What does Soyboy mean in slang and Why is it Trending

The word “Soyboy” has been used a lot on social media sites for a while now. The chances are that you’ve seen this phrase at least once if you spend any time on social media. Even though the word may seem to mean what it says, there is more to it than meets the eye. Our article will explore the history of the word “soyboy,” what it means, and how it has become part of current internet slang.

What is a Soyboy Meaning?

As an insult, the word “soyboy” is often used for guys who are thought to lack manly traits. This phrase can be seen as a form of poisonous masculinity, which means that men are supposed to act and behave in ways that are typical for their gender.

Some psychologists think that comments like “soyboy” can be a way for people to show that they are in charge and powerful over others. People can feel in charge and better about themselves by putting others down and insulting them.

Furthermore, calling someone an insulting name like “soyboy” can be a way for them to strengthen their identity and sense of belonging to a certain group. People can improve their sense of identity and belonging by calling others insulting names when they don’t fit in with their group’s rules and values.

Users of taunts like “soyboy” should be aware that these words can hurt the people who are called them. Feelings of shame, not being good enough, and low self-esteem can come from it. It is important to encourage an atmosphere of acceptance and respect where people are not judged based on their gender or how masculine they are seen to be.

Where did the name Soyboy come from?

Soyboy is just one of many online names used by alt-right groups to label men who support leftist politics as weak and oversensitive, including Snowflake and Cuck.

Boy has long been used to derogatorily refer to men, but why soy? The insult comes from the idea that phytoestrogen in soy lowers a man’s testosterone, which means it makes him less manly. One thing is that phytoestrogen is not the same as estrogen, which is a hormone that women have. Also, the claim is not true.

Also, do people who promote soy think they eat a lot of soy? They care about animal rights and the environment, so they drink soy milk and eat soy goods like tofu. The same kind of men who back feminism, multiculturalism, political correctness, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, according to the so-called manosphere or alt-right groups online, These are the “unmanly” men that white nationalists started calling out on sites like 4chan and Reddit in 2017.

Soyboy was first used on 4chan in early 2017 along with Cuckold, which is another insult that the alt-right likes. Around the middle of the year, someone put the insult into the Urban Dictionary. At about the same time, far-right critic James Allsup put up a YouTube video saying that politically correct people drink soy milk instead of real milk. Other alt-right groups shared anti-soy videos and pictures of men wearing “pussyhats” to the 2017 Women’s March, along with meanings of “soyboy.” By the end of 2017, people like them frequently used the hash tag “#soyboy” on Twitter. This is not the same as earlier, harmless, and unrelated uses of soy boy, like a picture of a child eating tofu.

How to Use Soyboy in Various Situations

Soyboy in Media and Entertainment

This is a word that is used a lot in online groups and on social media. It’s also used in mass media and entertainment. This word has been used in many TV shows, movies, and songs.

In the “Sons and Witches” episode of “South Park,” the word “soyboy” was used to refer to a group of guys who have become too sensitive and politically correct. They were shown to be weak and unable to handle feedback on the show. This word was also used to talk about a character on the TV show “The Good Fight” who was seen as weak and girly.

There are many songs and records in the music business that use the word “soyboy.” Joyner Lucas, a rapper, used the word in his song “I’m Not Racist” to talk about people who get angry quickly and can’t handle criticism. In the lyrics of songs by Lil Pump and Machine Gun Kelly, this word also appears.

There have been a number of movies and programs that use the name “soyboy.” As used in the documentary “The Red Pill,” the phrase refers to guys who have become too feminine and can’t stand up for themselves. The movie “The Joker” also uses the word to describe Arthur Fleck, who is shown to be weak and unable to deal with the stresses of life.

A character in the video game “Red Dead Redemption 2” is called Gavin, and he is always looking for his friend with the same name. Because Gavin seems weak and girly, other players have made memes and jokes about him being a soyboy.

Soyboy in Internet Jokes

Men who are thought to lack manly traits are referred to as “soyboys,” which is an insult. The phrase is used a lot in jokes and has become famous on the web. We’ll look at some of the most well-known soyboy jokes in this part.

The Soy boy Face is one of the most well-known soyboy memes. This meme is about a facial expression that guys called “nu-males” or “soy boys” make when they are captured looking surprised or excited with their mouths open. It’s also called the Nu-Male Face, the Nu-Male Smile, the Soyboy Face, and the Cuckface.

