5 Games Where You Can Earn Real Money

Today we will talk about games with which you can really earn extra money. Isn’t it a dream? You play with your favorite games, and even get money for it!

Video games are now a fairly profitable industry, which is developing more and more every day. Still familiar with Twitch? Streamers who play live are able to earn this without leaving their homes.

Of course, not everyone succeeds, because of the same experience. If you choose this particular industry, then you should familiarize yourself with some tips and tricks in the work. Have you ever seen streams on YouTube? Agree, you need to be able to hold back and entertain the audience.

There are also those who make money online by playing games and not filming at the same time. That is, you work for yourself and you do not need subscribers and views to increase your income. Let’s talk about them, we take a look at some of the most popular today:

1. Town Star

Completely free application. This is a competitive simulator where everyone can develop their own farm. Something like a competition that lasts a week, and then the winner runs out and is awarded GALA coins. You can pay, perhaps, for the improvement of your profile, if you want, of course.

There is of course one unpleasant moment for the players – if you fail to cope with the tasks, you can lose everything and start your story from the very beginning. This game shows how business works in the real world. And to really succeed, you have to work hard. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed right away, in any case, you will have experience with each subsequent attempt. Everything is like in life.

We can also add that with the latest updates it has become even more convenient to play it. now it will be even easier and more fun to get used to the rhythm of the game.

2. Gods Unchained

A game for gamblers. Similar to Hearthstone. Developed by a well-known company from Sydney – Fuel Games.

The essence of the game is the battle of two players with each other just the same with the help of their own decks. These decks consist of NFT cards. They are common and mythical. The first, unfortunately, is not subject to sale, but the second is available. Every beginner in the game has regular cards, this already allows him to participate in tournaments. There are also legendary cards.

During the whole process of the game, you can feel all that militant and magical atmosphere that is transmitted to the user through the screen and excellent graphics.

At the moment, the game is not in great demand and, accordingly, the cards themselves are not as worthwhile as they could be. But, given the fact that demand is getting higher and higher every day, there is a chance to catch the wave and reach higher earnings. Those people who are already playing now will be a priority in the future.

3. Alien Worlds 

One of the most popular games in recent times. This is a blockchain game that has collected more than 2 million players. Here you can earn TLM tokens. To play, you need to open a Wax wallet. How to play? Everything is extremely simple: with one button it is determined whether you get something or not. Click on the planet of your choice, choose how you will dig the soil in search of prey, and sprinkle it. You can earn about 3 tokens per hour. Really interested?

4. Clash of Clans

An online strategy that draws you in from the first minute. The bottom line is: you develop your base, and repel attacks and attacks on it from other players. It is worth getting acquainted with some tips on this game and its features. Players say, for example, that this is not the time to rush or spare weak players. The game itself with beautiful graphics works quickly and instantly draws you into the gameplay.

5. Axie Infinity

A collectible NFT game on the Ethereum platform, and a lot of fun too! It has already been liked by a large number of fans of collectible Battle games, fans of just battles, and fans of card games.

Only here you will have to invest a little money. To start the game, you need to buy three Axis, this is a non-interchangeable, unique NFT format. Axie is team members that you can grow, that you can trade. Create teams with them and fight other players. If you win – get SLT tokens. That is, you can get tokens not only by trading but also by winning battles.

There are 6 types of those Axis: Reptile (purple); Bird (pink); Beast (orange); Plant (green); Waterfowl (blue); Beetle (red). They have differences between themselves, which are: health, speed, experience, and even the morale of a small animal. These features are usually expressed in different ways for everyone. And each has its own unique combination of these characteristics.

SLT is a cryptocurrency thanks to which you can combine your team members and even create their baby! SLT can be traded on the exchange and exchanged for any other cryptocurrency. By the way, you can find all the latest news about cryptocurrency on the ICOholder website. Actual updates from the world of electronic money and convenient use of the site itself will allow you to quickly understand the features of cryptocurrency.

I would like to add that the game itself is more hardened, one might say its type is Pay-to-Win-to-Earn. After investing in the game, everything depends on you. Show enough effort to achieve the desired result. Now you can earn about 5 dollars by playing for an hour, but believe me, if you try, you can achieve even more results.


I would like to note that this is only a small list of those games with which you have the opportunity to earn income. This list has been selected to suit the diversity of tastes of readers. You may find something more unique for yourself.

The future is now behind technology and the development of the same cryptocurrency and NFT. Given the fact that every year there are more and more options where you can apply it, you can try yourself in this. Indeed, in fact, a financial airbag can be obtained thanks to many areas of activity today.

Don’t expect money to come to you in large quantities in the first place. As in any business, you need to make an effort and wait. It will take more than one day to develop your gaming skills, follow updates and learn this, so be prepared. Sometimes you have to turn to a streamer and see how more experienced players play.

We advise you to go through such an experience because this is how you learn something by watching it. Someone else’s experience can help you achieve success. There is nothing shameful or bad in this. Try to develop in your chosen field and you will definitely succeed. We wish you good luck and success in your plans.

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