6 Ideas to Create Captivating and Engaging Social Media Campaign

A social media campaign is a series of orchestrated events aimed at achieving a particular target within a specific period, with observable outcomes. It can take place on only one social media site or over many. In sum, it is a concerted marketing initiative aimed at increasing recognition, interest, and loyalty to a brand, product, or service.

Every day around 3.5 billion people use social media. Consumers say that social media presence has affected them in 73 percent of cases. Social networks are bustling places, whether to communicate with loved ones, find entertainment, or grow a company. Marketers are well aware of this opportunity. It’s no surprise that by 2021, global investments in social media ads will hit $48 billion.

Before beginning a campaign, the first question you should ask yourself is, “Why am I doing this?” Pick your social media outlets and develop a social media routine. To maximize efficiency, look into the right resources, conduct a competitor analysis, and set up a system to monitor results.

Businesses fail to gain social media engagement because they don’t understand what it entails. Corresponding with a single customer on social media isn’t social media involvement. It involves maintaining a long-term relationship with all of your customers. The following blog post ideas will help boost engagement and are proven to create charismatic social media campaigns.

  1. Initiate a conversation and mention your superfans

Not all customers are easy to work with for businesses. But good customers aren’t all alike. Some are more critical than others. In reality, the most valuable few may be worth more than the rest combined. By concentrating on superfans, a company may become more profitable.

Your superfans would go to great lengths to ensure that you are in their lives. Initiating a debate on social media is one of the quickest ways to interact. Mention your ardent supporters. “Brand lovers” is another term for them. These aren’t all casual followers on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram; they’re all die-hard supporters. Using the “@” feature to list them demonstrates that you know them and appreciate their dedication.

  1. Sharing isn’t enough

Sharing isn’t enough when it comes to social media marketing. Social media platforms can also serve as a customer support unit. Social media offers outstanding customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Social media is another more accessible way to reach customers. Your company should have measures in place to handle customer service issues via social media.

If done strategically, it also boosts the brand’s reputation and increases the likelihood of going viral. Many businesses see social media as yet another form of self-promotion. They don’t often respond when customers comment or tweet about their posts. Build genuine conversation relationships by using your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Social media is an effective marketing tool for modern companies, but it can also improve customer service. In reality, when it comes to service, 92 percent of businesses struggle.

Many angry or dissatisfied customers express annoyance on the company’s pages. It can reflect poorly on your business, particularly if people retweet or share the comments. However, you should not disregard these posts, and you should not deal with situations in public. Sending a public response with a request to continue the discussion privately shows other customers that you appreciate their feedback. Having a separate department can serve as a plus point for your business.

  1. Promote User-Generated Content to Your Fans

Engaging your customer via co-creation is a key to create engaging content. It will boost the post engagement and help turn your customers into brand enthusiasts. Many well-known brands have been promoting user-generated content, such as Doritos. It was one of the most dominant and visible examples of user-created content in the industry. Rather than employing an ad agency, they invited their fans to create a commercial for them using the simple guideline to “just make it awesome.”

  1. Create Snapchat geofilters

Snapchat geofilters are a great way to raise brand awareness and build memories with your audience.

By swiping right on your Snapchat picture, you can find a geofilter, a location-based overlay. It’s an incredibly effective tool for promoting your business.

When releasing a new product, you want to entice your audience to learn more about it and eventually buy it. Thus using a geofilter will make your posts even more engaging and interactive.

You can make a Snapchat geofilter for your office to promote company culture and business offerings. Encourage staff to share behind-the-scenes workplace activities or hold interviews with friends about their favorite aspects of their careers.

  1. Go live

Live videos should not be ignored when preparing a social media campaign. In a recent poll of 1,000 people, 80% preferred watching a live video over reading a blog, whereas 82% favored watching a live video over reading social media messages. Consider hosting a live stream, conversing with customers in real-time, or asking and answering questions.

Your existing customers are the perfect people to market your brand. Showcase your delighted customers using a recorded or even a live video. Customers should be encouraged to post pictures of them using your product, along with a hashtag to advertise it. Text content is much more challenging to process and remember than visual content.

  1. Get Your Employees on Social Media

A daily employee is more trusted than a CEO. Employees that share company content enhance brand equity. Recognizing employee achievements via social media is a brilliant way to do so. Recognition inspires team members to connect and improve the goodwill of your brand. They have contacts and followers to which the company might not have access otherwise. Getting your employees on social media will help boost customer morale and help them engage with your brand more.

Final Thoughts

Firstly analyze the relationship with your customers, and then choose a plan to create and distribute helpful material. Try your best to keep it current and maintain the rhythm of the discussion. The best way to boost social media campaign engagement is to be active on the media and be as interactive as possible. Regularly update your content, follow people involved on social media, retweet and post others’ content, and participate in trending topics. Depending on when your fans are online, decide the best time to post. In sum, engagement, interaction, and consistency are the keys to success in creating captivating social media campaigns.

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