pushing the boundaries more than others. More controversial music videos will make you more likely to get news coverage, but remember there is no such thing as bad press when promoting yourself.

There are plenty more resources online that go into greater depth, including ideas such as creating band merchandise like stickers and badges, clothing, or sponsoring or playing live at other events, fundraisers and public parks. Open your mind to try new ideas and test the waters to see what works and what does not. The music industry is full of creative and like-minded people, but if you promote your band in your own image and put in the hard-work, you will reap the rewards.

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