Top 10 Torrent Alternatives For Torrentz Search Engine

Torrentz was not a torrent website, but a meta-search engine that did not host both its torrents, but connected to other common BitTorrent sites, like The Pirate Bay, RARBG ExtraTorrents, KickassTorrents, and many others torrent sites.

One of the leading torrenting websites, TorrentZ2/Torrentz focuses mainly on a torrent quest. In other words, TorrentZ2 is simply a torrent search engine that extracts information from various torrent search engines and populates a huge database of torrent files besides you.

Millions of people have been using Torrentz to stream videos, games, shows, and other torrent media. Even then, users continued searching for its mirror, proxies, and torrent sites such as after its shutdown. If the websites of torrentz/torrentz2 are blocked and you can not reach them. Instead, it is easier to go to any alternate download pages for torrentz2.

Such torrents consist of sports, movies, software, TV shows, etc. But, the Torrentz website’s most common genre involves video torrents. They are banned in most nations across the world, the only barrier to accessing these torrenting portals and torrent search engines.

We are trying to suggest 10 torrentz3 alternative websites in this section of the article that will help you carry out your torrenting exercise with maximum capacity.

Torrentz is Down?, one of the main torrent websites, has left its millions of customers stuck since its activities were shut down. The google hunt for Torrentz alternatives would be pushing millions of customers, but they should be able to face failure as sites like KickAssTorrent and Torrentz2 are very difficult to come by.

One of the largest and most common torrent meta-search engines, was used by people around the world to discover the torrents they might use to browse video files or other content. The domain for was blocked last year, sadly, and the website is no longer available. Exactly what happened to the site is still not known as the developer, Flippy has still not provided specifics about why they had to close down the site.

Since Torrentz wasn’t careful! And like a torrent, to shield your actions and remain secret from your ISP, you can still use a VPN for torrenting. But let’s get on with the subject at hand now that you know how to stay healthy while torrenting.

Working Torrentz proxy/Mirrors list

This torrentz proxy will help you unblock movies with torrentz2. Any of the Torrentz download proxies that function are:


Best Torrentz’s Alternatives

Both of these pages have similar content and features to the old Torrentz platform, so you should be back in no time to search and use the torrents you want. For the complete list of alternative sites, read on.

  1. AIO Search
  3. GameTorrents
  4. ManyBooks
  5. Idope
  7. TorrentDownload.CH
  8. Zooqle
  9. YTS
  10. Torrent Paradise

 Best Search Engine

AIO Search


AIO Search is a torrent search engine filled with functions and a great replacement to TorrentZ. You may also use this page to scan for pictures, videos, translations, and even streaming websites, in addition to torrents. It is often considered one of the best website torrents, but it is not listed among the top websites that are the best alternates to the Torrentz2 website due to regular technological breakdowns of this website.


After the domain was removed, the site shifted from the domain to the domain. Actually, with a large scope, it tends to be the most popular torrentz3 option. It can, however, be forbidden for the promotion of pirated and copyrighted content in some nations. heads the list as since its launch it has indexed almost 55,109,230 torrent files from 235,922,995 sites on 75 domains. When writing this post, does not provide its users with choices like bookmarks, voting, and commenting. A very common alternative is because of its torrentz3-like UI torrentz2 movie.



GameTorrents is renowned for delivering popular paying game app torrent files that are not readily accessible on the internet. Gamers often visit this website and now the popularity of this website is increasingly growing among users for a few days. This website is not able to have torrent files for movies and TV shows, unlike the Torrentz website, but if you enjoy games, it is a very good option.


torrentz2 eu

ManyBooks is known to have free torrent files of paid books and novels, as the name of this website implies. The primary goal of the Manybooks website is to provide its users with free torrent files of books and other paying written content, aside from movies and television shows. So, this website is not a complete alternative for the torrentz3 website, but Manybooks is a perfect option for them if anyone wants to read books and novels.

torrentz2 eu

Idope is characterized by its clear and clean UI. It is also a new torrent search engine that does not track its users’ IP addresses. It guarantees the pop-up advertisements will not be seen. Its maker claimed that it was created in KAT’s tribute. Also available is a web edition of the platform. The massive iDope database is capable of storing millions of files from Torrent. That’s why iDope is our second-best choice on this list because of these features. If you don’t like The Pirate Bay website, we highly recommend that you use this website.

torrentz2 eu

One of the better alternatives to Torrentz2 is potentially this BitTorrent search engine. With a category-wise listing, graphs, and list of top torrent sites, it provides a clean UI and easy to browse for torrent files you need. But you should certainly try searching for the torrent file you’re looking for on this website. Not the best, but a much safer alternative for replacing the torrentz3 website.


torrentz2 eu

Like TorrenZ, the next best search engine is TorrentDownload.CH. TorrentDownload.CH resembles and works as a torrent page instead of being a torrent search engine. On TorrentDownload.CH, you can effortlessly search millions of torrents.


torrentz2 eu

Zooqle is the next best alternative to Torrentz. On the front page, Zooqle offers the most popular sections, where you can encounter popular films, television shows, and songs.

Not only can you search and save files for multiple torrents as well, but you can also even use magnet connections to your preferred torrent app. It is also considered to be one of the best website torrents, but it is not included in the top 10 websites that are the best alternatives to the Torrentz2 website due to frequent technical breakdowns of this website.


torrentz2 eu

YTS will impress you if you rely heavily on Torrentz2 for downloading film torrents. This famous search engine for movie torrents has a humorous collection of movies from various genres. Any of these can be downloaded from movies, TV shows, web series, gaming apps, other paying software to paid books using the torrent files accessible on the YTS website.

Torrent Paradise

torrentz2 eu

Another quick TorrentZ3 alternative search engine is Torrent Paradise. This free torrent aggregator for advertisements is perfect for first-time torrent users to quickly browse torrent files. Torrent Paradise has over 1,047,000+ torrents with a search index scale.

Another argument here is that its lite user interface does not preclude users from downloading their favorite torrent files.


The torrentz3 Original was shut down. It was replaced by the new torrentz3 EU site as one of the most effective alternatives. So these are some of the best alternatives to Torrentz2 that are worth checking out. is the website we usually recommend for users looking for an alternative to torrentz3, as it is closest to the original and has a huge range of content available.

However, if you are looking for a more feature-rich experience with various categories of available torrents and features such as community support through forums, then you may want to look at some of the alternative sites we have proposed. In the comments section below, share any of your recommendations for torrent search engines like Torrentz2.

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