This is another well-known soyboy meme: the “Soyboy Starter Pack.” Things that are usually linked with soyboys are shown in this meme, such as a man bun, skinny pants, a vegan diet, and a New York Times subscription. People often make fun of guys who are seen as too delicate or politically correct with the Soyboy Starter Pack meme.

The “Soyboy Tears” meme is another one that has become more famous through the years. The description for this meme is usually a picture of a guy crying and saying “Soy boy Tears.” People often make fun of guys who are seen as too sensitive or politically correct with this meme.

Soyboys and Being Masculine

Men who are thought to lack masculinity are referred to as “soy boys.” People on the alt-right use this phrase a lot in online groups. It comes from the idea that guys who eat soy products become more feminine because their testosterone levels drop. There is, however, no solid proof to back up this claim.

The word “soyboy” is often used to make fun of men who don’t fit standard male roles, even though eating soy products isn’t inherently bad. This can be bad and keep hurtful gender roles alive. Not just a few traits and actions should be used to describe what it means to be masculine.

It’s important to be aware that there are many ways to be a man, and that these ways can be different for different people and countries. Masculinity should be open to everyone and accept differences.

While this is true, it is also important to recognize that toxic manhood can cause violence, aggression, and other bad behaviors. Toxic masculinity often involves hiding feelings and being open to being hurt, while also encouraging violence and control.

Soyboy and Being a Vegan

If you know the word “soyboy,” you might think of vegans when you hear it. This is because soy is found in a lot of veggie foods, like tofu and soy milk. Keep in mind, though, that not all vegans are soyboys and not all soyboys are vegetarians.

That being said, some people think that veganism is a “feminine” way of life, so guys who eat a vegan diet are called “soyboys.” Not only is this image wrong, but it’s also damaging. There is no one way to be manly or feminine, and what a person eats doesn’t affect how they identify or show their gender.

Also, it’s important to remember that soy isn’t always bad for guys. Soy does contain phytoestrogens, which are plant-based chemicals that can act like estrogen in the body. However, the phytoestrogens in soy are not present in large enough amounts to have a noticeable impact on testosterone levels.

Soy is actually good for you in many ways. It’s high in protein, fiber, and important vitamins and minerals. Heart disease and some types of cancer are also less likely to happen if you do it.

Some Complaints About this Slang!

Some people say that the word “soyboy” is insulting and should not be used to describe men who don’t fit traditional male roles. Some people have said that the term is a form of toxic manhood that reinforces damaging ideas about men and women.

Some people say that the word “soy boy” is often used in a way that is homophobic or sexist. This word is often used to insult men who are seen as weak or girly, and it’s also often used to shame men who don’t fit into standard gender roles.

Others have questioned the scientific basis for the term, saying that there isn’t much proof that guys who eat soy products have lower testosterone levels. Some studies have even shown that eating soy may be good for you, like lowering your risk of heart disease.

People still use the term “soyboy” to insult men who are seen as weak or girly in some online groups, even though it has been criticized. Some people have said that the term is a form of bullying that can have very bad effects on men who are having problems with being men.


What does a soy jack mean?

The slang phrase “Soy Jack” refers to a man who is seen as weak, girly, and lacking in manhood. People who believe in standard gender roles and think guys who don’t fit those roles are less important often use this phrase.

What does a male do?

People use the word “numale” to describe a man who is seen as weak, girly, and not masculine. People who believe in standard gender roles and think guys who don’t fit those roles are less important often use this phrase. It sounds like the word “Soy Jack.”

What does the phrase “Soyboy wojak” mean?

The meme “Soyboy Wojak” started on 4chan and is often used to make fun of men who are seen as weak or girly. Some memes feature a cartoon character with a round, soft face and a sad expression, and they frequently include the word “soyboy.”

What are some things that all soy boys have in common?

These are frequently linked to characteristics like being politically right, vegan or vegetarian, and caring about the environment. Some people may also think they aren’t aggressive, strong, or have other traditionally male traits.

How does the soyboy face mean something?

The term “soyboy face” refers to the round, soft features of men’s faces that are often linked with men who are seen as weak or effemininate. This word is often used as an insult to mean that the person doesn’t have enough testosterone and is therefore less manly.

What are some well-known Soyboy names?

There aren’t any special names that go with soy boys. Instead of a group of people, the word is used to describe a style of behavior or personality.

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